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A Game of Numbers.

Started on 8 August 2012 by BarmyArmy
Latest Reply on 10 August 2012 by BarmyArmy
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Sorry guys but i can't continue my previous post "The Italian Dream" as my system crashed and all the data was lost. I had played 15 games and was at 2nd position behind inter. So now i'm going to write a new post based on a club in england. Updates soon...

My first meet

Hi i'm Jake Rutherford.I was a perky 34 yr old aspiring to be a big manager when i first met a legend of the game. I was one of the select few who had assembled for a press meet by Arsene Wenger to teach the aspiring manager more about the game. It was the first time i had gone to a big stadium like Arsenal.

Wenger invited us at the lobby and showed us about the place and explained us the day to day work as a manager should perform in a big club like Arsenal. He also showed us the Arsenal trophy cabinet and we were all having a nice chat with him.

When it was my turn to ask a doubt i asked him politely "Sir, How are managers judged?"."Ahh" he said.
"Today's game is a simple game,its a 'Game of Numbers'" he said. He continued "Gone were those days when numbers were not an important part of CV. Today most of the managers are rated on the Trophies they have delivered. Winning is an essential component in today's world. Nobody will settle for second best everybody wants to be a champion, so you have to compete and win trophies to survive in todays world".

It was a an answer that changed my ambition. From a man who just wanted to manage a football club, Now i wanted to win, wanted to be a CHAMPION. So my journey begins now...

The First Step

With that mind set i had begin my managerial career. With the post of manager hard to come by i decided to begin as a coach. I was appointed as coach at Huddersfield F.C. This was my first encounter with some bright young prospects like Rhodes and Smithies.

I continued to work with Rhodes and Smithies and rest of the squad and was able to make them perform to their best. Seeing my progress there were a few Higher Division clubs that offered me a job as Assistant manager. After giving it some thought i decided to refuse those offers with a view of only becoming a manager. Two years had passed by...

Then one day i received the surprise of a life time.

As usual we were at the training ground when the manger came up to me and said "You've got a very important visitor.". Looking surprised who that "important" visitor was i went to the lobby. There i met a person who sent a shiver across my spine. It was the last man whom i would have hoped to met. It was Arsene Wenger!!!. I was speechless. He came up to me and began the conversation. He said that he was impressed with the progress i had made and wanted me to come to the Emirates. Thinking that he wanted me as a coach at Arsenal i refused politely saying that i wanted to become a manager. I was taken aback by his reply. He wanted me at the Emirates as a manager!!!. Yes he explained me that he had decided to call it a day and wanted a manger with fire in the belly. He explained me that he was impressed with me the first time we met and was keeping track of me for the past two years and was impressed by what i had to offer.

It took me some time to digest what was happening. But realized this was an opportunity i cannot let go off. So i decided to accept the offer. Wenger was pleased with my decision.

So now i have got an opportunity to test myself at the biggest stage. Time to take up the challenge...
very promising story. i will be following :-))

The Big Day

The next day Arsene Wenger had called for a team meeting. He explained to the team about his decision to step down and asked the team not to be disheartened. All this while i waited outside nervously. He called me in.

"Lads i would like to introduce to you Jake Rutherford, a good student of mine. What a feeling those words gave me!!. He is going to be the new gaffer around here.

I saw some concerning looks around. Wenger had noticed that as well. He requested the team to give me their full backing and i can give them the success they needed. Everybody was silent. Steve Bould broke the silence "Sure boss, Mr. Jake will have our full support and i can assure you that.". The lads echoed "yes" from behind. "Good" said Wenger.

As we were about to leave Arsene Wenger broke an another surprise. He said that he was not going away from the club as he had been appointed as Director of sports and will guide me. Well what a teacher to have.

So my big job begins today. Lots of work to do....

Tactical Setup

After having discussions with Assistant manager and other coaches i came up with a suitable tactic for the team:

I also informed the team that players who don't fit my tactics will be allowed to move on...along with RVP who did not budge despite having crunch talks with his agent..

Pre Season Training

Pretty pleased with pre season. got to know more about the players in depth and the areas that need to be strengthened.


Reserves W 2-0
Litex W 3-0(A)
Colorado W 2-0(A)
Palermo W 1-0(A)
Valencia W 2-0(A)
Braga W 5-2(A)
Tigres W 3-0(A).

Transfer Updates coming up...

Transfer Updates

After having discussions with Wenger and Bould i decided to spend my budget to bring in star players to increase the team profile. Hopefully they can improve the performance of the team.

Marquee signings

Sven Bender:

My back up for Song and my defensive enforcer.

Tony Kroos:

My midfield maestro. The young german has loads of potential and hopefully can perform to the level expected.

Marek Hamsik:

My engine room. Expecting performances from my star signing of the summer. Will play him as DLP and let him control the game. Worked well with arteta in the preseason.

More Arrivals

I'm still looking for RB.
Shortlists are Mario Fernandes and Cesar Azpilicueta.

ST to replace Van persie at end of season.
shortlists are Huntelaar,Cavani,LLorente.

Arshavin -> Man city 15M
Fabianski -> Chelsea 5M
Djourou Listed
Squillaci Listed
Park chu Young Listed
Diaby Listed
Rosiscky Listed
Bendtner -> Valencia 11M

Young players added to first team squad:

Though behind Song and Bender expect frimpong to get atleast 10 games this season.

Back up to sagna right now. Not sure about how many games he will get.

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