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FC Groningen - Welcome to the Green Hell

Started on 25 October 2012 by Shanked
Latest Reply on 27 October 2012 by Shanked
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FC Groningen Hire Lars De Jong as Head Coach
"A week after the departure of Groningen's ex-manager Robert Maaskant, after being involved in a scandal where he was caught masturbating in a public airflight, the Chairman and the board of directors have decided hire local ex-university instructor Lars De Jong as FC Groningen's new head coach. Lars De Jong, 42, has no past experience in management. This worries some fans, but others are excited to see what their new man will bring to the team."

The preseason is about to start...
".... he was caught masturbating in a public airflight" - BEST INTRO EVER :)
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FC Groningen

Board Expectations

The board wants us to archieve a top half finish, and has given us a wage budget of £127,000 per week, and a transfer budget of £2 million. We are currently spending £125,000 on wages. I pumped the transfer budget into wages since I wasn't planning to buy anyone this summer.


We are doing fine financially, but we have to be careful in not to splash the cash on transfers at the moment with almost £10 million in the bank.


I got rid of most of the old staff, replacing it with my own. The staff roster currently looks like this:

The only highlight is my assistant coach, Dino Camargo, who has pretty high CA/PA judgment, and is all-rounded for the rest of the stats.


The training looks decent, with 3 and 3 1/2 stars in most of the areas except attacking. I'm currently looking for another attacking coach.


My main tactic is a counter attacking 4-2-2-2, which always worked in the previous games.

My other tactic is supposed to be solid at the back due to the weak defending glitches in the beta, but attacking at the same time.

That takes care of most of the boring stuff, tune in next time for the squad overview, preseason friendlies and transfers.
If this story is as brilliant as the start it is going to be great! I had a save with Groningen on FM12. Anyway, good luck!
2012-10-25 17:23#68523 manchesterblue97 : If this story is as brilliant as the start it is going to be great! I had a save with Groningen on FM12. Anyway, good luck!
Thank you, I fixed the post by the way, the thumbnails made it look pretty bad. By the way, better get ready to start a save with them!
*waits for good pictures :P*
Team Review
The squad I inherited from the previous manager is full of youngsters and unexperienced players, so I'll be looking up to the older players to be leaders. These youngsters were our future after all.

We currently lack depth in the centerback department, as you can see, so I'll be looking to get a loan or two.There are no players in the Under 18 squad, strangely. That means I don't have to worry about hiring any youth coaches at the moment. This will change though, as I plan to grow my own players.


We will be focusing in getting used to the new tactics, so 50% of the training time will go to tactics, The workload was set to very high.


Starting XI

Name: Luciano, Age: 32, Position: Gk Wage: £5.5k p/w

Name: Maikel Kieftenbeld, Age: 22, Position: DR Wage: £6k p/w

Name: Jonas Ivens, Age: 27, Position: CB Wage: £8k p/w

Name: Virgil van Dijk, Age: 21, Position: CB Wage: £4.2k p/w

Name: Emil Johansson, Age: 26, Position: DL Wage: £5k p/w

Name: Femi Ajilore, Age: 27, Position: DM, MC Wage: £12.5k p/w

Name: Tim Sparv, Age: 25, Position: MC Wage: £5.5k p/w

Name: Leandro Bacuna, Age: 21, Position: AMR Wage: £3.5k p/w

Name: Andraz Kirm, Age: 27, Position: AML Wage: £4.9k p/w

Name: Suk, Age: 21, Position: ST Wage: £6.75k p/w

Name: Matias Jones, Age: 21, Position: ST Wage: £5.75k p/w

Second Team

Name: Stefan van der Lei, Age: 19, Position: Goalkeeper Wage: £.325k p/w

Name: Stefano Magnasco, Age: 19, Position: RB Wage: £3.5k p/w

Name: Tom Hiariej, Age: 24, Position: RB, CB Wage: £4.7k p/w

Name: Hilal Ben Moussa, Age: 20, Position: CB Wage: £.650k p/w

Name: Lorenzo Burnet, Age: 21, Position: DL Wage: £4k p/w

Name: Kees Kwakman, Age: 29, Position: DM, MC Wage: £5.75k p/w

Name: Paco van Moorsel, Age: 22, Position: AMC, MC Wage: £3.4k p/w

Name: Mitchell Schet, Age: 24, Position: AML, AMR Wage: £ 4.7k p/w

Name: Filip Kostic, Age: 19, Position: AML Wage: £3k p/w

Name: David Texeira, Age: 21, Position: ST Wage: £6.75k p/w

Name: Genero Zeefuik, Age: 22, Position: ST Wage: £3.6k p/w

Overall, the squad is pretty decent for this level, and it's full of potential. The only thing that worries me is the quality of the strikers, Suk's finishing and composure are shit, so I'll be playing him as a target man. If he does not perform, I will personally kick his ass out of the team. PS: Hilal Ben Moussa was on an amateur contract when I took over the team, I gave him a contract.


Crikvenica 0-2 FC Groningen
Matias Jones(72')
David Texeira(84')
Leandro Bacuna(87')

Totally dominated this game, could've scored more goals.

Borussia Dortmund 4-1 FC Groningen
Leandro Bacuna(60')
Marcel Hofbuker

We played like shit in this game, they totally dominated us with %67 possession, and only managed to take 3 shots. We were lucky to even score a consolation goal.

Schalke 2-2 FC Groningen
Jordan Ivens(pen 14')
Mitchell Schet(68')
Teemu Pukki

Our team looked a lot stronger here. Possession was even, and we managed to get more shots than the last match.

Werder Bremen 1-2 FC Groningen
Mitchell Schet(36')
Matias Jones(57')
Andraz Kirm (54')
Femi Ajilore

We had more possession of the ball, yet only 9 shots. The good thing is that 8 of them were on target.

FC Groningen 6-0 FVC
Jonas Ivens(pen 10')
Matias Jones(52',78')
Femi Alijore(59')

Warm up match after our little trip in German lands. Overall it was a decent preseason, the highlight being out win against Werder Bremen. We will start the league receiving Vittesse,then travel to ADO Den Haag.

Note: The first two matches were played before I took over.
Story postponed until the full version of Fm13 comes out. The game is unplayable at the moment.

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