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Zeroes to Heroes

Started on 6 February 2012 by GanBei
Latest Reply on 8 February 2012 by threelions
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GanBei's avatar Group GanBei
12 yearsEdited
My last save regarding "This Is What Dreams Are About" was deleted by accident so apologies to those who were involved.

I am re-starting the process again but this time with 11 players of either English, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish or Welsh nationality. The reason for this is because I want to speed up the process, the faster the process, the sooner we can see results. the 1st season will only be with these nationalities and we will see after that. All forum members can participate of course but your custom player must be from the UK or Ireland. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about...

I am creating 11 fictional 15 year old's using FM12 Editor and setting them free and tracking their progress. CA will be 50, PA will be 200. All 11 players' birthdays will be 1-1-96 and I will give updates every 3 months: August, November, February & May.
I will present a ranking chart every year on the 1st week of August to see who is progressing the most. The game will end when all players retire and I will start a new series, feel free to sign up Using the following format!

Secondary Position:
Favorite Club:

Series 1 Players

GK: Micky Dumoulin (MickyD)
DR: Josh Wetherick (swiss4444)
DC: Graham Cooney (GanBei)
DC: Shane Swanston (toonman8589)
DL: Martin Bonnikson (Seraphs)
MR: Kane Halsall (Kaneykins)
MC: Mike Harris (Mikethemanc)
MC:Chris Dumoulin (ChrisD)
ML: Kevin Volland (Phinam51)
ST: Eddie Wu (Eddiewuiscool)
ST: Gee Wizzle (threelions)
Name: Graham Cooney
Nationality: Irish
Position: DC
Secondary Position: DM
Favorite Club: Man Utd, Nottingham Forest
Name: Shane Swanston
Nationality: English
Position: DC
Secondary Position: SW
Favorite Club: Newcastle United
GanBei's avatar Group GanBei
12 yearsEdited
#41665 MickyD : Name: Micky Dumoulin
Nationality: English
Position: GK
Secondary Position: ST
Favorite Club: Arsenal

Name: Chris Dumoulin
Nationality: English
Position: LM,RM
Secondary Position: CM
Favorite Club: Tottenham

Wouldn't be fair on the others for you to have 2 players so I'll put you down for the 1st one.
Name: Mike Harris
Nationality: English
Position: MC
Secondary Position: DMC
Favorite Club: Manchester United
Name: Kevin Volland
Nationality: English
Position: AML/ML (left foot if possible)
Favourite club: Aston Villa
Name: Eddy Wu
Nationality: English
Position: ST (right footed)
Secondary Position: AMC
Favourite club: Manchester United
Name: Kane Halsall
Nationality: English
Position: AMR/MR
Secondary: DR
Favourite Club: Manchester United
Name: Chris Dumoulin
Nationality: English
Position: CM
Secondary Position: LB, RB, LM, RM
Favorite Club: Tottenham
Name: Josh Wetherick
Nationality: English
Position: RB
Secondary Position: RM/AMR
Favorite Club: Crewe,Chelsea
Name: Gee Wizzle
Nationality: English
Position: ST
Secondary Position: AMC/AML
Favorite Club: Tottenham
Name:Martin Bonnikson
Secondary Position:ML
Favorite Club:Man City,Sau Paulo
So there are the players for Series 1 registered.
I will be creating these players later on today and the series will start this evening around 6pm UK time.

Since there are 9 English players & 2 Irish players I will trial run only English leagues first. All players should get offered contracts by English clubs.

I will update when players are first signed and when they are transferred to other clubs, other than that updates will be posted every 3 months(Game Time)

At the end of every English season, I will present a ranking chart and each player will be given points based on their overall performance during the season and progress:

1st: 10 points
2nd: 9 points
3rd: 8 points
4th: 7 points
5th: 6 points
6th: 5 points
7th: 4 points
8th: 3 points
9th: 2 points
10th: 1 points
11th: 0 points

Series 1 ends when all players retire from football.
I'm hoping all players will retire between the ages of 35-40 so that could give us 20-25 seasons, hopefully averaging 3-4 seasons a day - as I will be an unemployed manager and holidaying through a lot of it.

So here's hoping all players will make it big, feel free to post your thoughts, questions and comments as a contender or a fan!
Looking forward to this starting!
ADD ME TOO if not too late

Name: Nate Kennedy
Nationality: English
Position: ST
Secondary Position: AMC/AMR
Favorite Club: Arsenal

or for the next series!!!!!!!!!!!

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