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starting unemployed

ajw1234's avatar Group ajw1234 2012-10-05 15:20
gb 41 posts 1 likes joined Jul 24, 2012
I am starting unemployed
RedArmy20's avatar Group RedArmy20 2012-10-08 07:36
se 3013 posts 16 likes joined Dec 22, 2007
is it this supposed to be a story lol?
many people start unemployed :o

i guess u got updates coming to the story, gl wtih that. i think starting unemployed is great, for me personally i hate that even though i do 1 great season with a team i still have difficulty going up just 1 level up(1 league up) as a manager. but i like that as well with this version of FM, i remember before after a bit of success ur reputation got enhanced like hell. now it takes time. it obviously depends on what "class" u start with and what country/team you find first.
Stam shows me a pics of his weddings(his wife signing papers), i comment on his wife:
ME: she is lovely mate
ME: well done ;)
Stam: yeah, I signed her to my team lol
Stam: she's a bargain, low wage :P
ajw1234's avatar Group ajw1234 2012-10-11 18:55
gb 41 posts 1 likes joined Jul 24, 2012
I have taken over Swindon
On arrivel on the trainng ground I said to sky sports news "this is a great club I will get them back to league one as soon as possible"

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