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Bruce Wayne's road for glory

Started on 21 August 2012 by or.dabool
Latest Reply on 2 September 2012 by or.dabool
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Manager begins

After a long time of crime fighting as Batman, Bruce Wayne decided to retire and start doing something else for a living. One day, his faithful butler, Alfred, asked Bruce: “Sir, have you ever considered becoming a football club manager? You got the skills, and let’s face it, you are going to be great at it”.

After some thinking Bruce decided that Alfred is right, and applied a job as a manager at the English club: Sheffield Wednesday. The job application was received and Bruce Wayne became the proud manager of Sheffield Wednesday

Why Sheffield?

The reason I chose to manage Sheffield Wednesday is because the club was in nice financial state. Also, the club is playing in the npower League 1 despite of his proud history, and I want to change it.

Some info on Sheffield Wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club is a football club based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Sheffield Wednesday is one of the oldest professional clubs in the world and the fifth oldest in the English league. Sheffield Wednesday were also one of the founding members of The Premier League in 1992. Their main rivals are Sheffield United, the two clubs having contested the Steel City derby on a regular basis for some 100 years. They play their home matches at Hillsborough Stadium in the north-western suburb of Hillsborough. It is a 39,732 all-seater stadium built in 1899 when the lease expired at their previous ground of Olive Grove.

Goals for 2011/2012 season

1 - Teach the squad how to play a possession game with short, accurate passes.
2 - Create a squad way better than the npower League 1 level.
3 - Finish as champions of the npower League 1.


Out: Nicky Weaver was sold because of his advancing age. Aaron was really bad, so he was sold to. Clinton Morrison also got sold because of his age.
In: Michael Stewart - a great midfielder who was available for a free transfer. Tom Heaton is a great 25 years old goalkeeper who cam to replace Weaver. Ahmed Soukouna was available for a free transfer and came to us to be a leading striker. Vermijl came as loan to be a rotation for the right back position. Benik Afobe came as loan as well to be rotation for the strikers.


This is the tactic we will use throughout the season. Hope it will work well

Pre-Season games

Over all a good pre-season. We won most of the games, except those against Barnsley and Birmingham who are in a league above us, so it's ok.
If there will be interest in my story I will be updating :)
I will only read this story if you promise me that CatWoman is involved somehow!

Good luck, and very decent signings. I would keep my fingers crossed about Afobe. Arsenal usually call him back randomly after three months or so.
#63892 akash.vidyasagar : I will only read this story if you promise me that CatWoman is involved somehow!

Good luck, and very decent signings. I would keep my fingers crossed about Afobe. Arsenal usually call him back randomly after three months or so.

thanks man! i hope afobe will stay. from the preseason he seemed very nice.
Dark Knight Rising would have been a suitable name, will be following, I have a soft spot for Sheffield Wednesday (being an avid Liverpool fan).
#63904 The FM Rookie : Dark Knight Rising would have been a suitable name, will be following, I have a soft spot for Sheffield Wednesday (being an avid Liverpool fan).

thanks man! i hope i can make something good out of sheffield :)
Bruce Wayne?

have you've seen at least 5 of the movies? ane you gonna have with your assistant Robin?
Bruce Wayne ... heh. Interesting. But was that just a ruse to attract people to your story or are you going to incorporate elements of Bruce Wayne's character in your story? And it'd be interesting to see if you can get Joker or Bane or some other villain in there...
You should add a new head coach as Bane and appoint him manager of Sheffield United...
Whoa whoa nice tittle ! Great performance so far -

First Season 2011/2012

(this update will cover the entire first season)

After a good preseason for Sheffield, the league starts and everyone wants to show what the are worth.
Here are all the games that we played:

This season we competed in four tournaments:

Carling Cup

We didn't thought that we even got a chance in this competition, because there are a lot of better teams then we in the cup.
Our first round was against Rochdale. We knew them very well from the league and we beated them 5-0. But in the second round we got Sunderland and we lost 4-2. That's it for the carling cup.

The FA Cup

The expectation from us in the FA cup were similar to the Craling Cup because there are top teams that also fight for the trophy.
Our first game was against Plymouth and we won 2-1. Second round was against Rochdale and we won 3-0. Our third round was against Coventry (who is in a league above us) and we won 2-0. But finally, we met Wolves and lost 1-0..

Johnstone's Paint Trophy

Unlike the FA cup and the Carling Cup, the JPT seemed like a trophy we can actually win. Also, Sheffield never won this tournament and I want to bring the trophy to us for the very first time.
The first round was against Rotherham and we won 4-0 easily. But in the second round we me Sheffield United. They are the strongest team in the tournament and if we can beat the we can take the trophy. The game was very intense and in the end the score was 2-2 so we went to penalties . Our goalkeeper Tom Heaton performed brilliantly and we won the penalties 2-1. The rest was pretty easy and we got to the final. There, we met MK Dons and managed to beat them 5-2. The trophy is Sheffield's and Bruce Wayne won his first trophy!

npower League 1

Our season in the league was sensational. Until we were crowned as champions we won all the games except a draw vs Sheffield United. We managed to break the record for league points because we finished the league with 126 point, and the previous record was 102 point (by Fulham).
Here is the table in the end of the season:

Our new Trophy zone:

As you can see I gave Sheffield 2 titles for the first time. JPT's winners, and npower League 1 champions.

For that i got a little award myself:

Also, Ahmed Soukouna really impressed this season, and for that he got an award himself:

Here are his stats in the end of the season:

There were a lot of offers for Soukouna in the end of the season. for example Sunderland offerd 2.5 Million euros for him but we refused. He is too good to sell.

There were also job offers for me, when the biggest are: Santos, Aston Vila and even Arsenal. But I wanted to stay with my club so i rejected them. As a reward my salary jumped from 1.5 thousand to 15.5.

In Conclusion, this season was perfect and we will try to have a good season in the npower Championship!

Brilliant result for you in your first season. Are you planning to stay with Shef Wed for your entire career? Or do you plan to take them to the PL and then look out for greener pastures for yourself?
As i explained, the point is to make Bruce a manager at the top level. Whether in Sheffield or another club :)
Can't wait for the second season! well done mate.
A very large update... A great season though, keep it up!

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