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The Alan Thompson Chronicles

The ups and downs in the life of a Football Manager
Started on 4 December 2012 by a_esbech
Latest Reply on 20 October 2013 by edu1878
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Looking forward to part 3 mate!! :D
*awaits the next update*
*Stands behind Michael in queue, drawing a penis on the back of his shirt collar*
2012-12-07 00:39#71247 The FM Rookie : *Stands behind Michael in queue, drawing a penis on the back of his shirt collar*

You don't need to draw that, you can just ask for my penis if you want it
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2012-12-07 00:07#71255 mdlp1991 :
2012-12-07 00:39#71247 The FM Rookie : *Stands behind Michael in queue, drawing a penis on the back of his shirt collar*

You don't need to draw that, you can just ask for my penis if you want it
I would but you already put it in my ass

Part 2: The Services of Ryanair

“Something to read sir?” The flight hostess asked as she shoved something in Alan’s face for the umpteenth time.
“No thank you, miss” Alan said as he gazed back at his new book by Iain Macintosh. The first thing he had done after hanging up with Tony Knight the previous evening was to drive to the local bookstore and pick up all the football litterature they had. Jonathan Wilson, Ken Bray, Rinus Michels and many others was in his carry-on luggage. Hopefully he would have the time to go through them all, as he didn’t have the first clue as to how he should tackle this new situation.

Athlone Town FC seemed to Alan like a really small club, the website didn’t even feature a first team profiles. Alan was getting nervous that he would come to a club that would seem run down and in complete disarray. He put his book into the seat pocket in front of him and leaned back thinking about what he knew of Irish football.

“Roy Keane is Irish, so is Robbie Keane” he thought, thinking through players he had heard of “Stephen Carr is Irish, isn’t he?” He continued this line of thought for a short while before he eventually turned his thoughts back on Athlone Town. He hadn’t had the time to read the Wikipedia article so he knew almost nothing about the club or the place. The challenge started to look bigger and bigger as each air mile passed. He had booked a moving company to empty his self-storage unit and ship it to Ireland, the club was finding a little house for him but he would stay in the Chairman’s guest bedroom the first few weeks.

“Stephen Ireland must be Irish!” Alan interrupted his own train of thoughts. Alan started wondering what kind of level the players at Athlone Town had. He concluded that they couldn’t be much better than the players he had played Sunday League with. Maybe it wasn’t such a big step up from Hardly Athletic to Athlone Town. It actually was, at Hardly Athletic he received a heap of abuse in payment for his coaching, at Athlone Town he would be getting 65£, before taxes, obviously. “It’s not much, but it is a damn sight better than getting the dogs abuse.” Alan thought, whilst looking at the fat man in seat next to him. The fat man had taken over the armrest on Alan’s seat only seconds after the fat man had sat down in his seat and now he was snoring loudly. Alan looked out of the window.

“I wonder what kind of house they’ve found for me” Alan thought as he looked out over the big white sea of clouds, “it’s probably going to be one of those with a combined living room. bed room, kitchen and toilet, with a shower in the back yard.”
The plane started to ascend as the pilot came on the intercom and told everyone that they were now approaching Dublin, the local weather was rainy and 16 degrees.
“Great” Alan thought “Why couldn’t I have gotten a job in the south of Spain?”
At this point the annoying air hostess was back almost slapping Alan’s face with a handful of scratch cards. “Would you like a scratch card” she said, whilst seemingly trying to make Alan smell the goods as if that would make them more appealing. “You could win a return trip with any Ryanair flight”.
“No thanks” Alan said almost hissing, and quietly thought to himself “Well, maybe I do need a return ticket”.
Hey, you could have gotten a worse team, like, just saying something: liverpool
2012-12-07 09:30#71296 mdlp1991 : Hey, you could have gotten a worse team, like, just saying something: liverpool

Yeah but they couldn't afford my salary of a whopping £65 per week
Pay for Aer Lingus next time ;)
2012-12-07 16:20#71346 The FM Rookie : Pay for Aer Lingus next time ;)

Haha, maybe I should!
Your story writing is fantastic. It's fun to read. Interrupting the readers' (and Alan's) thoughts with Stephen Ireland was a nice touch. And you're doing an awesome job of keeping people hooked to your story. The more we associate with Alan, the more we are intrigued by the things he's intrigued by. We're now curious to know where he will live, etc etc.

Part 3: Great Pat's Dog

Alan indicated out of the roundabout on to Brawney Road or Bóthar Bhreámhaine as the locals called it. Alan was half expecting to find some sheds that had been put up in the late seventies and still was used as an excuse for dressing rooms. This thought didn’t last long as spotted what looked like 2 football fields and a hockey field with a big church-like building in front. Not an old fashioned church, but one of those new ones where you try to let as much light in as possible. Most of the facade was made of glass.

“That can’t be it, surely?” Alan thought to himself as he leaned a few inches closer to the front window to get a better look. His GPS beeped and let him know that he was approaching his destination. He drove on to the parking lot besides the church-like building and noticed a sign that said “Football - Changing rooms” one way and Main Reception the other.
“This must be it” Alan thought to himself and started looking for a parking place.

2 minutes later he was walking through the front door and went up to the reception desk and asked for Tony Knight. The night before Tony had explained to Alan that he needed to get in early to get some things arranged and he had to have a meeting with the lawyer, phone the FAI and some other stuff, so he needed to leave the house at 6.30 am. He told Alan that he should just show up at the clubhouse at 2.30 pm and ask for him.
“I’ve seen him around” the secretary said “I’ll go see if I can find him. Please take a seat” she pointed to a row of chairs. Alan looked at his watch.
“2.15? So only a 5 minute drive across town, this isn’t exactly London”. Alan thought as he took a seat in the row of chairs.

Alan sat with his arms and legs crossed and stared out of the window, when suddenly a huge labrador came up to and looked him up and down.
“What a nice dog” Alan thought and began scratching it behind the ear. The labrador put one of his front legs across Alan’s right leg and Alan rubbed his tummy. When suddenly the dog leapt onto his leg and started humping.
“Aw, fuck” Alan exclaimed as he tried to push the dog of, which became increasingly difficult as the dog got more and more excited.

“SAM!” an angry voice yelled from the other side of the reception. The dog looked up and quickly jumped off and stuck its tail between its legs. The owner of the voice, and dog, came up to Alan and said apologetically “I’m sorry, lad. He has been like that for a couple of weeks.”
“Well maybe you should keep him on a leash then” Alan said angrily, trying hard to keep from swearing at the old man. Alan looked at the man and a thought crossed his mind.
“Have I seen you before?” Alan asked the old man
“You might have” the old man answered quizzically
“Aren’t you Pat Jennings?” Alan asked recognising his face from the Tottenham dugout.
“I am” Pat Jennings answered.
“What are you doing here?” Alan asked, stumped that a Spurs legend would be in Athlone, walking his dog.
“I’m here to see my son, he has got practice in about 45 minutes” Jennings answered.
Alan thought for a moment and quickly put two and two together and realised that Pat Jennings’ son would be one of his players.
“It’s an honour to meet you, sir” Alan said putting his hand to shake the legend’s hand “I’m Alan Thompson, the new manager here”.
“Nice to meet you Alan” Pat Jennings said and they shook hands. Pat turned around and starting to walk towards the exit.
“Oh and mr. Jennings!” Alan shouted after him “Big Sam is a great name for a dog”.
Great Style of writing Keep it up !!!
superb writing m8 :) keep it up ;D
Lmao! Yes man!!!

Can't believe you included great pats dog!!

Love the story mate :D

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