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Stuck at halftime

First I can't access tactics for 40 minutes, then the game is stuck at halftime
Started on 12 February 2012 by WDM
Latest Reply on 12 February 2012 by WDM
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I'm experiencing a weird problem. I started a match (in my third season) and after about 5 minutes, I wanted to check something and went into my tactics screen. I clicked 'Confirm changes' and the game returned to TV View. However, during hightlights, there was only the text at the bottom and the players were not showing.
No biggie, I'd experienced this before after a change to tactics. Once the ball went out of play and the changes were applied, the currently grey tactics button would turn black (clickable) again and the players would become visable again. But that didn't happen! It stayed like this for the rest of the first half (so for 40 minutes)!
Now I thought: at halftime, I'll be redirected to the team talk and tactics screen, so then it'll be fine. Unfortunately, it didn't get better but worse: after my halftime team talk I wanted to continue the match and I clicked 'Start second half', the cursor changed to a football (indicating 'busy') and the game took me back to the halftime team talk. I've tried every way I know to continue the match but it just takes me back to the team talk every single time. Extremely weird AND annoying because we were doing pretty good against a bigger team.
Does anybody have an idea of how to solve this? Or has anyone had this same problem before? I really don't want to restart the game.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: a screenshot of how it looks is here: It is in Dutch I'm afraid, but in the top right corner the grey button says 'Team Talk' and in the bottom right corner the blue button says what it's supposed to say: 'Start second half'.

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