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Players CA and PA in stars

Started on 19 December 2012 by 211086004
Latest Reply on 21 December 2012 by FaithfulDjimi
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Is there any way to show the players CA and PA in genie scout as stars like in the game?

Or is there any guide that shows what amount of PA/CA amounts to how many stars? Like a PA of 150 is 2,5 stars or something?
Why do you need this? You can see exact values of CA and PA, try to get used to it, it's much more useful than 5-stars rating.
I know, but I still wont know how good a player is or will be because I don't know what amount of PA or CA is considered good, average or fantastic.

Like when I need to find a trainer I use a formula that I found. That formula calculates a number that I then use to check a graph that shows what number works out to what amount of stars.
So for defense it's: defending*8 + (tactic+determination+discipline+motivation)*3. If the number is 280-320 it's 4 stars.

That's also what I need to know now. The exact values of CA and PA are useless to me because I don't know what the meaning of it is.

Sorry for the long explanation but I didn't know how to be more clear.
What? How about you filter by the club you're currently managing and check what their CA is. Generally you'll want to improve your squad as you progress through the leagues by buying/loaning players with a CA 10/20 higher than what you have. Typically, these are the only players who will come to your club anyway unless you're lucky.

A PA/CA of 200 is the maximum any player can have. I'd say that 60 CA is typical for a Blue Square Premier Player, 80 League 2, 100 League 1, 120 Championship and 160 Premier League.

Hope this helps!
Its very simple teams like utd/city/barca/real/juve/bayern, is a place where you want players with more then 165PA. So thats what you are gonna search for, but lets say you find this amazing regen with good stats, but rated 2 stars Potential compared to messi.

At the same time in GS you can see he has a PA of 183 and a CA of 90. At this point compared to messi he has 3 silver stars and messi has 4 Gold stars. Eventually messi will stay at those 4 stars but this guy with the 183PA might end up as 3,5 or 4 stars. The star system is just a big fail, cause it takes in account all kinds of things, we can't even see in game.

For teams like newcastle/swansea/hoffenheim/ajax/sevilla/porto you'll be looking for players between 130 and 170 higher then those are always nice ofc. and still those get rated with 4 stars while at the bigger clubs the players around 130 might only end up as 2 stars or even less.

And GS gives a nice amount of info about potentials and other things
Hard to compare to stars also because the star judgement is made by your scouts and assistant. this means that they vary because different staff themselves have an attribute for scouting CA and PA. Easiest is to search for the players you can realistically get then export the shortlist into genie scout and sort by CA and PA. if you tick include your own players then you can see what sort of star they will be according to your scouts and assistant anyway by comparing your players to others. Bear in mind if you are looking at PA check the probability of development on genie scout also.

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