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The Liverbirds Conquest

Started on 10 June 2012 by 1650 Yo
Latest Reply on 26 August 2012 by 1650 Yo
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So here it is!.... My Liverbird Conquest. hope you all enjoy!

Any football fan will understand why i have called the team by this name, and i think my kits match those of my favourite club too. Red Home Kit, White Away Kit. I have also made a Third Kit that is Green. No reason, its just different

Behind the scenes: The budget is a little too high lol i think its been increased to something stupid like 70m but i will not use harly any of it! i stated i would set a buget of 5-10m (an i did) but ive put a sugar dady on and obviously he wants to be in the Premiership so hes increased what ive chosen in the editor
Players: I've gone for a mixture when choosing the squad, i have some golden oldies (i.e Sol Campbell, Thomas Repka) and some for the future (Jack Robinson, Raheem Sterling) aswell as a created player or 2, but none of them have massive ability but they do have massive potential so for the sake of the created players i'll be hoping for a straight promotion to the prem so they get the play and stature of the club that is needed to make them quality players
Reputation: I've gone for 2nd highest in the league, West Ham have the Highest Reputation with 6500 i think? ive put my own as 6000. Obviously to have a created team in the League ive had to move another team elsewhere, unfortunately i didnt know who id originally replaced when i'd originally placed this team in the BSP so ive moved the team with the lowest Reputation in the league (which was a choice between Doncaster & Coventry, but as i live in Coventry, i moved Doncaster) to BSP no doubt they'll make a straight comeback (well i hope so)
Facilities: I've put the Facilities quite high so i dont have to worry about them and spend money on them, this way i can focus any money on Conquering the world with my own team.

Elsewhere, anyone who knows me and the way i play, knows i like to use more than one team at once. yet again i have done this but will not be doing full reports on the second team as this story is about my ctreated club.
The other club i have chosen is Real Madrid. I wanted to use a team outside of England and i have used (and still do use) Real Madrid on previous FM's and i like using them. However i will be updated Transfers for RM and if/when i have a Cup final i will be adding them to the update of the created team.
RM will be about the future MAINLY!, this doesnt mean i wont buy any big name's, it just means i wont be filling my squad full of them.

next post i will be adding links to my tactic screen squad screen to show ability and potential and my 3 best players
good luck
Like the idea, i'm a Liverpool fan, good name :) good luck
Good name, good youngsters you have there :P
sorry will have an update soon, struggling to find a decent assistant manager
ray wilkins?
how about steve clarke?
1650 Yo's avatar Group 1650 Yo
11 yearsEdited
so i FINALLY got an assistant manager! :) woohoo!
It is: Fausto Salsano

i also offered a mutual termination to pretty much all my backroom except 2 scouts, so i have a whole new backroom. Yay :)

This is my backroom Staff:
Assistant Manager - Fausto Salsano
Goalkeeping Coach/es - Ray Clemence, Ludek Miklosko
First Team Coach/es - Mark Sertori, Dave Shannon,
Fitness Coach/es - Adrian Lamb, Adie Stovell
Youth Coach/es - John Owens, John Murtough, Brian Eastick,
Scouts - Paul Johnson, Steve Nickson, Dave Fallows, Jeff Vetere, Gianluca Nani, Antione Sibierski, Steve Martin, Alan Miller

Liverbird Tactics
as you can see i've gone for a 4-2-3-1, this is my favourite tactic by far, the most used i think. My other two tactics as you can see are a basic 4-4-2, ont particularly use it or even like it but sometimes the most basic tactic is the best one and finally a Defensive 4-2-3-1, its basically the same as my first but with 2 DM's.
these are my Goalkeepers, as you can see Mike Pollitt is my main man at the moment, with Created Player (James Butterworth) being my backup until he improves. As you can also see my Youth Goalkeeper that i will probably use in the League Cup has great potential, i dont know if this is just because of the small stature of the club (Although the rep is around 6000) or if he really has this much Potential in him.

This is my Defence for the first team. As you can see it needs work but i do have some youth who can already step up. They (the youth Defence) have just played in a friendly and have done rather well so i will just see how they got on in my last few friendlies then decide... as i try to sign aswell

So this is my midfield, this needs work too, especially in the CM position. Also as you can see the real Michael Owen isnt a midfielder.... that is because the Michael Owen in this is a created player. he is an all round midfielder but will mainly hang on my left side or in the AM position.

Finally, this is my strikeforce. Not the strongest but thats what im looking for. i wanted to create a team that can over-achieve or not dependant on how they perform and not smash the league because they're all already superstars
Overall i think ive chosen a fairly simple, yet adequate squad. Fortunately for me most of my squad are U21's so i dont have to register them (Yet). this mean i have more room to manouvre players in and out.

it must be noted i did have released a couple of players because frankly they were poo! (lol)

i PERSONALLY think my best/main 3 players (Not Including the created players) are probably Raheem Sterling, Luke Wilkshire and Mike Pollitt

these 3 players are going to be the deciding three i think to whether my team can get a promotion or not. Raheem Sterling has massive amount of potential and i have used him in the game before and he has been fantastic after a few years.

Mike Pollitt is my man between the sticks so he is vital to whether i concede or not.

and Luke Wilkshire is a great Rb for this League. has some great stats too

if anybody wants any players attribute screenshots doing dont be afraid to ask, or if there is something you think i have missed, again, dont be afraid to ask for it :)

Currently on 1st August and these are the transfers up to now

Transfers In
Jari Litmanen (Free)
Carmelo (Loan Fee 95k) - Real Sporting
Boudewijn Zenden (Free)
Ross Barkley (Loan) - Everton
Walter Pandiani 95k - Espanyol
Andros Townsend (Loan) - Tottenham
Jack Collison (6.75m) - West Ham
Chris Gunter (2.9m) - Nottingham Forest
Stephen Kelly (1.9m) - Fulham
TomDe Mul (400k) - Sevilla

Transfers Out
Ian Ashbee (Free)
Darren Potter (Free)
Esteban Guillen (Free)
Carlos Rojas (Free)

Real Madrid Transfers
Daniel Sturridge (Loan fee 775k)
Danny Welbeck (Loan)

some people may question the 2 transfers for Real Madrid but i know these players have MASSIVE potential so im hoping they do well so i can buy them for the future
so my updates will be on a monthly basis but as this is the first game of the season i thought i would let you all in on how it went.
First game in charge, first league game for my created team, first for eveything i suppose as they have no history.

Npower Championship Game 1

Liverbird FC vs Blackpool

Blackpool are a very hard team even with some of the best teams if they are on their game!
I managed to sign a LB just before the game as Jack Robinson is my best at the moment but he is away on International Duty.
His name is Pierre Wome, ive never heard of him, ive never played with him, but he was free and came highly rated by the scout. He was also wanted by Aston Villa

First Half
Liverbirds had a good first half, starting faster but having equal amount of shots by Half Time (with 3 each), although we did have all 3 on target whereas Blackpool only had the one. :P
Unfortuntely Sammy Ameobi was injured in the 37th minute causing a substitution Walter Pandiani taking his place.
Liverbirds made the breakthrough scoring the first ever goal for player and club and history, Created Player Michael Owen placing nicely across the opoosition Goalkeeper into the far corner of the goal after an early cross from Chris Gunter. David Beckham Style. (If you haven't seen it, youtube David Beckham assist to Ronaldo (for Real Madrid))

Half Time Score: 1-0 A little motivation at half time to try and improve for the second half

Second Half
7 minutes (52nd) and 2 shots later Liverbird FC breakthrough again. This time Walter Pandiani finding the net with the slightest of touches from his head to angle the shot away from the 'keepers' grasp, Assist by Michael Owen from the Left Wing.
5 more minutes later (57th) Horacio Cervantes cooly slotted the ball away from a fine corner from Tom De Mul making it 3-0.
Changes were made in the 60th Minute with Jari Litmanen making way for Carmelo (AMC) and Prince Bauben cominng off for Raheem Sterling (Sterling being moved to LW and Michael Owen switching to CM role)
not much else happened after the 60th minute with a few shots from both sides going high, wide and not so handsome.

So.. 1 game, 1 comfortable win. Can Liverbird FC go all the way? keep tuned :)
mate that is class i always wanted to make my own club but could not do it am going try it now will defo be following this one mate best of luck
i know i said monthly installments but to start against Blackpool was good... To follow it up with Southampton is worth writing about.

Npower Championship Game 2

Southampton vs Liverbird FC

First away game to Southampton is a hard one to take, but i will take it with my head held high and by god i will win it!.... i hope :P

Obviously at least one change was made to my starting line up as Sammy Ameobi was injured vs Blackpool Walter Pandiani was the man to replace him, making his first starting appearance after impressing from the bench vs Blackpool.
i have also chosen to start Carmelo instead of Litmanen, Ross Barkley for Prince Bauben, Thomas Repka in place of Matthew Kilgallon, Stephen Kelly for Chris Gunter & Boudewijn Zenden for Michael Owen

First Half
With the first half being a fairly even half, Liverbird FC were (Once again) first to make the breakthrough after only 3 minutes when Horacio Cervantes headed home from the corner.
Jason puncheon was injued for Southampton in the 8th minute forcing a subtitution.
Tadanari Lee slotted home the equaliser after Pierre Wome made a BIG mistake and passed the ball to Morgan Schneiderlin, who crossed the ball into the 6 yards box, over the keeper for Tadanari Lee to pass into the net

Half Time Score 1-1

Second half
After trying to encourage the lads at half time it seemed to have no effect as Jack Cork scored from 10 yards out after only 3 minutes of the half gone.
60 minutes had past and things needed changing. Pierre Wome was to be replaced by Danny Grainger at LB, Michael Owen came on for Boudewijn Zenden and Walter Pandiani was replaced by Souleymane Coulibaly up front.
Things started to look a little better after the 70 minute mark for Liverbird FC with Jack Cork, Morgan Schneiderlin and Iago Falque all being injured on the 71st, 80th, and 87th minute respectively.
with 3 minutes added time The Reds were heading for defeat to the hands of the Saints, that was unlit Youngster Souleymane Coulibaly scored from just outside the 6 yards box meeting the cross from Stephen Kelly well. Taking a touch before slotting the ball down low into the near corner

2 Games, 4 Points... Looking stable after 2 games, but with Peterborough, Leeds and Middlesbrough my next 3 games i do wonder whether i can go unbeaten for the first 5 games. :/

Man Utd
Olympique Lyonnais

FC Porto
AC Milan

CSKA Moscow
Man City
FC Basel

FC Bayern
FC Kobenhavn


Olympique Marseille

Inter Milan

Real Madrid

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