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New Network Game

Recruiting for new network game
Started on 25 April 2012 by Akalijata
Latest Reply on 3 May 2012 by NKiaKaha
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I am recruiting players for new network game. Please committed players only!

Gametime - It is negotiable, but I prefer 3-4 times per week, preferably at night, but we can easily agree on that

Leagues - Italian, Spanish or English

Rules - Up for negotiation

If youre interested post below or PM me and feel free to make any recommendations/suggestions about it and state league you wanna play, team you wanna be and what times you are available play.
I sended you a pm, hope its a long term network game.
Dont really like to rush things
I recently broke my leg in 7 places and therefore got a lot of extra time on my hands. would very much like to join the game.

Martin 23 Copenhagen
Hi Martin, sorry to hear that you broke your leg, hope it will get better asap.
But I plan this to be long term network game, so you will need to find time even when you get better. So basically everyone interested in this game wants to play in at night, as well 2 leagues (Spanish and English)! So I will create that game, just lets give 1-2 more days to hear everyone's opinion!

healing time is 2 months, and ready to play longer than that, just wont have as much time after that. r we more than 3 players ready to start saturday ?
We can start Saturday. So all interested should confirm in PM, and should download Hamachi. Here is download link of Hamachi:

Here is information why and how we should download and use Hamachi:

Message me if you have questions as well!
Hi Akalijata

Im up for a network game, ive never done it but wish to start as a new challenge.
Avid FM player, and i have no preference :)
I would like to join on most nights of the week and lots of the weekend
Hi to all of you out there.
There is interest for the network game, I will leave time for everyone to read this announce.
Game will be played standard Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday night! Other days can be agreed with notice and approval from the rest of the crew!
So Tuesday(01.05.2012) from 23h CET we are starting with the game!

- We will play England and/or Spain
- Everyone will need to download and install Hamachi in order to be part of this network game
- There is space for 5 people, me and 4 more!
- My favorite team is Arsenal, and since I am the creator, I will have the chance to choose first, hence I will choose Arsenal. Rest of you can choose whoever you wish!

You can confirm your participation of the game by private message to me. As I said 4 places left, so hurry up. I plan this to be long-term network game, so I am interested in serious people!

See ya all on Tuesday night
wtf.. game supposed to start now, and he writes me 12 hours ago, telling me he will send game info 1 hour ago and we would statrt now.. he has not even been on the website
Hi all, I had some health problems, sorry that I could give you remark about it. If there is interest I am moving start of the game for tonight. Same 23h central European time
how can i join ur game guys. Please Help

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