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Choosing the right Assistant Manager?

Started on 12 April 2012 by Nalchadz
Latest Reply on 28 April 2012 by ejay
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Nalchadz's avatar Group Nalchadz
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Hello, I am fairly new to Football Manager 2012 and an addict. I am starting a new game in the United States. The team I am thinking of using is DC United. I am looking for an assistant manager that will give me as close to an accurate Player Ability and Potential rating as possible without sacrificing a lot of Tactical Knowledge.

Question 1. When checking the players ratings under Team Report and selecting the assistant manager, is the player ratings based off the assistance managers Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential attributes? If so.. What is a good enough number for an accurate report. For instance, when searching for a new assistant manager, is a Judging Player Ability / Potention Attribute of 13 a good number? If not, what's a minimum rating i should look for? If 13 is a good number, would a lower rating also suffice?

Question 2. Whats a good rating for tactical knowledge? During games I like to check the assistant coaches feedback and adjust according to what he said. What is a lowest amount number i can use for Tactical Knowledge without risking major incorrect feedback from the assistant manager?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
basicly I've found whatever my assistant says being a bunch of crap, except for opposition instructions, I like his OI, gives me less to do...
Just get a Ass Manager with great Judging Potemtial,and Ability....Is this why Brazil are world cup
I think Tactical Knowledge not affect the feedback much, because assistant feedback base on game statistics, and it's not important anyway. But I still prefer assistant with good tactical attribute, so the OI would be more accurate.
I'd think being at D.C United your standards may have to drop due to the reputation, especially if you set your experience as something low, mainly the qulity of coachs and assistants you can get improves midway through season 2 in my experience. But using the figures you have stated are a good estimate for when you hit those types of assistants avaliablity wise.

Regarding tac knowledge, I have to agree with l3nnart that often the tactical knowledge is hit and miss, just go with what you see being the problem.

And welcome to FMscout! :)
yeah at DC united you will be more concious about the wage than about the standard, you wont be able to get a world class or a amazing AM so dotn set your expectations high, they normally try and screw you over aswell, so try and learn the game to your standards and not reply on him too much, just look for a high PA and maybe some tactical knowledge
the best assistant manager i ever had, Ruud Van Nistelroy, his staff attribute really magical, as good as his PA,
i signed Bruno Demichelis for Arsenal. Remember, you can have another coach do the opposition instructions, even the team talks.

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