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What Year Are You In?

Started on 23 August 2012 by Chris_FM World
Latest Reply on 9 September 2012 by ryancook21
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Hey guys, what year is the furthest that you have got? Personally I have only ever got to 2019, but am currently in 2017 and am planning to carry on as far as I can until the new game is out! I think I saw someone's story that was up to 2030 i think, anyone got any further?
2021-2022 season for me.
2019/20 with Real Madrid.
I ran a game on FM09 which went through the end of the 29/30 season. Started out as a lark - wanted to see if I could duplicate the real-life promotion of Burton Albion to the League. Which I did... 18 months in a job offer came from Portsmouth, 12 months later Newcastle, at which job I stayed for many many years (11 I think it was). At that point figured I was done, only fiddling with a national side, but Chelsea came along and it turned into another long run. Way too much time blown on one game, to be honest! :)
20/21 with leeds. I started off as Arsenal - was there for 6 years and won EVERYTHING. Then i went to leeds and in my my 1st season i finished 6th, 2nd season finished 3rd, 3rd sea on won the league cup came 1st in the league and won the champions league :D. I have a striker called souza who is like messi
Highest i ever got was about 2015 with Woking, i'm not very good at long term games :P
Well done mwichmann looks like you got the furthest ! 2030 !! It does get a boring I imagine by then just surrounded by REGENS !!
Sure, it's all players we don't know from real life at this point, but there are still players you've "known" for years and years in the game, watching them as promising kids, recruiting them, watching them evolve and become experienced internationals and down the other side... I don't think I'd do it again, but it had a certain charm still.
Im only in 2015 but i do have 24 days of gametime though.
Im only in 2014 but plan to keep going until fm13
2028 just about to go into my new season with barca.
The furthest I've ever got was 2016 with Liverpool... won the Champions' League once, Premier League twice.
estou no final da temporada 2013 com o Man City pretendo ir ate 2014-2015 e depois começar a jogar FM 2013
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finished 2017-18 season with 12 days of gametime
jimh : 2028! impressive. let's see what year I can get to by time the new game is out in November!

just finishing off 2018...

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