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Paris FC 2000 gets a Cajun Invasion

Started on 27 December 2012 by QuestionMark
Latest Reply on 24 February 2014 by oscaralaniz
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QuestionMark's avatar Group QuestionMark
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The Biography

Well hello to ya’ll lookin at my managing history at Paris FC 2000 and what not, I am not sure exactly how to start this but I’m guessing the beginning would be the best place for that. Before I share with you my journey I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Leroy Dufrane and I come from the state of Louisiana in the great US of A. My family is a long line of Cajuns, living in Louisiana for many generations. The Dufrane family has kept many of the French traditions and all members learn how to speak the language. Now ya’ll may be sayin” wait a minute what is a good ol’ redneck Cajun boy from “the south” doing managing FC Paris 2000, what is he even doing around soccer why does he like it.”. Well when I was around 10 years old I had a choice of football or soccer (Dufrane is American so it will be called soccer) and the soccer coach saw my athletic abilities and turned me onto the great sport and I have played and followed it ever since.

The next thing you might be asking is “why France”, well the answer to that is I am very proud of my Cajun/French background and I decided to follow French soccer instead, plus I can never understand them Brits (no offense). The last thing ya’ll may be saying is “why Paris FC 2000”, well that is because when I turned 16 I knew I wasn’t getting into college and my soccer career was on the rise, so I decided to go to France (with the money my parents have saved) and sign a youth contract with Olympique Lyonnais (the huge team at that point). Well they didn’t want me so I searched around and finally signed a youth contract with FC Rouen. Right before I turned 19 and about to earn a first team call-up, the team had financial difficulties and I had to leave the team. Luckily FC Paris 2000 came back into soccer relevancy and I signed a semi-pro contract with them and was a first team regular. As I turned 22yrs old I unfortunately blew my knee out and was forced to hang up my cleats. Paris FC 2000 weren’t ready to let me go and I signed on as a U18 assistant and rose to assistant coach by the time I was 25. Now the current manager has been fired and they have asked me to take charge and this is where the real story begins.

I apologize that this is a bit lengthy but I felt that there should be a well explained background on this seemingly out of place character.

Please enjoy there should be more up soon.
These will be my tactics nothing too fancy, this is my first job so this will have to do the trick for now.

Well the preseason has ended and these are my results down below. Where transfers are concerned we have not made any sort of splash due to a very small budget given to myself, a whole 0$(really in pounds but american keyboard)for transfer and an extra 11$ of wage budget. I also tried to release a player on a mutual termination and he did not want that so out of southern hospitality and kindness I will let him sit on the bench. See you in the September update.

QuestionMark's avatar Group QuestionMark
11 yearsEdited
How is everyone enjoying this feedback would be great.
Looking forward to seeing this journey unfold. Have been managing U.S Luzenac in the French National recently (FM2012), and it sure is a challenge at that level! Best of luck
Good luck !
August-September Update

What can I say August and September have been two very frustrating months. From players clearly not focusing on the field, to a board who refuses to let you get rid of excess players, and to young players who demand first team action when they can barely make a mark in the reserve squad. There have been times where I have been ready to hand in my resignation and there have been times when I wanted to jump for joy. As you can see down below this is why I have been so frustrated with this team. My one shining light seem to came in that miniscule win streak where I decided to start Ayivi over Toko at the right striker position, and since then Ayivi has been on fire for me but he seems to be the only consistency in that category. As all good managers do, they get through the hard times and push on, hopefully my hard times are over and we have wins and promotions ahead of us.

I love you story because :
  • I live in Rouen (the best team in French National)
  • My dad works in Quevilly (your next fixture)

Keep it up ;)
and good luck !!!
I'm thinking i can beat Quevilly but we'll see as it says this save has been very frustrating.
Did you get much flak from the fans over the derby loss to Red Star? It is very frustrating managing at that level, but it will be satisfying and worth it when you get Paris up the table.
No I didn't get much flak. The real annyoance is not being able to sell players or even release them because of my board.
Is This The End?

So this is what it comes down to, one game to determine my fate as a soccer manager, an away game to add on the pressure. Paris FC 2000 a club I love and will always remember no matter what happens to me in this next game. The team that so gratefully signed me on even though I was an unproven youngster, a team that believed I was the right manager for the job, the team that I am letting crumble right in front of my eyes. I understand what is happening to me, and will accept the seemingly inevitable. I feel like there is more I could have done, and so much we could have achieved. Although I do take the majority of the credit for this disaster, I am not alone.

I like that you have not just ended this story because it hasn't gone well. I hope you manage to pull this around.
All the best dude

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