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List of Online Football manager games

Looking for the best non FM, online football manager games
Started on 10 May 2012 by 2pence
Latest Reply on 18 January 2024 by maidros
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cokoo's avatar Group cokoo
11 yearsEdited
hi man,


you can play with your team for real things...
Soccerplayer's avatar Group Soccerplayer
11 yearsEdited
You should try out

It's relatively new, but promising. Doesn't use the real life players, but much better real-life rules than other managers. It also has a fun 2D match engine.
soccer4ever's avatar Group soccer4ever
11 yearsEdited

Managers: 744 118
Online: 2687

You won't regret it.
Football boss is my fav too. the best right now in american football games i bealive
ninja68's avatar Group ninja68
11 yearsEdited

Anyone interested come and take a look at Goaaal EsMs Soccer Management game, play by email weekly soccer management game nearing the end of Season 2.
Always looking for new managers two European leagues of 14 teams, you have squads, youth academy, stadium developments, coaching, transfers, tactics, forum and more with real trohies at the end of the season.
Good friendly managers making a great game to play and enjoy.
daveh's avatar Group daveh
11 yearsEdited
Hi All,

I've played ucfl for as long as I can remember now and still really enjoy the game. Like Goaaal it is an esms game where you compete against others on a regular basis. We have 4 senior leagues with teams made up of fictional players and each club has it's own youth team. We have a few teams available at the moment and a very rare opportunity to join the top league with Go Ahead Llamas available. If you want to take this opportunity to join the big time with a great club then come and take a look.

For info on the teams available to manage, go to this site:

For the official site and to register on the forum, please take a look at the following:

Just register on your forum and I'll activate you as soon as possible so you can look around and choose what team to manage. Look forward to seeing you there :) Thanks for listening!
steilx's avatar Group steilx
11 yearsEdited
Hello everybody,

You can also try

It's a bit different from the standard manager games, it's more like a football society.

You can become either a coach or a player and all other players and coaches are real users. You can also buy stocks of a team, the team stockholders decide about player transfers, coach payments, facilities upgrades etc

And I think the best part is the real-time matches with a 2d engine and the social interaction with all the other users (coaches, players, stockholders)
joshua2's avatar Group joshua2
11 yearsEdited
You should try Matchday Football Manager

In my opinion, after FM live was closed, this is the most realistic online manager game on the net. It is very detailed and sometimes reminds a little about earlier versions of FM.

Competition structures are just like in real life. For instance Champions League, Europa League have the same structure as in real life. Similarly for national teams, competetions are setup just like in real life with regional qualification/world cup/continental cups etc.

You also get acces to very detailed player stats for each match, for example passes made, pass completion, tackles won, distance covered etc.

When you negotiate transfers you can add things like next sale clause and fee after appearances clause. I don't know any game online that is this detailed.

You can download the game here.

Don't be put off by the website which is not very good, the game is!

The game has just been upgraded to a new version and a new game world have been set up. The first games will kickoff tomorrow. If you decide to join the game please let me know what you think of it.
I would recommend "The Football Play: Tactical Puzzles" focuses more on the movement and on pitch decision. Fun game, very addictive and its free.
For me the best online manager game is Hattrick because it is a lot of fun and its very interesting :D
DecebalD's avatar Group DecebalD
10 yearsEdited
Over the years I have played countless online soccer managers (hattrick, trophymanager, managerzone, pmanager, sokker). However the best one in my opinion is

The love the tactics in this game and I love that you can beat the more established teams with better players if you use the right tactics and exploit your opponents weaknesses. I haven't found this in any other online soccer management games.

There is no random in this game like you find in trophymanager or hattrick. The better team with the better tactics will win. Actually there is no thread on the official freekick forum about random and this you will not find in any other online manager.
drutten's avatar Group drutten
10 yearsEdited
I haven't tried Freekick. But regarding randomness it's not optimal if it like you say. Because in fotball for real there is always a factor of randomness. Sometimes the best team, both regarding player skills and tactics does not win the match. But then you shall at least see the simulation and understand why you didn't win.

In a good simulation a random-factor shall be included in calculating every event, but the better the skills affecting the event the lower risk of failure. Even Messi misses some not very difficult passes, that's the random-factor. In it's real simulation behaving like that.
Alberti's avatar Group Alberti
10 yearsEdited
Got an amazingly great online game where you manage one club, and do transfers etc with other managers, admins simulate games and post up reports. most activity is trough forums, the match engine is the good old play by mail/email

Im pasting the invite under here. realy worth a look at this game as its a fantastic game!

Do you fancy yourself as the next Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger or maybe the new Sir Alex Ferguson?

Come and join TDE2, comprehensively the best ESMS (Electronic Soccer Management Simulation) to pit your management wits against fellow managers to put yourself to the test. Take over a team, make transfers, write your clubs own media, get involved in tactical debates and talk about things outside of football and TDE itself. With a thriving community of managers come and test yourself in either the Premiership, Championship or Serie A. It goes without saying, ESMS isn't the easiest game to play but if you love football and fancy yourself as a manager, you'll love it. With a friendly community everyone will offer to help and you'll feel like you've played ESMS for years within weeks.
nowler's avatar Group nowler
10 yearsEdited
I love

It's the perfect tactical game that doesn't require all day to play.
A few changes and tweaks and your set, let the time roll down and the game will start while you sleep, eat whatever.

37 Rounds in a season, season over in 28 days... 2 league matches per day and then the League cup and Department cup (FA/Capital One Cup) if you don't get knocked out.

Try it for 2 weeks and then tell me you don't love it lol
Hey, for something slightly different try out Football Underworld.

It's a mixture between casual football management with tycoon elements, but with the addition of the seedy side of football, so you can attack, bribe and vandalise the opposition to gain an advantage.

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