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Liverpool FC && Crawley Town... ON THE UP

Started on 14 April 2012 by 1650 Yo
Latest Reply on 26 August 2012 by 1650 Yo
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Nicely done, how is PSV doing in your game?
won the League 2 years running now, 3rd placed team for the previous 3 seasons before that, they havent really done much in terms of european football but League-wise theyre doing well
Season 6

League Position:6th (20 Pts)
League Cup Draw: Crawley

Vs Fulham (A) 5-3 Win (X.Shaqiri (2), E.Hazard, L.Leiva, A.Greizmann)
Vs Peterborough (A) 2-1 Loss (E.Hazard)
Vs Man Utd (A) 5-1 Loss (R.Barns-Graham (Yth)
Vs Stoke (H) 3-0 Win (N.Subotic, A.Magnier, L.Suarez)
Vs West Ham (H) 2-0 (E.Cavani, S.Gerrard)

Vs Crawley Town (A) 2-0 Loss

At.Madrid (H) 1-0 Loss)

League Position:8th (15 Pts)
League Cup Draw: Everton

Vs Cardiff (H) 0-0 Draw
Vs Sunderland (A) 5-3 Win (P.Cisse, C.Clark, J.Ayew (3))
Vs Blackburn (H) 5-1 Win (A.Faurlin, J.Garrido, D.Diakite o.g, J.Ayew, A.Valencia)
Vs Chelsea (H) 4-1 Loss (J.Ayew)

Vs Liverpool (H) 2-0 Win (A.Hamel (Yth), J.Twigger (Yth)

Vs Dinamo Kyiv (A) 3-0 Win (J.Tomkins (2), J.Ayew)

a better month for Crawley compared to Liverpool but Liverpool are focussing on youth aswell this year, not just winning and are still only 4 points behind Leaders Arsenal (24 Pts) so not bad overall, just a bad month.

I am still suprised on how well Crawley are doing considering they have the Europa League to compete in too, and are still top half (which is the target for this year)
COOL story mate keep it up how are wolves doing in your game will be following
Wolves are doing fantastic this season... they are 2nd at the moment with 22 points and a goal difference of +9 which is good as i wouldnt say they had a great team, theyre just working well together... they do have some good loanees though Moussa Sow up front, Gylfi Sigursson in midfield and they have bought michel and keiron gibbs in defence so fair play to them
Just to let you all know Crawley Town have qualified from the Group Stages in the Europa League, while Liverpool have 2 games left to pull back into the top 2 positions with games against Olympique Lyonnais and Fenerbahce left to play, but 4 points behind 2nd spot we really need At.Mardid to slip up iun their remaining 2 games against the same 2 opposition....

Will they get through? or will they crumble into the Europa League? :/

Stay Tuned :)

Moyes has been sacked by the Everton chairman and he has stated to the press he would prefer a manager with a bit of experience and who knows how to manage a team well.... he has chosen Derek Jones (made up name), I.E. The Crawley Town Manager!

The press approach Jones to make a statement but he refuses as he has just finished Celebrating a 4-1 Win over Everton only hours before....

With the next game Vs Man City on his mind will Jones take up the riegns at Everton and will the speculation be on his mind at the City game?
Luckily he (Jones) need not worry about the every job as Sunderland manager Andy Quy has taken over, Sunderland are now in need of a new manager but as they ae sitting in 18th position there is more likely of the chance there will be a Championship manager coming up to the premiership to take over! so no more worries.

i would of said no to the Everton job anyway, i would of just liked to have seen the kind of budget they were preparing to offer, but seen as though there was no offer, all is well
Liverpool couldnt do it.... they just didnt have the right mentality for the European challenge and with 1 game still left to play Vs Olympique Lyonnais their fate has been decided with a 2-1 loss Vs Fenerbahce, they have not qualified for the knockout rounds of the Champions Cup, the next game in the competition will decide whether they finish 3rd (and drop to Europa League) or finish 4th and get knocked out of all European Competitions earlier than expected!
Season 6

League Position:3rd (31 Pts)
FA Cup Ipswich

Vs Cardiff (A) 2-2 Draw (S.Gerrard, X.Shaqiri)
Vs Wolves (H) 0-0 Draw
Vs Blackburn (A) 1-0 Win (A.Peula)
Vs Sunderland (H) 3-1 Win (M.Hummels, A.Griezmann, N.Subotic)
Vs Tottenham (H) 3-1 Win (L.Moura, Marcelo, X.Shaqiri(2))

At.Madrid (A) 1-1 Draw (M.Hummels)

League Position:10th (21 Pts)
League Cup Draw: Everton
FA Cup Preston

Vs Arsenal (A) 3-1 Loss (J.Tomkins)
Vs Everton (H) 4-1 Win (J.Fleck, P.Cisse, J.Ayew, J.Shelvey)
Vs Man City (A)(H) 2-1 Loss (A.Valencia)
Vs Wolves (A) 2-1 Loss (P.Cisse, J.Ayew)
Vs Blackpool (H) 3-1 Win (A.Valencia, P.Cisse(2))

Vs Dinamo Kyiv (H) 3-2 Win (A.Faurlin, P.Cisse, H.Kane)
Rosenborg (A) 3-2 Win (A.Hamel, P.Cisse(2))

Liverpool seem to be starting late, moving up to 3rd place within a month, whereas Crawley have taken a turn for the worst in the League losing 3/5 games.... BUT one was Arsenal who are top of the league, one was Man City which, with their money, should have done better and the other was Wolves who are high flying this season in 2nd place so im not too downhearted, i just know that my team can do better as they are in the Europa League

Maybe next month will be better for Crawley
Another great update, Jonny!
So Liverpool maybe out of the Champions League and dropped into the Europa League, but they went out on a high with a spectacular 3-0 victory over Olympique Lyonnais with a brace from Mats Hummels and a stunning finish from Antoine Greizmann to seal the victory.
Europa League Knockout Draw

FC Bayern vs Crawley Town

FC Kobenhavn vs Liverpool

so to be honest i would of like the draw to be the other way around, with liverpool playing Bayern Munich but thats football
Its just my luck!!!

IF.... and its a big if!, but if both my teams go through they will end up playing EACHOTHER! in the next round :(
Season 6

League Position:5th (38 Pts) (2 games in hand)
FA Cup Ipswich

Vs Chelsea (A) 1-1 Draw (M.Hummels)
Vs Man City (H) 4-1 Win (M.Sissoko, E.Hazard, X.Shaqiri, M.Gotze)
Vs Blackpool (H) 10-1 win (R.Shawcross(4), A.Peula, E.Hazard, C.Tevez(2), M.Gotze, X.Shaqiri)
Vs Aston Villa (A) 2-1 Loss (M.Hummels)

Vs Olympique Lyonnais (H) 3-0 Win

Vs America (MEX) (N) 4-1 Win
Vs Estudiantes (LP) (N) 4-2 Win


League Position: 10th (26 Pts) (1 game in hand)
FA Cup Preston

Vs Aston Villa(A) 2-1 Loss (A.Hamel)
Vs Stoke(A) 1-1 Draw (J.Fleck)
Vs Peterborough (H) 2-2 Draw (P.Cisse, J.Hoilett)
Vs Burnley (A) 3-0 Win (J.Tomkins, A.Faurlin, J.Ayew)
Vs Newcastle (A)5-2 Loss (J.Ayew, J.Tomkins)

Vs Everton (A) (League Cup Qtr Final) 3-2 Loss (P.Cisse)

Vs Rangers 3-2 Win (J.Tomkins(2), J.Ayew)

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