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The Rams Are Back

Started on 4 December 2012 by FM_Fan
Latest Reply on 5 December 2012 by FM_Fan
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The Rams Get Roy Keane As there Manager

Club Information
Derby County F.C. was founded in 1884, by William Morley, as an offshoot of Derbyshire County Cricket Club; it has spent all but four seasons in the top two divisions of the English football league. The club's competitive peak came in the 1970s when it had two spells as English League Champions and competed in major European competitions on four separate occasions, reaching the European Cup semi-finals, as well as winning several minor trophies. The club was also a strong force in the interwar years of the football league and also won the 1945–46 FA Cup.

Roy Keane
I am really happy to be here and to take the club forward. i am looking forward to working with the players and staff that i have here at Derby. its going to be a challenge here. But my goals are to get the team back into the premiership.and that's what i am going to do it may take one year our even 3 but i will do it.
Nice start mate, keep it up

Broad Meeting

Broad Meeting
In my first Meeting i was greeted buy the staff and chairman and was brought straight to work. the broad told me they wanted a mid table finish. i told them in order to reach this i am going to need money to sort the club out. the broad did agree with what i was saying and offered me 3 Million. i laughed when they hit me with that number and said really you want me to finish mid table with 3 million, i think you are going to have to go a bit higher with that. We don't liked to be laughed at Roy, well with what you said to me i had to do something cause that is a joke. Ok Roy we can go up to 5 million and that is it. Fine that will have to do.

Team Meeting
When the meeting was over i went to talk to the players, hi lads over the next few weeks some off you will be leaving and some will be staying i have a plan for the team and over the preseason games i will know who fits in and who does not. Now that's all for now take the rest the day of your Trails start tomorrow.

Staff Meeting
Hi thanks for coming in, i have called you all here to say that some if not most of use will be leaving the club over the next couple of weeks. the reason is i have people in mind that can help the club more. Thanks for coming in. And one more thing show me why you deserve to be here and help me change my mind.

Preseason And Changes

In what was a very busy preseason for me letting players and staff go and also playing six games and with no more money left i am not happy with the team i am happy with the players i brought in tho. and with theses players i hope we can get a good mid table finish within the league. after the 2nd game in preseason i new who had to go. He did not Give f**K about the team and to be honest i did not want him. Conor Sammon though he was to big for the club so Bye Bye son 4 million a good deal. and then a backless from the fans saying how are we meant to get better if we let are best players go. this is not a one man team and i am the manager so its up two me.

Transfers In
Adam Le Fonore 4 Million
Charlie Austin 3 Million
Glenn Whelan 4 Million
Grant Hanley 4 Million
Please Note that payments are over 48 Months

Transfers Out
Adam Legzdins 600k
Paul Coutts 1.5 Million
Ben Davis 250K
Conor Sammon 4 Million

They are the players and players that i have sold and i will not be doing any more deals until next year. i hope the players fit into the team and play as a unit true the season only time will tell if it will work.

Staff In
David Geddis Scout
Glenn Roeder Assistant Manger

I felt i needed a new Assistant manager when the old one told me not to sell Sammon i am the manager of the team and what i say goes and anyone that does not listen will start to stright away now.

The matchs went ok a few ups and downs but that is what preseason is for hopefully we can start the new season well after the six games my players should and will be ready.

Psv Home 1-0 Lose
Bournemoth Away 4-0 Win
Basingstoke Away 3-0 Win
Sheff Utd Away 2-0 Win
Leverkusen Home 2-1 Lose
Aston Villa Home 1-1 Draw

That is all for now will update every few games unless a Derby match thanks for reading.
Roy Keane! A nice man, the few times I've talked to him (our paths have crossed reuglarly). Good luck man!
Very nice results! Keep it up :D


With the league starting i was looking forward to getting back into management, to go out there and challenge for titles and cups. it was a good start for me and the team playing 3 league games and 2 Capital One cup games. over all i am happy with the results but we can still improve and that is what i am going to do over the course of the season is make this team a wining a team.

League Games
MillWall Home Lose 3-2
Barnsley Away Win 4-0
Hull Home Win 1-0

Am upset with the Millwall game and i let the team know that and they showed me what they can do. they turned that loss into a motivater. And i hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.

Capital One Cup
Morecambe Home Win 4-0
Tranmere Away Win 3-0

A good start to the cup lets hope we can keep it going a bit longer my main focus is the league and that mid table finish any thing else we play for is a bonus.

Club News
The club is in the process of a take over involving a former football player at the moment.
I don't no much more than that as the broad will not give me any answers. I will keep use all up to date on what is Happening.


September has been a good month for derby Football Club playing a total of 6 games. And in them six games there were two stand out games, game one was against Rivals Leeds United and the 2nd was against Liverpool In the 3rd round of the cup. here is a look at the matchs and how the team got on in them games.

Derby Vs Leeds Rivals Reborn

As I sit in my office and wonder what team to play against Leeds in my first rival match. I want to go into this match and win there is nothing better than getting one over on your rivals. Leeds are a tough team with some great players, but don’t get me wrong we have a great team and I have faith in them to go out there and do the job. After getting the team sorted and sorting out the player roles I now have to go down and tell them who will be playing and who won’t. I will also be giving a team meeting to boast the players going into the match.

Team Meeting
Ok lads we go into are next game against Leeds, I want us to go into this game like another game, go out there and give it your best I know use can go out there and beat them. Now show me the passion lads show me that use want to play for the team and the fans. Forget all that is happening with the club Broad and the selling of the club I am still the manager and you still get paid to play at the best of you ability and that is what I want to see. Now come on.


Charile Austin 20

In what was a poor game and not many chances I was not happy with what I saw from the team, but we managed to get the win in the end. I told the players they need to improve a lot from the last game. But a little bit deep down I am really happy to get a win over a rival team is great but I cant let the team no that lets hope we can do a lot better over the next few games.

Now here is a look at the other League games.
League Games
Burnley (Away) 3-2 (Win)
Ipswich (Away) 4-0 (Win)
Birmingham (Home) 1-1 (Draw)
Crystal Palace (Away) 1-0 (Lose)

we are having a great start to the season and are on course for a mid table finish the team are playing some great football and i hope they keep it up.

A big game for the club now up against Liverpool, this is a great game for the club i want the club and the team to go into this match and try there best the cup is not a big thing for me but if the players think they can win it i am not going to say you cant. i want them to play there best football in the League and they are doing that so i will let them think what they want for now,

Charile Austin 42

i cant belive it i am speechles we won we got true to beat a team like liverpool and the holders of the cup at they own Ground is a great reslut i am happy for the team and the fans to withness something like that is great. but they need to keep there feet on the ground.

Club News

the club is still going true the takeover and i will keep use up to date and here is a look at the league table thanks for reading.

League Table
Good job! I'd like to see how the youngsters in the club turn out ;)
2012-12-05 17:05#71034 Atreidas : Good job! I'd like to see how the youngsters in the club turn out ;)
thank you i am slowly bringing them true to the 1st team

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