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Confidence for incoming transfers won't show!

Started on 18 December 2012 by jobergchan19 / First Post
Latest Reply on 24 December 2012 by jobergchan19 / Last Post
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The title says it all. Confidence for outgoing transfers do show (eg. I sold Suarez for £30m when he was on form and the fans were pissed) but when I signed eg. Rodrigo for £22m , my inbox message said the fans were pleased that they got him on a coup considering a player of his calibre, but the confidence level won't show on my confidence screen! Can anyone help? If you need a screenshot I can take one.
This has happened to me before. This is just a bug mate.
I have it the other way round, I don't get a confidence bar for outgoing players. It's great, because I can sell all the duds that have been at United for years without the fans getting annoyed because of their "years of service" even though the players are rubbish.
Thanks for the replies, this stinks. Really want to know what my fans think of the players (I concentrate on young players with potential, I'm just obsessed with youth development) that I bring in. Hope SI fixes this, the little things in "life" that makes you happy, this just 1 of them.
My game updated yesterday, and this issue appeared to be fixed. Hopefully the same happens for you!
2012-12-21 08:54#73173 joeyraptor : My game updated yesterday, and this issue appeared to be fixed. Hopefully the same happens for you!
That's good news :) Personally I still don't have the game so hopefully I'll have a relatively perfect game when I do get it. :)
Greetings, fellow countryman!

Normally, I just ignore the fans because they aren't the board :)) seldom do the board get unhappy with me over the fans being pissed.
2012-12-21 14:48#73204 The FM Rookie :That's good news :) Personally I still don't have the game so hopefully I'll have a relatively perfect game when I do get it. :)
Hehe yeah I did that last time, it can make it a lot less frustrating, saves you the temptation of starting over again when they make major changes. Did you try the demo? I've been happy with it since the beta came out, I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you get it!

Sold a couple more players and the confidence for them is still fixed for me, but I just realised that I haven't actually bought anyone since the update, so it's possible that the update is bugged the other way around or something I guess.
I care about the fans though, what they think of the signings etc, want to have a gauge of what they think of my signings, whether I signed them on a coup or whether it was a poor signing, so that I know how much to offer next time for similar players, because some fans may think that I offer an exuberant amount of money for a load of shite. I sign mainly youth players with 5 star potential and develop them to become world-beaters, but sometimes I feel that I may have offered too much (eg £15m for a 5 star potential centre half), but that may not be what the fans think. Thanks for all the replies so far, appreciate it!

Oh and GlennT, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF SOUTH EAST ASIA! Was galvanised to start a save managing the S'pore NT (I got to 2050+ on FM12, but on FM13 I concentrated on L'pool and San Marino). Somehow after our triumph in the region, all my players on the game seem to have improved, the regens' potential improved, I beat Asian potential powerhouses like Oman (they have Al-Hasbi) 3-2, and they were amongst the top 100 in the world whilst I was lurking around the 150 mark. On a very very good run, but I can't believe that we're the Champions for the fourth time! Most successful side ever in South East Asia!


Absolutely mental from the airport to Orchard Road to Jalan Besar (I followed the team bus with my mates, a Singaporean NT supporter group called Lions All The Way)! Been waiting 5 years for the coveted trophy to return to it's rightful owner after the dismal performance by our heroes losing in the semis to Viet Nam in 2008 and being knocked out of the group stages in 2010 (Been following them since 2005/6 ish, when I was 8 I think, currently 15 going on 16).

Hope the local football fraternity can ride on the success and bring the S.League to greater heights, attracting better players and more fans! (I support Hougang, just curious, do you support any local club?)

I'm not a gloryhunter, I was there when the Lions lost all 6 group games in the World Cup Qualifiers 3rd Round, was at almost every friendly from the 4-0 trashing of the Maldives in 2011 (the game where Lions All The Way debuted I think) to the 4-0 defeat of Pakistan (they conceded 2/3 after Zesh Rehman, former England youth international came off, playing for Home United next season I think) I don't even watch the EPL because I love my local football more, pretty boring now since the season is (long) over, but pre-season is starting. Can't wait for the new season to start, hopefully Hougang will win some silverware.

The post is probably very irrelevant, but I can't help but share and spread the news that we are KINGS OF SOUTH EAST ASIA! Please forgive me for my spirit and enthusiasm.

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