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Work for the glory

Started on 5 February 2012 by kaneLFC
Latest Reply on 9 February 2012 by kaneLFC
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Now the season starts does your team have the mentality to put the loss behind them or will it haunt them in there future games. Good start tho you look like you have built the basics for a really good conference side. Good luck!
Since my previous post showing my first loss of the season, the team picked themselves straight back up and demolished 3 teams. The fixture after that we were defeated by Chelmsford who were extremely lucky to get all 3 points. The following fixture it was 1st (us) against 2nd (Salisbury). Salisbury won the game 4-3 with no lack of effort to get back into the game by my team. Morale is very high at the club, we are still in the FA cup after beating Bideford and Woking. And weve got back to winning ways in the league with a huge 7-0 victory over Eastbourne Borough. Thats put us back to the top of the table and gave the front men even more confidence.

If we can avoid too many injuries i back the team to get us promoted at this rate. They have been brilliant!

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Well im now halfway through my first season as Truro City manager. Things couldn't have gone better so far. We were predicted 10th at the start at the season and we are currently at the top of the league by 7 points. The guys i have brought in have been brilliant and my tactics are paying off. We reached the first round of the FA Cup which is a good achievement in my opinion. We are still in the FA trophy and we will be considered favorites to win the next round. So far my job has been quite easy. The team have lost certain games, but the pleasing thing is that they have brushed it off straight away and bounced back with wins. Promotion is definitely a reachable goal from where we are now. Ill be looking to bring in a couple of new players in he transfer window to bolster the team. Hopefully i can bring a few out of contract south americans.


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So im going to explain a little bit on why i chose to manage Truro City.

I was mainly attracted to this club because of their climb from the lower leagues in recent years. Since 2008 Truro have claimed promotion 3 times. in 2008 they won the Western League division, in 2009 they won the Southern league (south/west) and in 2011 they won the Southern League Premier Division. So the background ambition is there and i wanted to test myself to try and take this club as highly as possible. Currently we are on target for promotion.
While the team are currently 9 points clear at the top of the table. Id like to also share that we reached the semi final of the FA Trophy which is very positive. Fleetwood knocked us out. But we were impressive in the second leg against a team thats a division above us. We can now focus on the league for the remainder of the season. Ill update after our last league game to hopefully share some success with you all.
Cool story dude! Hope you guys get promoted!
Before i played this game i was told i only needed 2 wins out of the 5 remaining to secure the Blue Square South.

Absolute demolition

3 points needed now. 4 games left. im confident
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My first season at Truro City has ended. Its been a highly successful campaign with us reaching the first round of the FA Cup, the semi-final of the FA Trophy and last but not least, winning the Blue Square South division!! My players have been magnificent and im extremely pleased with all the signings i made at the start of the season. We were predicted 10th and we pretty much didnt move from 1st all season. On a personal level im happy to announce that i won the manager of the month on 3 occasions and runner up for Manager of the year. I plan to share my formations and tactics for everyone very soon to see what i used to illustrate a great season. Id like to share some screenshots of our glory with you all and i would also id like to thank people for their comments.

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The board have announced that they intend to expand the stadium by 1000 seats costing a total of £159,000. I later received a message explaining that the board have injected £40,000 to help with running costs and on the same day ive had a message explaining that my transfer budget is £0 and the wage budget is £6,500. The next day another message said that Truro have released a statement announcing losses of £500,000.

This grinds my bones a little after what ive achieved with the team. My transfer budget is smaller than last season yet we are in a higher division. The wage budget is exactly the same as it was last season. So as i make progress on the pitch, the board seems to take a backward step.

Now a stadium expansion is a nice thing to get for any club, but atleast give me a little money to work with. Even a increased wage budget would suit me fine but unfortunately that hasnt happened.

As Truro werent expecting a promotion, the club seems to have no financial backing in place. So its going to be a tough season ahead, but one i am looking forward to.
I find this happens a lot when you bring a small club through the divisions. You only really start to get money thrown at you by the board at Championship level - everywhere else you have to sell to buy. The free transfer market is your friend!!
The only problem there is that i have had to release the players that arent good enough for the BS Premier. The players who are good enough want double the amount of wages of what the previous players had. So to get myself 1 good player, i have to release 2 players in my squad. It's going to be hard to build a team that way.
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Truro City 2012/13

So after being shunted for money by the board, i was limited to the calibre of players i brought into the squad. I did manage to sign 12 players at the cost of releasing 12. My three best players from last season (Counago, Smith, Koroma) are still regarded as my most valuable players so that explains, i haven't brought amazing quality in.

Here are the players i released

Here are the players i have brought in

Out of the 12 i have brought in, there are only 2 players who really stand out from the rest.

Loris Karius - GK
Rob Atkinson - DC
I am currently at the start of February in 2013 and we are more than half way through our season in the Blue Square Premier League. As i was expecting a very tough year with Truro FC after no financial backing whatsoever i am surprised to say the club are currently 3rd in the league. We are 14 points clear of 6th position so a play off place is definitely on the cards. However by the looks of things, that is the only way we stand a chance of getting promoted because there is no catching Newport county who lie in 1st. They have won 26 of their 29 games and are a massive 18 points in front of us.

I usually set my goal for the season halfway through, but at the minute im unsure wether promotion is a good thing for truro right now. As the club has reached higher in the leagues, the financial issue has got worse and worse each season. It might be of the clubs best interest if we had the following season in this league again. I am not worried about my reputation as it is very good from winning the league last season and being currently 3rd now. Its the club i actually worry for and if it means i have to stay another season in this league to get the finances to 'okay' then so be it.

The chairman however is so clever, he decided to upgrade to stadium in the summer to a 4000 capacity when we are only getting 800 fans each home game and constantly having fan days to attract more fans.

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