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is this true

Started on 14 June 2008 by MUFC_4_LIFE
Latest Reply on 19 June 2008 by MUFC_4_LIFE
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Dude, this is so fake...
thought it was when i saw the idea of players dieing lol
hahaha this is not true hahahahhahaha. someone just had nothing else to do than to make some stupid photoshopping.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
That was such an obvious pisstake. Fucking funny though.
lol deid after late tackle and out forever lol
died........ :rofl
Deleted's avatar Deleted
That Would Be So Funny, Imagine The Night Before Champions League Final, Your Top £20Mil Striker Dies From Pissing On An Electric Fence.
Too Bad It Won't Happen :(
just go to the game editor and check at the injuries screen to see if "death" appears somewhere.
I doubt but you could make it like that but it would be extremly difficult for your average joe
it would be cool for someone to die in the game.thats a new thing.=D=D
In the old Premier manager games, like mid-90's, players did die, and you got the message that "player died last night in the hospital after being struck by lightning". It did not happen so often, but 1 every 2 years. Of course not always your players :).

So it is not a new thing in manager games, but it would be cool in FM. Maybe just regens were to die, so they would not have problems with real players complaining why FM killed them :)
yea but it would have to be an ulrta rare thing though
haha love it out 4 ever!!?!?! how can he be treated by the physios
micah : haha love it out 4 ever!!?!?! how can he be treated by the physios

dead players are treated with dead physios:yes=D:yes=D

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