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The Adriatic Adventure - FM11

FM 2011
Started on 26 September 2012 by tbendis
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In a match that Hajduk will probably never see again, Liverpool defeated the Croatian champions after Insuá's 105th minute set piece to Adam Hloušek to pick up their 6th Champions League trophy. It wasn't a pretty match by any standard. Ante Vukuši?, Hajduk's only attacking player got his red card in the 36th minute, and, as Duje ?op and Peter Zajac were both injured, Hajduk just played defensively, and nearly scored, with Gianluca Tacconi coming up the right flank. But it wasn't enough, and a fantastic back line with Jurica Buljat (C), Mario Malo?a playing on injections, and Matej Jonji? kept the ball out of the net. But Hloušek scored, well into extra time, and Hajduk couldn't come back, even with Sandi Križman coming on towards the end.

Jan Koller (hired as youth coach in the 2012 season. Promoted to manager for 2013/14 season) cheered with his team heartily, as a single tear rolled down Bendiš's face... not a happy one, as it was last time, but one that knew how hard for team and how unlikely the path to the final was for him. And then, there was that one moment of longing on his face, when he looked at Jan Koller, who on his managerial début season had won the Champions League, and who had lifted the trophy with his team, and had won the prestige for the club...

Jurica Buljat saw it... and came over to his boss who had lead the club through the worst losses and the biggest wins, and just because he needed one, he gave the man 7 years his junior a hug. Because Buljat never thought he would see the final. He never thought he would see Berlin, or London, or Madrid, or Milan, or even Lyon for that matter. Buljat had grown out of the hope... at 29, he was to old, but Bendiš had believed for all of them, and that was why it hurt so much, and, as the captain, he knew that his boss deserved the support that he had given the team.

And when the 10 000 Hajduk fans in the stadium saw it, they cheered in support. Out of 72 659 people in attendance, the seats in the North-East section of Olympiastadion roared over the sound of the fireworks, over the sound of Liverpool, over the sound of everything, to show Bendiš just how much this, even without the last win, meant to the club. The Hajduk players, who had managed to look up from their own personal bubbles, saw the fans, and cheered them on, and for an instant, nay, for a full 10 minutes, it had looked like Hajduk had won the Champions League, not Liverpool. And even though the trophy made it's way back to the shores of England for the 13th time, when Hajduk came back to Split, they were treated like the heroes they are.

Hajduk did, however, pick up the double, as they took their 3-1 home victory to Varaždin to build on it and finish with a 7-2 aggregate victory, Peter Zajac scoring the offending hat-trick to pick up the record 13th man of the match award this season, taking it from Coelho (who moved from a disastrous Schalke spell back to Brazil)

19 year old Gianluca Tacconi won the young player of the year award (Ivan Tomi?i? was runner up), as Duje ?op won the Player of the year award for an excellent Hajduk season. Peter Zajac thrashed any competition in the second part of the season, scoring 23 goals for the year, taking the Top Goalscorer award, while there are 7 Hajduk players in the team of the season. Specifically:
G. Jozinovi?
M. Malo?a
O. Kušnír (as right back, even though he played only 2 games as a right back)
F. Mlinar
G. Tacconi
P. Zajac
D. ?op

the rest of the team was made up of Zadar and Dinamo players
So unlucky with the Champions League final but it shows how much progress you have made here. Your run to the top has been very exciting :)
2013-01-11 18:20#76666 The FM Rookie : So unlucky with the Champions League final but it shows how much progress you have made here. Your run to the top has been very exciting :)

Thank you for the comment, and thank you again for moving the story to somewhere where it will be more... ah... visible :)

After a great season in 2013-14, the transfer season for the new year has opened up, and boy did Hajduk start well, without even a smidgen of an effort.

To begin, Hajduk's partnership with OM paid off almost immediately. Last year, the Brazil U20's captain, Alex, joined Hajduk to make it possible to add an extra defender in their brilliant back 5 in the Champions League, making an unforgettable run to the final plausible. This year, a certain Jordan Ayew comes to Split, as his brother, André Ayew is doing well, Jordan has been floundering, and the striker is set to find his form in Split, perhaps in another spectacular run.

Then, in an interesting turn of events, Chelsea regular first team goalkeeper, Matej Dela? has run out of contract. Hajduk manager, Timmy Bendiš, ultimately surprised by the news, as he hadn't been following the keeper, managed to bring Dela?, first on a month long trial, before signing Dela? on a 4 year contract. The 21 year old is set to replace Denis Krklec as the first choice keeeper, and Danijel Subaši? is going to Ajax on loan to make room in the squad. Stipe Pletikosa's contract is expiring at the end of the year.

Hajduk's feeder club, Krlija Sovetov is doing so spectacularly badly however, that while Bendiš was eager to send several of his players to the floundering club, including Sandi Križman, Jakob Malling, etc... everyone has rejected them. However Zadar is looking at another decent season, as the club has received it's standard intake of 5 quality players, including Ton?i Kuko?, who has spent his last 2 seasons playing well at Zadar.

Elton Ajazi, the Norweigen/Albanian defender, has signed for FC Basel on a 600K loan deal, which Bendiš thought, at least, was a decent investment, considering he bought the defender outright for 425K in 2012. And Filip Ozobi? returns to Hajduk as a backup player after his Spartak Moskva contract expired. The winner of the Young Player of the year in 2011 is back at his original club, but he might move on loan to Zadar to help ruin Dinamo some more.

Bendiš has left Poland, after only one match, and signed for Denmark, as the Croatian manager felt that the Danish team was simply better. Jacob Malling is expected to receive a call up, as the U20s captain has been playing well for Hajduk, while Mario Tasotti has already accepted the role of assistant manager.
Good luck with Denmark! :)
2013-01-12 20:42#76833 The FM Rookie : Good luck with Denmark! :)

I love managing Denmark, it's the perfect stepping stone to the top European nations, and unfortunately (unrealistically) Croatia is always categorized in that upper echelon. It's hard to get in without a decent showing as Denmark or some other European squad. I imagine similar countries are Scotland, Ukraine, Greece, and Sweden, but I have never been in the position to get hired at those positions.

Plus, as a Croatian, we don't like Greece very much...

A whopping nine players were called up to the 25 man squad against Andorra (friendly) with six making the appearance as Croatia won 4-0 in front of 25 000 people. This shows massive improvement in Hajduk's squad, and of the visibility of Hajduk's top quality players, as Bili? seems to be noticing what is going on in his own back yard after Peter Zajac's performance for Slovakia during the World Cup.

Zajac, 20, almost singlehandedly lead Slovakia to the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where England just barely dispatched the young Slovakian team, and, with his marvelous exhibitions of talent, the Hajduk player became the youngest player in the World Cup Dream team (albeit in the subsitutes), and opened the stage for players in the Croatian league.

Which leads to the call-ups. Bendiš has, under some interesting circumstances (injuries and the like) managed to convince Bili? to call up some of his most illustrious first teamers, with the following making the list:

Ognjen Vukojevi?, Jurica Buljat, Mario Malo?a, and Matej Jonji? are the four defensive players called up, with recent signing, Matej Dela? as the team's first-choice goalkeeper. Duje ?op, Ante Vukuši? and Frano Mlinar make 8, as the attacking players, and trialist Ivica Oli?, formerly of Bayern München, makes 9, as he is on a month long contract.

There are also distinct rumours that Ivan Strini?, who left Hajduk for Red Bull Salzburg in 2010, and then moved to Beograd to join Red Star in 2013, could be making the switch back to provide help to Goran Jozinovi?, who took Strini?'s place 5 years ago. Denis Perger, the Slovenian has moved to Istra 1861 on loan.

Also of interest, Hajduk's co-first team keeper has moved to Bayer Leverkusen on loan. Danijel Subaši? is going for a year to perhaps pick up another trophy, while Matej Dela? joins the Croatian powerhouse.

Meanwhile, Marko Livaja and Jacob Malling are staging a comeback play for first team spots, or at least substitute spots, as they made appearances in Hajduk's 4-1 win over Istra after the international break.

Hajduk manager, Timmy Bendiš, was quizzed in Split about his transfer policy, after it was revealed that his transfers have been breaking even while making obscenely successful international cup runs, most notably the Champions League heartbreak last year.

"I am definitely looking to make intelligent and safe choices, while also securing the future of the club. The average wage of the club makes it so that I can make intelligent maneuvers in the transfer market, but it also restricts me: we will not be extending Ivica Oli?'s contract. Yes, I respect his ability immensely, but, at 400K €/year, we are not prepared to be spending this much when there is younger talent available. Oli? has made his paycheck already. To come back to Croatia and to continue earning Bundesliga salaries is not my way of doing business.

"We have signed great, young players for very cheaply in the past few seasons. Peter Zajac and Gianluca Tacconi are notable examples. I just had to escort Massimmo Morratti to the airport and tell him that if he couldn't come up with 10 million for Zajac that Peter wouldn't be playing at Meazza anytime soon, unless Milan come and get him for that money. Three seasons ago, Zajac came for 1.8M € after being knocked out of the Champion's League. And what of Matej Dela?. Yes, I understand, we got lucky, but he is an excellent player, and has agreed to earn a few euros less over the years to come and fight for glory. Chelsea apparently didn't want him enough, but for us to have a first-pick goalkeeper for free? I'll jump at that all night long. And even if we have to pay, 3, 4, 5 million € for quality. What of Tacconi. That kid is going to be playing for Italy one day, but in his spare time, he's going to be playing for Hajduk. Why? Because we took him in, and wanted him, and nurtured his talent. He's still young, and there is plenty of time for him to make the national team, but he will enjoy playing here, mark my words.

"We want to continue spending like that: small intelligent moves in the transfer market. Because we aren't going to spend 35 million on Shevchenko and make a player have the biggest mistake of his career. We value these players too much for that.

"Welcome to Split ladies and gentlemen... This is where it's at."

Daniel Sturridge scored Celtic's only goal as Ondrej Kušnír proved that, even at 30, he still wants the "Czech Player of the Year", with a marvelous hattrick against... well... Celtic. A Celtic that had not conceded in 4 games. A Celtic that had made the UEFA Cup final in 2003, and a Celtic that, when they sold out Celtic Park, didn't really expect what came to them.

It did look promising though, as Tiago blocked two sitters from Frano Mlinar, producing a fantastic double stop that showed why Celtic hadn't conceded recently. And Bendiš wasn't pleased. Yes it was early on in the match, but, from what he was used to - with Real Madrid, Lyon, and God knows what else - that might have cost the game. But then, something strange happened: Hajduk kept dominating, and it was only 5 minutes later that Mario Malo?a headed the first goal in off a corner, before Duje ?op headed home Ondrej Kušnír's cross for 2-0.

Kušnír was far from done though. The Czech winger (now also Croatian) scored twice in 5 minutes from clear cut chances in the box in the 38th and the 43rd minute, to bring Hajduk's league to a frankly astounding 4-0. The journalists were already inventing headlines just before Daniel Sturridge finally scored Celtic's first goal with a decent shot from outside off a counter-attack, and with that, just ended the half. 1-4.

Nothing much happened in the 2nd half. Ondrej Kušnír capped off his hattrick in the 62nd minute before Marcus Berg was sent off. Matej Dela? managed to show why he was better than Tiago with a great 1 on 1 save, and Glasgow simply looked on at their television screens, shocked at what had just happened.

Manchester United beat Benfica 2-1 at Old Trafford to go to 2nd place in the group.

Sr?an Andri? has been injured for 2 months following the Celtic Game. The Hajduk captain played for 30 minutes before being replaced by vice-captain Jurica Buljat. It is fortunate that Hajduk have both Jurica Buljat and Ognjen Vukojevi? who can also play adequately in the DM position, as former youth prospect, Jure Vladovi?, went to Kladno in the Czech Republic for 300K in January of 2013. Domagoj Markanovi? is Hajduk's current hot prospect in the DM position. He moved from Zadar for 120 K € in 2012.

The Slovakian international (12 caps, 10 goals, 2014 World Cup Best young Player) has been injured for 3 to 4 months, as the major injury casts doubt on Slovakia's title campaign. The 20 year old scored in the 9th minute before tearing his calf muscle in Hajduk's home victory against title rivals, Dinamo Zagreb. Slovakia, fortunately, have two easy games in their five team group (Bosnia, Slovenia, Latvia, Iceland), when they play Iceland and Latvia away, but whether the talismanic striker can make a return from such a big injury so early in his career is questionable. Split's physios are optimistic, and Gary Lewin and Lieven Maesschalck are hopeful that, because he has had no injuries until now that he should be fine.

Hajduk's title campaign probably won't suffer at all though, because after Zajac went off, Ante Vukuši? came on (instead of Jordan Ayew). The local boy scored two goals to bring the score to 3-0 before a lucky Junior Viçosa caught the breakaway and powered one past Matej Dela? for 3-1.

Hajduk is also announcing a foreign partnership with another club to try to build the profile in that country. While it has been kept well under wraps, it is thought to either be in Korea, Japan, or the United States.

Bendiš and Joško Svaguša (chairman) are being accused of match fixing by Zdravko Mami? (chairman of Dinamo). However, it is thought that because Mami? is a complete idiot that the accusation will be ignored, or even turned against Mami?, who was on trial a few years ago. Michel Platini has declined to comment.

Ivan Mili?evi? scored the first goal in the 49th minute, as Benfica and Hajduk exchanged fierce blows in Split. However, even though the result looked grim for Split in the first half, as it was still 0-0, and United had taken the lead against Celtic, it was largely one-sided for the locals, with Dela? pulling off some smart saves, completely justifying his recent transfer.

And, while Ante Vukuši? simply hasn't been scoring recently (he's fast, and has great anticipation, but doesn't have the one-on-one capabilities) when the goalkeeper deflects Vukuši?'s shot, they normally end up on one of Hajduk's lightning fast wings. In this case, Ivan Mili?evi? came from the left to fling the ball into the net from just outside the box.

And then Celtic scored against United, bringing Hajduk 2 points in the good for the top of the table, as Frano Mlinar passed time and time again to the front line. Neither Vukuši? nor ?op could capitalize though, and though Vukuši? wasn't doing too well, it was ?op who really couldn't get it going, and was replaced by Marko Livaja in the 70th minute. Mlinar, tiring fast was replaced by Težak who makes the occasional appearance for the senior team, was brought on a few minutes later, and the pair immediately got it going, almost bringing Vukuši? his first goal of the game.

Towards the end of the game, Težak cut out the middleman, as he cut wide to shoot towards the top corner and get the second goal. Unfortunately, Rooney scored another goal, taking out Celtic's dreams of a win at Old Trafford, and still holding 2nd place.

Michel Platini has accused Svaguša and Bendiš of embezzlement of club funds. Bendiš, who has a partial stake in the club as a small clause in his contract due to his Champions' League success has recently purchased a small café in the center of Split. Platini and Zdravko Mami? of Dinamo - who is reported to have reported the information to UEFA - have filed an official accusation under using funds of a club for their own recreation. Svaguša, the club, and the Hajduk fans fiercely defend their boss.
It is said to be a desperate attempt by the northern club, but it has gone to the point that Bendiš has taken a few days holiday and left Goran Vu?evi? in charge of the club until his return. It is Bendiš's first documented holiday from the club.
What? Is this true Bendis?! Lol :P

"WHERE IS HE?! WHERE?! TELL ME NOW!!!" - 2.X.2014.
A red '60s Fiat 500 was seen speeding north on the Croatian backroads, going fast enough to make it so that avoiding the police on the highways was possibly an intelligent decision. Bendiš is known to drive said Fiat, and only 3 hours after the headline was released, Bendiš had crossed the border into Slovenia, before continuing on the back-roads. The rally tires seem to have been a good investment then.

In any case, only a little bit into the 2nd of October, Bendiš's first official holiday day Bendiš crossed the French-Swiss border into Geneva, and raced along the lakeside to Nyon. It is rumoured that when Fiat had heard towards where Bendiš was travelling, they set up a photographer along the lake to photograph the little car against the sunrise.

Only 8 hours after he had left, the little Fiat squealed to a stop before UEFA headquarters where the massive manager stormed through the front doors and screamed at the receptionist, and then the security guard "WHERE IS THE SON OF A BITCH? WHERE IS PLATINI?" before the terrified receptionist pointed up the stairs. Bendiš stormed off, and, only a few minutes later heard a loud slam and a yelp followed by a scream and Bendiš's tirade. Considering Platini's office is quite a few walls away from the front desk, the fact that the receptionist could hear the Hajduk manager, much less as clearly as she was able to, was impressive, if not scary. Platini yelped twice more before Bendiš returned, politely thanked the terrified receptionist, Michelle, and sat back in his still running Fiat to make his way home. Of course, he stopped in Milan first, for a cup of coffee with some old friends.

Platini's nose was decidedly broken, bloody, and both his eyes were pitch black by the time he left for the day at 9 AM, and the Fiat photographers got another picture before packing up and going home.

Bendiš made it back to Split to supervise the squad steamrolling newly promoted Zagreb 5-0, with the fans providing a vocal backdrop. It turns out that, of the 20 000 people watching the First division over the weekend, more than half were watching the 5 goals in Split. 5 different scorers as well. Ondrej Kušnír opened the scoring on his own rebound in the 3rd, Mlinar doubled it from far out in the 11th, ?op rounded the keeper in the 17th, Buljat headed a corner in in the 32nd, before the long break for Ayew to finish it off in the 83rd minute.
Lol, beat the fuck out of Platini! Nice win against Zagreb!
Platini :O. Your doing great with Dinamo. Jordan Ayew is a great signing and I'm sure he'll provide pace and Goals up top :D
2013-01-17 03:10#77562 The Madrista : Platini :O. Your doing great with Dinamo. Jordan Ayew is a great signing and I'm sure he'll provide pace and Goals up top :D

Surely you mean against Dinamo? :)

Yes, Jordan Ayew is doing well when I play him. The problem is that I prefer playing my own players to loanees and do it only when absolutely necessary.

2013-01-17 03:02#77560 PaukerJ : Lol, beat the fuck out of Platini! Nice win against Zagreb!

More to follow ;)

The same red Fiat was parked outside Poljud, right at the staff entrance, as the inside of the stadium blared with the sounds of nearly 30 000 fans cheering the locals on. The guests? Manchester United, the big, the great, the powerful. And yet, after Vukuši? picked up a super minor injury, Jordan Ayew made himself the star of the show, to grab three points at home, while Matej Dela?, which could easily be the signing of the season, kept his net clean against Hernandez and Rooney.

A fearsome United side, including new signings Jan Vertonghen in the back, and Baines and Nani on the wings, was knocking on the door in the beginning, and it looked like Rooney was going to get a goal early on, but a sublime Dela? made a great reflex stop to keep the score at 0-0 in the beginning. United kept attacking, but before and after the break it was still 0-0.

Then came Jordan Ayew, who moved like butter past the United defenders, to poach a great goal past Emiliano Viviano (Van der Saar's replacement) in the 56th. Dela? held the net firm, even after Leighton Baines' frightening free kick in the 70th, but it wasn't enough. Hajduk and United hold the top of the group (United at the moment) with 9 points apiece, as Hajduk lost to United at the Theatre of Dreams 3-1.

A stunning come from behind victory for Hajduk, as they were losing 2-0 to Rijeka at home, and looked good to drop their first points of the season. Ivan Baraban (current league top goalscorer) and David Obua scored for Rijeka before Hajduk made an epic comeback, with Duje ?op scoring on both sides of the break before Jordan Ayew secured 3 points in the 67th minute. Hajduk currently lead the league with 45 points from 15 games (in a 12 team league) and a +47 goal difference. Keep in mind that it is a 33 game season, so that Hajduk is only 2 games away from finishing half the season with a perfect record.
tbendis's avatar Group tbendis
9 yearsEdited

An anonymous source, thought to be Michelle and the security guard for the morning at the UEFA headquarters, has generously provided the surveillance footage of Bendiš's small... visit... of the headquarters two weeks ago.

The former center forward, 22, had two U21 caps for Croatia at the age of 18, scoring a single goal against powerhouses Spain, but very quickly ended his promising career after being told that he simply couldn't continue at that physical level and is, quite frankly, enormous. Weighing in at just over 100 kilograms, and standing at a bit over two meters tall, it's easy to be intimidated by the Hajduk manager walking by. Just after 9 AM, when Platini's office door is traditionally locked, Bendiš burst through, splintering the door and smashing it against the wall. Because... why knock.

Platini, who was admiring his handiwork of accusing Bendiš in the newspaper (Bendiš got it the night earlier), turned around, and was met by the Croatian standing just a meter or so in front of his face, before being thrown from his chair into the back wall before Bendiš began his tirade, gripping Platini by the collar and screaming into his ear in surprisingly fluent French.

Unfortunately, there was no audio (lipreaders saw the French), but it is important to note that, every once in a while Platini attempted to protest against the treatment and was rewarded for it with a quite brutal smack. Bendiš showed some restraint though, breaking only Platini's nose and bruising him badly before throwing the Frenchman back into a corner, leaving him huddled for a few hours before he crawled off to a doctor in Geneva, who told him reportedly, that he "deserved it"

Platini appeared this morning at the same headquarters to hold a press conference, with lawyers from Croatia and Switzerland. He was sporting, I might add, a spectacularly crooked nose.

"We have decided not to press charges on the current Hajduk manager and part owner, Bendiš, on account of an invasion of privacy, here, in the UEFA headquarters. It is a minor offense, which the Swiss government is not interested in pursuing.

"The Union of European Football Associations is however interested in pursuing the case against Joško Svaguša and the partial owners of the club. We feel that embezzlement from club funds is not according to footballing law. The primary case of evidence is the café on the Riva. However, the case will not be pursued by the Croatian government.

"That will be all"

The fact that the case is not being pursued by the Croatian government reduces almost all of Platini, and UEFA's credibility. New elections for the UEFA presidency are being mulled over, with the Croatian FA leading the group in terms of requesting them, showing that Platini's days may very well be numbered.

Perhaps Bendiš, even without the Champions League trophy, has done something to change the landscape of world football...

Alan Kardec scored an early goal which looked like the only one of the match before Duje ?op scored the equalizer in the 85th minute. Maxi Pereira had the last laugh though, as the 93rd minute strike gave Benfica their only win of the campaign. It wasn't enough for the Europa League though, as Celtic went through with a win and a draw against Benfica.

Hajduk, on the other hand, fielded a relatively young side, knowing that qualification was certain, and that, short of United dropping points in Glasgow, they wouldn't be first. Marko Livaja started alongside Duje ?op, with Karlo Težak also making a rare start as Gianluca Tacconi was on the wing ahead of Jacob Malling. New signing, Diego Rivero, from Defensor Sporting in Uruguay also made an appearance in an effort to field as young a side as possible.

The tactic nearly worked, but it didn't really matter anyway, as Benfica was already out and Hajduk was already second. Bendiš walked away from the fixture with a clearer view of how his youth team was doing, and exactly what was going on in the U19s, where for the first time in three years, he isn't winning the league (currently 3rd)

An angry Timmy Bendiš stormed in and out of the press conference with Zdravko Mami? present, as the fuming Hajduk boss refused to direct any comments towards the person who instigated the UEFA investigation against the club.

Bendiš stated, before the match, "I respect Zvonimir Soldo (Dinamo manager) greatly, and wish him much success when he eventually leaves the cheating bastard that has hired him, or that this scum sitting next to me is bought out. Soldo is an excellent manager, and, while Dinamo is far from winning it's five titles in a row like days of old, that is hardly Soldo's fault. However, what Dinamo definitely could use would be some new management from higher up. The current general manager is... a fucking idiot and deserves to be dragged through the streets and banished from the city.

"I am only glad that I can prove my point on the pitch, and not in some corporate offices. Although, to be fair, Platini didn't put up much of a fight when I did go to his office, and, frankly, he's probably a much bigger man than *this* (pointing towards Mami?) guy over here."

Bendiš did prove his point. While Junior Viçosa opened the scoring in the 7th minute, it was Hajduk who brought the house down, with goals from Gianluca Tacconi and a brace from Duje ?op after a Tomislav Barbari? own goal. Hajduk are now undefeated and untied in this season's first division, 14 games from the end in the 33 game season. There have been some close calls, most notably a few late 1-0 victories, but with two derbies from three down, it looks very possible that, with this team, Bendiš could go undefeated.

Fiat S.p.A released their annual calendar, featuring some of the greatest cars and photographs from the year of 2013. The calendar is almost always well received by car enthusiasts, with excellent pictures of all of FIAT's brands, including Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, and the occasional Vespa. However, this year's calender (2014) is slightly different, as it features an older car, one Fiat 500 taken on the banks of Lac Léman for the month of November. The photograph is featured against a marvelous sunrise, and the caption reads, "T. Bendiš drives his Fiat 500 along the banks of Geneva in an early November morning"

Considering that the only time Bendiš had been to Geneva with his car, it was a remarkably short-notice deal, what with the printing of the calendar and whatnot, but Bendiš was happy with the calendar, and received John Elkmann's Christmas present with a smile on his face.

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