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Reserves/Under 18s

Squad Numbers.....
Started on 24 April 2012 by TheMasterOf87
Latest Reply on 26 April 2012 by gert78
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Obviously, whichever team you manage you are always going to have a large number of ''deadwood'' in your reserves and under 18s - not just aging players that don't make the grade anymore than havent been sold on but the younger players that just arent going to make it [more towards the under 18s in this case]

Just wondering what do people do with these players? Do you ship them all out straight away to save wages [ok under 18s arent on mammoth wages but hey, every little helps right lol] or do you keep your reserve and under 18 squad complete to compete at that level? I always keep mine but always think why?! I'm only ever going to give a select number of my under 18s any game time so whats the point in keeping the rest? Although ive never in all my years playing the game just over hauled the rest of them leaving me ONLY players that might one day make it.....

This probably sounds ridiculous because it seems like the obvious answer would be to get rid of anyone that isnt good enough at any level but just wanna know what other guys do, surely im not the only one that keeps them!?
I like to keep the majority of reserve and youth team players.

With the right training schedule, some of the younger average players can become better, so selling them all straight away is pointless.

I can understand selling some older reserve players, but in my opinion you should also keep a good amount of youth players in the youth team squad.
My experience taught me: Sell the large wages who don't make the cut for first team and keep a minimum of 12 players per squad for reserves and youth.
Talents will become better if they play, but they will get better sooner if they play on top of their reserve/youth league with a good team. This way they stay happy and will improve their training.
I usualy keep every position covered. Use open spots in your reserve squad for first team players who don't make in the starting eleven.

I also manage my reserve squad to keep track of playing time for my "temporary demoted :) " first team players (if they are on the bench for my next first team game I won't let them play 90minutes for the reserves)

Anyway that is my take on things :)
Managing the reserves is a good idea, not sure if I would go so far as to manage the Under 18s aswell i'd like to but that would just take soooo long!
Indeed managing the u18 is very time consuming. In my opinion is managing the reserve squad sufficient. Tip when doing this: put the match speed to maximum for some reserves games less time consuming :)

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