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Team Talks for Big Ego's

Started on 12 April 2012 by jakegodda03
Latest Reply on 24 April 2012 by natedogster21
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Hi all

Sorry if this has been discussed before I couldn't find anything!

I'm playing with Liverpool at the moment and I'm really struggling with team talks, I'm used to managing lower league teams and the players always responded well to my talks.

With Liverpool the players wont give me the time of day and it is becoming very frustrating! It seems like the worse thing you can do is tell the team they are playing well or give them any kind of encouragement because they don't want to listen.

Any tips on what should be said? Is it a matter of I am a nobody at a huge club and I will have to earn the respect over time? How significant are team talks? Do they make a big difference?

All help appreciated!
I'm having the opposite problem at the moment -- even if I'm playing a lower league side in the cup I can't tell my players to go out and win.

From this, I'd recommend that you expect your players to thrash everyone. Tell them to go out and win. Tell them they're not good enough. Tell them you expect better.
I have this Aggressive/Passionate combo. Aggressive: I expect to win, Passionate "I have faith in you" to everyone

It works... now, but I'm at the club for a few seasons...
They make a huge difference. The point is, say whats on your mind. They will get used to you after 1 season, don't loose faith.
If your starting your game at a big club and your former reputation is lower than "professional footballer" then your naturally going to have problems getting players motivated to play well for you, that could be your problem. It can take a year or two for your rep to increase enough for these players to respect you. I recommend setting your rep to "former international" if your going to take charge of a top club straight from the start of the game.
1)Mix it up tone-wise. And dont use the same tone each match.
2) Be patient. You need to prove yourself esp if you have low reputation by winning matches before you'll get reactions.
3) Never use aggressive on a one on one basis.
4)Tbendis has a point. Make a general comment to the whole team eg passionately depending on the odds: favourites- I expect a win, derby/close game/not close game but not huge underdogs either - for the fans, huge underdogs - no pressure and then look for players with low morale (poor/abysmal) and tell them no pressure/faith to slightly improve the morale. Then give positional team talks assertive have faith.
Keep it passionate and u will succeed eventually.
Cheers for the advice people!
I found remaining calm and speaking calmly with big teams seems to work well. Passionatley when i play against rivals and finals. Aggressive when my team have played pants!

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