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Viewing CA/PA in current save

Started on 31 October 2012 by wexfordtoffee
Latest Reply on 31 October 2012 by joeyraptor
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Hi All this is my first post on here, I have been an observer for the last while and some of the information has been very useful. decided this year to join the community

I only started playing FM last season. im addicted is all i can say.
my question relates to viewing CA/PA of players in your current saved game. can this be done.
i don't want to edit any stats just want to view these stats instead of star rating. in FM 2012 i used FM data editor to view CA/PA before i play game but is there a way to view these stats in a game save to see what stats players are at now. i see people use things like Genie scout or FM rte editor butdo i need one of these programs to do what i am asking

Any help much appreciated.
SI make sure there's no way of finding out the CA or PA of players within the game, and they actually ask that people don't reveal them publicly, so the only way to find them out is through programs like Genie Scout and FMRTE. Both of those usually take a few months to be remade for each game, so you'll have to wait if you want to do this on FM13 I'm afraid!
thanks for the heads up.

I am still using FM 2012 for next week. learning different training & tactics as i only started playing last series. so i can download genie scout 12 or FMrte to try them out before FM 13
So is the FM RTE or genie scout better for what I need. As I said I don't want to edit any stats just like to be able to see what players have become in my saved games. Genie scout name tells me its a scouting tool. Would that then show me the CA/PA.
Training is completely different (very simplified) in FM13, so if you're going to get it soon then don't bother spending much time learning it on FM12. Tactics are more or less the same though!

In your case, Genie Scout is definitely the best for your situation. It allows you to search by a huge number of different things (for example by club, by position, by age, etc), so you can look for players of a certain CA or PA. You can also search for a player by name, or look at your squad. You choose which columns are shown, but I think CA and PA are visible by default.

FMRTE doesn't allow any complex filtering, but it lets you edit the numbers (which Genie Scout doesn't allow). You could still use it for what you want, but using Genie Scout would make more sense.

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