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Nick Dabool: Two of the Best

I like trains
Started on 24 December 2012 by Glenn T
Latest Reply on 27 December 2012 by Arvind
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Nick Dabool, a human being shaped into the world of Football Manager by the combinations of Nick Johnson and Or Dabool, and perfected by Glenn T. This story is the tale of Nick Dabool, a merged entity of two of the best.


Season One: 2012/13

Episode 1: Enter: Nick Dabool
Episode 2: The Offer
Episode 3: The New Manager
Episode 4: The Squad
Episode 5: Press Conference
Episode 6: Dabool's Assistant
Episode 7: Trio Departure
Episode 8: Keeper Decisions
Episode 9: Pre-Season
Episode 10: The Debut of Nick Dabool
Episode 11: From Blue to Red
Episode 12: Brazilians
Episode 13: August: The Beginning
Episode 14: August Transfers
Episode 15: The Group Stages
Episode 16: September: A Tough Job
Episode 17: Butland: "It was like a dream"
Episode 18: October: The Struggle Continues
Episode 19: Fowler
Episode 20: The Verge

Enter: Nick Dabool

Nick Dabool, born 19th August 1987 (25 years old), is an Irish coach who is out to seek fame and fortune for himself and has a dream to become one of the best, famous and most sought-after football managers in the world.

Dabool is born to Israeli parents and moved to Ireland at the age of 6. A lazy boy who did little more in class than fail his tests, teachers and adults who knew him all agreed that Dabool had little future in life.

At the age of 15, Dabool quit education altogether and idled at home. After his parents finally refused to continue giving him income for his daily necessities when he turned 18, the Israel-born was forced to get a job to feed himself and through his father, Dabool went on to find work as a part-time cleaner at the Tallaght Stadium, home to Irish football team Shamrock Rovers.

However, one thing Dabool was passionate about, and perhaps the only thing he was passionate about, was football. For a Liverpool & Milan supporter, as well as a self-proclaimed Barcelona follower, Dabool could not resist taking the opportunities his job provided him to watch the Shamrock Reserves in action whenever he could. One such day, the Reserves were losing 5-0 at half-time, and Dabool happened to be around as the team trotted in, dejected. It was probably desperation that forced the Reserves manager to turn to Dabool for help, and Dabool's tactical knowledge of the game gave him the ability to tweak the formation and tactics.

Based on Dabool's orders, the Shamrock Reserves boys went back onto the pitch, and by 90 minutes the score was 6-5 to Shamrock Reserves.

After this, Dabool was offered a new job at Shamrock as youth team coach, and after years of working his way up the ladder, he became assistant manager at the Tallaght Stadium, aged just 20. His coaching skills did not fail to attract, and soon he had left his Ireland home for England, Merseyside, to join the coaching team at Liverpool.

And this is where the story begins.
This is actually a great idea! Good luck Glenn! Still trying to figure out what a mix of Nick and Or would look like :P

The Offer

"Good morning, Nick."

I turned to see the source of the voice. Thomas Werner, the club chairman. Beside him sat John Henry, one of the directors. And with them in the room including me was the rest of the board. I gulped.

It wasn't that often the owners wanted to see me, much less the entire board. I cautiously wondered what they were up to. Was I getting sacked? Impossible. I had done so much for the team in my 5 years here as coach. Were they giving me a promotion? That was more like it. Maybe assistant manager, since there was a vacant post there now. Or maybe the manager position, which was also vacant.

Wait, could it be? Could they really want to appoint me, a young 25-year-old as manager?

"Sit down, Nick," John Henry told me warmly. I nervously took an empty seat, and got stared down hard by one of the directors. I returned him the stare, until John started speaking.

"As you all know, we sacked Kenny Dalglish last week," he addressed the board. "With Kenny, went Steve Clarke, who is now the full-time manager of West Bromwich."

I nodded slowly, digesting all this information which I'd already knew anyway.

"After long discussions with the board," John walked towards me. "We have decided that Nick here will stay as caretaker manager until the end of the season. We have one year to find a suitable candidate for the Liverpool job."

I nodded again, then my brain processed the information.

Nick Dabool, as caretaker manager until the end of the season?

"Me?" I gasped.

"Yes, Nick. You have been at the club 5 years and you know exactly how the club is run. Not many here know more about the club than you do. So, we have come to this decision, despite you being only 25 years of age. Thomas and I wanted Steve Clarke to stay on as caretaker manager instead but some of the board directors didn't agree," John's brows furrowed into a frown.

"He was a cunt," one of the directors grunted, probably referring to Steve.

"No inappropriate language in the boardroom, David!" John roared, scaring me a little. When David meekly nodded, John's smile returned. He passed me a contract, which I seemingly had not noticed before, and a pen.

"This contract will name you as manager of Liverpool until the end of the season. If we like what we see, you will stay on. If not, of course, you will be replaced at the end of the season and relieved of your duties. The contract also states that you can be removed at any point in the season if we find a suitable managerial candidate in the middle of it, but that is highly unlikely," said Thomas Werner.

I frowned. Being a manager was always my dream job, but I hadn't expected to become one so soon. Also, Liverpool was a prestigious position. I had expected to first cut my teeth at a League Two club, or even a Blue Square Premier. Nevertheless, this was an opportunity I couldn't afford to pass up.

"You don't even have to ask," I smiled, and hovered the pen over the contract.

'Nick Dabool'.

The New Manager

Liverpool have announced a football managing rookie as the successor to Kenny Dalglish, shocking the world.

Nick Dabool, a 25-year-old Irishman who originates from Israel, started his coaching career at Shamrock Rovers in Ireland but his renowned coaching ability prompted Liverpool to sign him up to the Reds' backroom team 5 years ago. He has now been promoted to the manager position, and will be holding the role at least until the end of the season in 2013.

Dabool will be tasked with getting Liverpool back into the top four during his time with the Anfield club.

Although aware of his coaching ability, Liverpool fans around the world as well as other footballing fans have been shocked by the Liverpool board's bold decision.

Here, we take a few reactions off from Twitter - consisting of tweets from Liverpool fans and famous footballing figures.

Nick Johnson - Liverpool fan
@NickJohnsonAKAGay: "Who the fck is Dabool?"

Joshua Morris - Liverpool fan
@SecretlyOrDabool: "Liverpool board likes to troll! can't believe they appointed a completely unproven manager. top 4 my ass"

Manchester United - Official Twitter
@manutd_fc: "LOLOLOLOL WTF IS LIVERPOOL DOING?" (Tweet was later removed)

Dirk Kuyt - Former Liverpool winger
@Dirk_18_Kuyt: "Nick is a fantastic man and it's brilliant to know he now has a chance to prove himself as manager after so many yrs as coach. wish him good luck"

Joey Barton - Midfielder/Scumbag
@Joey7Barton: "Looks like #LFC appointed a complete unknown. Will be interesting to watch how he does.

Glen Johnson - Liverpool right-back
@glen_johnson: "Nick is an amazing guy. top notch coaching skills. not surprised to see him finally make it - looking forward to play under him #lad"
Sir Alex Ferguson - Manager/Sexy Boy
@FergiesGotANewWatch: "I'm vewwy Pwoud to see this lad take over. He looks Bwilliant."
2012-12-24 17:21#73610 Bronzy : Sir Alex Ferguson - Manager/Sexy Boy
@FergiesGotANewWatch: "I'm vewwy Pwoud to see this lad take over. He looks Bwilliant."

Sounds more like Woy! :P
A rival Liverpool story. Bring it on Glenny boy! Will be following. Good luck with it all.

The Squad

I stared the squad down. It wasn't my first time training with the boys - it was my first time overseeing the boys' training, as manager. At a different club I would probably feel nervous, but not around these boys. I knew most of them pretty well, having been at the club for 5 years and all as a coach. Even without the presence of an assistant manager, I knew who was one of the best and who was one of the weakest, in footballing ability. After giving them a few inspirational words, my first words to them as manager, training proceeded.

Even a kid could deduce who was the best in the squad. Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard were amazing as they both played on the same team in a short five-a-side between ten of the boys, and the other team got completely demolished. Gerrard-Suarez was starting to sound like a delicious pairing.

Training also helped me recognize their current and potential ability a little more.

2012-12-24 18:13#73612 Jamesg237 : A rival Liverpool story. Bring it on Glenny boy! Will be following. Good luck with it all.

It's on, Jamie! :P

Press Conference

I did not like press conferences - that I realized as I stepped out to meet the press, gathered for a press conference on my unveiling as Liverpool manager.

"Why do you think you got the job, Mr. Dabool?" One of the journalists asked immediately.

"Well, I guess it was based on my experience with the club. I've been here 5 years as a coach so I presume they appointed me because I knew the club, how it was run, and the players," I said effortlessly. The journalist seemed to be appeased, but before I knew it, the next question was up.

"We know that Liverpool are without an assistant manager now with the departure of Steve Clarke. Are you planning to hire any one on your own, or will you leave it to the board?"

"I am hiring my assistant manager myself."

"Are you promoting internally, since you know next to nothing about employing assistant managers?"

"You got me there," I said with a slight smile.

"Does this mean that you are promoting internally, then?"

"Next question," I shot the journalist who had asked a goofy grin, and he responded with a frown.

"May we know of the transfer budget your board have given you for the season, since the club have already gotten players like Fabio Borini and Oussama Assaidi in before you were employed?"

I hesitated before answering. "Um... around 3 million."

"Do you think that is enough?"

"Somewhat, yes... I don't intend to do much. I think we already have quite a tough squad."

"What about the club's summer signings before you came in? Are you going to off-load them? Are any of them not in your plans?"

"Everyone in the squad remains perfectly apart of my plans until I see them in training or in matches."

"Lastly, what do you think of the job at Liverpool and having gotten the job?"

"It's absolutely brilliant. Liverpool is one of the best clubs in the world and it's an honour to be able to manage them."

"Thank you for your time Mr. Dabool."

Dabool's Assistant

Liverpool F.C. have confirmed that Rodolfo Borrell will switch jobs from Liverpool Reserves manager to serve as assistant manager to Nick Dabool.

Borrell replaces former assistant Steve Clarke, who left alongside Kenny Dalglish last season and has recently been appointed full-time manager of fellow Premier League side West Bromwich.

The 41-year-old Spaniard has declared that he is "delighted" at getting a promotion. "I am looking forward to working closely with Nick," Borrell wrote on the club website.
Nick Johnson - Liverpool fan
@NickJohnsonAKAGay: "Who the fck is Dabool?"

I was thinking the exact same :P Although I doubt he's gay!

Glenn, you're crazy. I like that :P
Nick Dabool as a new manager? Watch out guys, biggest troll since the Mayan-Apocalyps is Coming! #DaFuq? #Mustbeajoke #ROFLMAO

Trio Departure

Liverpool have confirmed the departure of Joe Cole, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson. The trio cost the club a total of 32 million, but depart for a total of only 10 million.

Cole joined the Reds in the summer of 2010 on a free transfer after leaving Chelsea, but failed to impress and was sent on loan to Lille the next season. His wages make him the third-highest paid at the club and that must have been what prompted manager Nick Dabool to off-load the former England international.

Stewart Downing joined Liverpool last summer from Aston Villa on a 16 million deal, and played 36 league games without getting one goal or assist. Deemed a flop, Downing has also been sent away - to Fulham for just 5 million, 11 million less than what he cost the Reds.

Elsewhere, Jordan Henderson also departs after failing to impress in his first season at Anfield after joining Liverpool from Sunderland for 16 million. Reds fans have called for Henderson to stay but obviously Dabool doesn't think the 22-year-old has much more to offer.

It is believed that the funds made from these sales will go to Dabool's transfer budget and it remains to be seen what he will do with these.

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