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The Liverbirds Conquest

Started on 10 June 2012 by 1650 Yo
Latest Reply on 26 August 2012 by 1650 Yo
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Season 1 (Aug - Sep)

League Position: 3rd (11 Points)

League Results
Liverbird FC 3 - 0 Blackpool
H (Michael Owen, Walter Pandiani, Horacio Cervantes)
A (no scorers)

Southampton 2 - 2 Liverbird FC
H (Tadanari Lee, Jack Cork)
A (Horacio Cervantes, Souleymane Coulibaly)

Liverbird FC 1 - 1 Peterborough
H (J.Litmanen)
A (Paul Taylor)

Leeds United 1 - 2 Liverbird FC
H (Robert Snodgrass)
A (Michael Owen (2))

Liverbird FC 5 - 0 Middlesbrough
H (Matthew Bates o.g, Danny Grainger, Michael Owen, Souleymane Coulibaly (2))
A (no scorers)

Hull City 3 - 1 Liverbird FC
H (Aaron McLean, Jack Hobbs (2))
A (Horacio Cervantes)

so an encouraging start i think, only 1 loss in the first 6 games and with 13 goals scored my average looking strikeforce seem to enjoy putting them away. :)

BUT... how long will it last? :/ keep tuned to find out :)
Season 1 (Sep - Oct)

League Position: 6th (18 Points)

League Results
Liverbird FC 1 - 0 Watford
H (Martin Taylor o.g)
A (no scorers)

Leicester 4 - 1 Liverbird FC
H (Aleksandar Tunchev, Jermaine Beckford (2), David Nugent)
A (Jack Collison)

Brighton 4 - 1 Liverbird FC
H (Liam Bridcutt, Ashley Barnes, Gary Dicker, Will Buckley)
A (Jack Collison)

Liverbird FC 1 - 0 Crystal Palace
H (Horacio Cervantes)
A (no scorers)

Liverbird FC 1 - 1 Burnley
H (Souleymane Coulibaly)
A (Jack Robinson o.g)

Baaaaad month for Liverbird FC with only 2 wins out of a possible 5 and 9 goals conceded it will not be a month to remember!. Not for the good points anyway.
as you can see my strikers ain't striking with only 1 goal from a striker all month. i can safely say... im in a bit of a rut :(

But things can only get better...... right?

Lets hope so!!
Season 1 (Oct - Nov)

League Position: 8th (26 Points)

as you can see im slowly dropping down the league :( but only 7 points behind Hull at the top of the League, but only 2 points behind 2nd placed Ipswich im still on course for at least promotion after 16 games

League Results
Cardiff 1 - 1 Liverbird FC
H (Oussama Darragi)
A (Carmelo)

Liverbird FC 2 - 1 Bristol City
H (Horacio Cervantes, Jack Collison)
A (Petter Vaagen Moen)

Ipswich 1 - 2 Liverbird FC
H (Tommy Smith)
A (James O'Connor, Michael Owen)

Liverbird FC 1 - 1 Birmingham
H (Shola Ameobi)
A (Chris Burke)

Liverbird FC 0 - 1 Derby County
H (no scorers)
A (Chris Maguire)

A fairly even month, but we should be doing better i think. 2 wins 2 draws and a loss is obviously better than 5 losses but 8 points from 15 personally isnt good enough.
1650 Yo's avatar Group 1650 Yo
11 yearsEdited
Season 1 (Nov - Dec)

League Position: 6th (37 Points)

so up to play off places, Play offs are the lowest im trying to achieve and only sitting 7 points away from top of the table, the league isnt too far away! Just need to carry on and plow through **COME ON BOYS**

League Results
Portsmouth 1 - 2 Liverbird FC
H(Liam Lawrence)
A (Michael Owen, Walter Pandiani)

Liverbird FC 0 - 1 Nottingham Forest
H ()
A (Ismael Miller)

West Ham 0 - 0 Liverbird FC
H ()
A ()

Liverbird FC 2 - 1 Coventry
H (Michael Owen(2))
A (Dwight Pezzarossi)

Millwall 2 - 2 Liverbird FC
H (Darius Henderson, Andrew Keogh)
A (Tomas Repka(2))

Another month of 2 wins, 2 draws and a loss! Unfortunately half way through the nearly, and im still trying to find a team that works well consistently to ensure 3 points is a definate. Although the reason i chose this league is because it is MASSIVELY unpredictable so i suppose its playing to the standard.
Going into December and sitting 6th, so promotion is definately still possible and sitting in the offs is... okay i guess. I would certainly prefer promotion through position in the table rather than promotion through play offs. The off (much like the league itself) is too unpredictable for my liking, all it takes is one bad performance in the play off and you spend anothewr year in the 2nd division (which i dont want)
Next update within a day or two :)
Season 1 (Dec - Jan)

League Position: 6th (43 Points)

a very good month for Liverbid FC rising 2 places by the end of December with 3 wins and 2 losses, whilst scoring in every match!

League Results
Liverbird FC 2 - 1 Reading
H(Tomas Repka, Walter Pandiani)
A (Alex Pearce)

Barnsley 3 - 1 Liverbird FC
H (Craig Davies)
A (Michael Owen, Carmelo, Tom De Mul)

Liverbird FC 2 - 1 Southampton
H (Ross Barkley, Tomas Repka)
A (Iago Falque)

Blackpool 2 - 1 Liverbird FC
H (Matt Phillips, Anthony Wadsworth)
A (Luke Wilkshire)

Peterborough 2 - 1 Liverbird FC
H (Emile Sinclair, George Boyd)
A (Tom De Mul)

Got a couple of new signings coming in January (will appear in the next post) so hopefully the 2nd half of the season will fly by with great results :)
1650 Yo's avatar Group 1650 Yo
11 yearsEdited
Jack Cork - 6.5m
Shola Ameobi - Loan
Oscar - 7.5m
Yaya Sanogo - Loan -> Future Transfer (Free)
Guiseppe Prestia - Loan -> Future Transfer (4.5m)
Jay Spearing - Loan
Sylvain Armand - 1.1m
Carlos Fierro - 2.5m (End of Season)
Laurentiu Branescu - Loan
Leandro - 8.75m
Sotiris Ninis - 4.9m

Pierre Wome - Termination
Cristian Rojas - Termination
Djibril Sidibe - Termination
Sol Campbell - Termination
Danny Webber - Termination
Kevin Phillips - Termination

League Position: 4th (50 points)

7 points behind Blackpool at the top of the league but only 1 point behind Ipswich in second place, and Peterborough in third, who both have 51 points

Liverbird FC 2 - 0 Leeds
H(Victor Anichebe, Matthew Kilgallon)

Middlesbrough 1 - 5 Liverbird FC
H(Barry Robson)
A(Michael Owen, Guiseppe Prestia(3), Souleymane Coulibaly)

Liverbird FC 0 - 0 Hull

a quick month this month with only 3 being played, but a good one to say the least! 2/3 wins with a big one against Middlesbrough with Prestia scoring a hat-trick on his debut!! i dont know how, but there we go... thats football!
How is Michael Owen and Souleymane Coulibaly doing for you? Very curious...

Looks like Prestia is doing well!
well michael owen is a created player (if you didnt already know) but hes not doing too bad, i usually use him as LW as i didnt have a decent one, but ive moved him to AM because ive signed assaidi? that guy liverpool just signed in real life lol,

coulibaly is a bench player at the moment but he plays well when he does, but hes not as consistent as he was when i used him for crawley in my other story.
League Position - 2nd (61 points)

Vs Watford (A) - 0 - 0 draw

Vs Leicester (H) - 4 - 0 Win
Leandro (2)
Jay Spearing
Souleymane Coulibaly

Vs Crystal Palace (A) - 1 - 0 Win
Souleymane Coulibaly

(This win puts me up to 2nd place!)

Vs Burnley (A) - 0 - 0 Draw

Vs Brighton (H) - 2 - 0 Win
Michael Owen
Yaya Sanogo

so i finish the month in 2nd place only 3 points behind 1st placed blackpool whereas only a month or two ago i was struggling in the bottom of the play off places and 7 points behind

Stats:- (club)
Goals for: 54
Goals against: 34
Goal difference: +20
Top scorers: Michael Owen (11), Souleymane Coulibaly (7), Tomas Repka (4)

Stats:- (League
Most goals scored: 56 (Ipswich)
Most conceded goals: 57 (Leicester)
Top Scorer: Andrew Keogh 21 (Millwall)
Pass completion %: Cole Skuse 89% (Bristol City)
so i forgot to update after the last month lol so i'll just explain now :P

i finished the season THIRD!! therefore.... play offs :(

i had southampton first and won 7-1 on aggregate so i was through to the final vs Derby, who beat Peterborough 1-0 on aggregate.

i lost to derby in the final 1-0 with a 92nd minute goal so that meant another year in the championship :(

i have now started the next season which started well (in the next update ;) )

some new signings were made as i was given lots of money... WAYYYYY too much to spend but i have spent well, bought a better central defence as my full backs were already of decent quality.
Alex Smithies - Hudderfield - 2.5m (arranged last season)
Lucas Andersen - AaB - 2.6m
Ross Barkley - Everton - 13.5m
Guillermo Burdisso - Arsenal de Sarandi - 7m
Curtis Davies - Birmingham - 6.25m
Yaya Sanogo - AJ Auxerre - Free (arranged last season)
Kyle Bartley - Arsenal - Loan
Ritchie De Laet - Man Utd - Loan
Jay Spearing - Liverpool - Loan fee 1.3m
Laurentiu Branescu - Juventus - Loan fee 150k
Carlos Fierro - Chivas - 2.5m (arranged last season)
Stefan Savic - Man City - Loan
Steve Beleck - Udinese - 1.7m

Spent 37m << the reason i NEED to win the league

Horacio Cervantes - Puebla - 250k
Ivan Benitez - Free
Gai Assulin - Barnsley - Loan Fee 26k
Jari Litmanen - Free
Tomas Repka - Free
Walter Pandiani - Free
Kelvin Etuhu - Free

LEAGUE POSITION:4th (10 points)

Newcastle (A) 3-1 Win (Leandro, Lucas Andersen, Carlos Fierro)
Southampton (H) 1-1 Draw (Sotiris Ninis)
Peterborough (A) 1-0 Win (Craig Alcock o.g)
Bolton (H) 3-1 Win (Steve Beleck(2), Souleymane Coulibaly)

The highlight of this month has to be the 2 wins Vs relegated Premier League Teams, and the brace from Steve Beleck on his DEBUT!
LEAGUE POSITION:2nd (26points)

Vs Notts Co (A) 3-0 Win (Steve Beleck, Oussama Assaidi(2)
Vs Crystal Palace (H) 1-0 Win (Steve Beleck)
Vs Preston (A) 4-2 Win Guiseppe Prestia (3), Yaya Sanogo)
Vs Barnsley (H) 4-1 Win (Jay McEveley o.g, Yaya Sanogo (3)
Vs Middlesbrough (H) 3-0 Win (Michael Owen, Yaya Sanogo, Sylvain Armand)
Vs Hull (A) 2-2 Draw (Michael Owen, Oussama Assaidi)

So only 1 point seperating me and birmingham at the top of the league! it was only the last result vs Hull that dropped me to 2nd
Overall a very good month with points only dropped in the last game although there is a reason/excuse... id already made all 3 subs, and 2 players got injured therefore i only had 9 men on the pitch, slight advantage for the opposition, and they pulled level after the whistle should have gone! there was only meant to have 4 mins added and it ended on 97!
LEAGUE POSITION:1st (36points)

Vs Birmingham (H) 1-0 Win (Michael Owen)
Vs Brighton (A) 3-1 Win (Yaya Sanogo(3))
Vs Q.P.R (H) 3-0 Win (Michael Owen, Leandro, Guiseppe Prestia)
Vs Leeds (A) 2-2 Draw (Patrick Kisnorbo, Oscar)

WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!! Lets just hope we can stay there! Another good month for my team with still 0 losses.
i cant help but feel i do have a slight advantage over some other teams as i have no cups to play. i forgot to set up domestic cups for this team when i made it and i wont play European football until im eligible through competition.
Still... the team is performing well and thats all that matters :)
LEAGUE POSITION:1st (48 points)

Vs Charlton (H) 3-2 Win (Oscar (2), Michael Owen)
Vs Cardiff (A) 2-0 Win (Michael Owen(2))
Vs Millwall (H) 2-0 Win (Michael Owen(2))
Vs Reading (H) 3-0 Loss ()

First loss of the season against Reading after 18 games unbeaten! not happy to lose 3-0 in a fairly even game. Jack Cork got himself sent off in the 28th minute and from then on we just didnt stand a chance.
Still... im top of the table, ahead by 8 points but anymore games like the Reading one and i can see the second half of the season being a hard one.

Lets just hope they turn things around quickly

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