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Started on 8 October 2012 by craborumtoon
Latest Reply on 12 March 2013 by Louis O.
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As i am sure you will all be aware - FIFA 13 has come out very recently been released and there has been all that hype about all the new features and to be honest i am getting fed up of it. I personally think that FIFA is the most overrated football game and FM is the most underrated.

What do you guys think - which is better. I'm sure many of you play FIFA but for those who don't, Do you get loads of stick about how FM is a load of crap and how FIFA is the best thing ever made etc? I never hear people getting all hyped up about FM coming out for some reason.

Finally - for those of you who do play FIFA, which one do you prefer,? :) :) :)) :D B) :P
well first of all fifa is fun playing with mates on a friday night and such.

but for proper football fans FM is the best, its a simulation basically. and obviously its better than fifa.
In FIFA obviously it's nice you can control the players and just play which you cant in FM. But FIFA isn't football 100% like FM.

the best example is, in FIFA it's all about showing off, all about attacking and very very biased towards the big leagues. basically a game for glory hunters of football.

i pirate FIFA now, used to buy it until i think 2006. since then i download it and occasionaly might play. but i don't get drawn into it and doesn't deserve my money mainly because of how "unreal" it is.

i mean parts of FIFA are great and certain things quite realistic. i mean yes you can also find flaws in FM but not really football destroying faults.

A good example is you can play proper hard working football good defensive work and long balls forward and your players with very shitty stats can on a good day do great and win vs a great team.

in FIFA you have to pass the ball, you have to play like Barcelona boring football or Man United boring football(like they do now). You need to have players with 99 in speed to do well. you can score a header with messi when he is perfectly marked by vidic. im not saying messi cant head the ball and score. but not being 100% perfectly marked with a good high cross and winning it and scoring etc etc etc etc.
thats the problem!
In FM you can make your team play proper football, anyway you want anyway the players can, and develop.

end of discussion lol
[color=#EF2929]*deleted your other post about no comments, patience is the key! GO PLAY FIFA YOU!*

no just kidding, but yh people will respond obviously we are busy playing FM!!
That is exactly what I think RedArmy20
Fifa is hyped about because it has been popular for ages, most people are not immersed or knowledgable about football enough to take on, or be intrested in football manager.

And I disagree with some of your point there Hammad, Fifa you don't have to play like barca or man united (boring), you can try limitless amounts of style, such as long balls for stoke, quick countering that united used to be famed for. Spped matters yes, but usually not as much as people think, also I think the heading system has improved from last year but only played it a few times.

Fifa is main-stream and is a bigger franchise than football manager, therefore they can advertise there product, much heavier than football manager, which is seen to be the case in things such as sponsering t.v shows and events. Football manager don't do this to my knowledge, and fm's advertising isn't nearly as widespread and frequent as fifa, so that is a factor in Fifa selling more and being more 'over-rated' than football manager.
There is not a lot happening for FIFA except the fact that you get to "play and control" a player. The AI is useless and you get an offer for Wayne Rooney from Queen's Park Rangers (and he accepts).
Of course, all of these I wouldn't have cared for, because it is just a game, but after playing Football Manager, we know what good AI is like, and how important club and manager reputations are (as in real life).

With that said, me and my friends did pool in money to get FIFA 13 immediately after its release because it is a very good game when you share it with friends, playing 1 vs 1. FM is hardcore! Sometimes I spend upwards of an hour looking for regens in Argentina and Brazil, which is how much time it takes for me to complete multiple matches in FIFA.
I enjoy playing FIFA. It is great with friends playing with the players my teams have irl is fun. I hate career mode as it is no where near as good as fm. But I play tornament mode and exhibition matches (who my team is playing soon or just played)
But it has nothing on FM, the strategy, the realism, addictivenss and all makes it a beast and FIFA has nothing on it
2012-10-10 06:32#67247 soccer.joel : I enjoy playing FIFA. It is great with friends playing with the players my teams have irl is fun. I hate career mode as it is no where near as good as fm. But I play tornament mode and exhibition matches (who my team is playing soon or just played)
But it has nothing on FM, the strategy, the realism, addictivenss and all makes it a beast and FIFA has nothing on it

You would think so on the tacticla aspect of things, however it does come into upmost relevance when you reach the higher levels of fifa play online, but thats a different form of tactics I guess, much like the tactics of TF2, a tactic that you can do to best suit your style, your opponents style, your players. Its complex but so is FM, FM is just easier to control or identify the best tactics as you have so much detail you can control. Yet each comes into its own in a sense.
Thanks for the comments guys - it seems as if you think FIFA is more a social game than FM however FM covers a lot more ground when it comes to tactics and the nitty gritty stuff of football. @RedArmy20 - i agree that FM is for true football fans in many cases but i know many people who are massive fans but play FIFA instead.
@_Man_U_Barmy_Army_ - I think you make a very good point here. FIFA is a much bigger and widely advertised product - I think EA is a much bigger franchise than Sega? Have you seen FM 13S advert? - I don't think its great.

If you have any other views on this, please comment.:)

All in all though FM is far superior. :) :) :D B) :P :))
btw, i downloaded FIFA 13 to try it out, i was impressed they have improved quite a bit. but again attacking vs CPU is very easy, obviously harder with a lower star team but still quite possible.

even though the defending is slightly better i still find the "close control" you find in attacking should be worked on in defensive mode of the game as well.

Thats the problem i hate about FIFA, they really just care about attacking and about "glory hunters who think thats what football is all about". as mentioned FM always just goes after what proper football heads want need(even though they have made the game a bit more user friendly even to those who are shit at football but just want to be in the "football world"). but havent fallen from the essence of what FM means obviously.

But otherwise i have been impressed by FIFA, especially how i can usually dominate with my CM's.

i might even think of buying it later on to play online if i find that i get into it as much as FM and have the urge for it.
I buy FIFA every year on launch day. They don't even change much like FM does. I play it regularly and I'm in 2019/20 season in my player career. I don't play Ultimate Team much, I can't play seasons. I occasionly play with my brother. I also buy PES. I like the customisation with kits and stadiums although I'll be the first to admit the gameplay is crap, but it doesn'stop me playing PES. But I play FM even more. FM is addictive and realistic, It is in depth and you have control of your team. Something FIFA and PES would do well to emulate. FM's biggest problem is not enough people know it exists. Go in my school and the only people that know about FM are the people that hear me blabbering on about it, Me, my brother, and the guy that reccomended it to him. That's not enough.

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