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Blackburn New Era

My Story
Started on 20 June 2012 by Jason_Kavanagh
Latest Reply on 21 June 2012 by Man Utd Fan
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Blackburn New Era

Steve Kean has been voted out as Blackburn’s manager the fans have being trying to get Kean out for months now over the way he was running the club the broad have finally answered the fans and have sacked him this morning now they are looking for a new manager and Ex Blackburn player Jason Kavanagh who played 455 Games for the club scoring 225 goals is in line for the job. Jason age 35 has taken over starting from today said the Chairman of Blackburn Rovers .Kavanagh has not been seeing around football in 3 years after his retirement from the game back in 2008. Kavanagh has said that he is delighted to come back to the club that he loves so much and that he is going to change everything within the club including staff everyone in the back room is going said Kavanagh there are going to be new faces and some faces will be leaving. I want winners in my team players that will play for themselves the club and most of all the fans without the fans they would not get paid our have a job that they love so much so why would they not want to give 110% each week Kavanagh has said.

At the end of the day the Broad have come to me to turn this team around and that is what I am going to do. I may be remembered as a Blackburn legend here but in order for me to do well at this job I am going to sell players I don’t think are up to the challenge ahead and if the fans don’t like it well that’s there fault they want changes I am here to do the changes so the players will have to prove to me that they want to play for a club like Blackburn Rovers and if they don’t they are gone.

I will be bringing in new players to shape this team up and if youth players impress me over pre-season they will get a run out also players who have not played a game for this club now have the chance as long as they show me they are willing to play for Blackburn Rovers they will get to do it in front of their own fans. But that’s a big if as the club don’t seem to want to play but as I said before how ever does not perform well that’s simple they will be going an early exit for them.

In Terms of my contract I got a deal on till June 2013 on $19.750 a week and a transfer budget of 11 million which is ok but would of liked a bit more but that will do for now. So thanks for your time I am going to work now to show these players what heart is all about. I will talk to use at the end of each month.


Ok so as I said I was going to be making big changes and that’s what I have done sacking 2 youth coach’s and 1st team coach and also got rid of my Assistant Manager also sold some big name players and brought in some bigger name signings as I will show below.

Staff In
Alex Gibson Youth Coach
Tosh Farrell Youth Coach
Al Stewart 1st Team Coach
Ray Wilkins Assistant Manger
Arthur Aibiston Coach

Players In
Gylfi Sigurosson 11 Million Over 48 Month’s
Danny Welbeck 23 Million Over 48 Month’s
Araujo Garbrel 3.2 Million Over 48 Month’s
Felipe Anderson 6.2 Million Over 48 Month’s
Dede 14 Million 14 Million Over 48 Month’s
Olivier Giroud 10 Million Over 48 Month’s
Total= 80 Million

Players Out
Ryan Nelsen 1.5 Million
Jason Robert’s 250k
Yakubu 5.5 Million
David Goodwillie 6 Million
Grant Hanley Loan Fee 750K
Total=14 Million

As use can see a lot of changes made and a lot of repayments but with the goal of Europa league next season that would cover the transfers so that’s my goal also players out Yakubu was the 1st to leave as I did not have any use for him this season Grant Hanley on Loan some 1st team for him and he could be great.

Pre-Season Match’s
Ok so the team had a great pre-season and the new players have geld together great playing like they were meant to be together let’s hope that they can
start the season like that here are the match’s

Blackburn Vs Celtic (Home) 3-1 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Lincoln (Away) 4-1 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Ecija (Away) 2-1 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Marbella (Away) 3-0 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Cagilari (Home) 1-0 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Sporting (Home)2-0 (Win)
How did you manage to get welbeck to leave man utd and join a side like blackburn? and even giroud?
#55412 patrick1 : How did you manage to get welbeck to leave man utd and join a side like blackburn? and even giroud?
you can try it yourself man just start with default db and you can also start with 11 million

August And September

In the Last two month’s we have played 6 Primer league games and two carling cup games and have to say not best few games have drop Olivier Giroud already as he has not scored in 7 games and has a match rating of 5.25 will give him another shot in first team when he show’s what he can do for the reserve. On the other hand Danny Welbeck has played 7 scored 6 goals witch is a good return. Carling cup run did not last long losing in the second round so here are the match’s and results.

Blackburn Vs Tottenham (Away) 3-0 (Lose)
Blackburn Vs Bolton (Away) 2-0 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Stoke (Home) 0-0 (Draw)
Blackburn Vs Aston Villa (Home) 2-1 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Swansea (Home) 2-0 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Liverpool (Away) 4-1 (Lose)

Carling Cup

Blackburn Vs bournemouth (Away) 3-0 (Win)
Blackburn Vs Chelsea (Away) 2-0 (Lose)
NIce story mate like the way you started it i use to do a save on blackburn two and 1st player i bought was welbeck also looks like you are building a good side its mad tho with the updated database you cant get him but with defailt one you can mad.:) and the 48 month's you better get euro football our your screwed lol well best of luck mate will defo be following.

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