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Tim Buzaglo: Return of the Hat Trick Hero

Started on 29 December 2012 by sTedDarzZ
Latest Reply on 7 January 2013 by sTedDarzZ
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Well known Non-League manager Garry Hill Has Stepped down from his post as Woking FC, seemingly out of the blue after a fantastic promotion season. Speaking for the club website Hill said:

"I've jumped before I was pushed, the chairman's gonna find out in the morning that I've done the dirty with his Mrs, a sacking isn't a good thing to have on your CV but I don't think I'll be asking for a reference."
But who will succeed Hill as the Cards manager, what man will take this club forward into a new division? Woking are short of their 'King of the Hill'.

Young, former player and Player/Manager of Welling Utd, Jamie Day has appeared as the bookies favourite for the post and was seen in Woking this morning. It is thought that the board want a long term man and this young, fresh manager seems the ideal fit.
Other names are swirling round the club but the board are keeping their 'Cards' close to their chest on this one, stand by for updates on the vacant Managers post at Woking FC.
sTedDarzZ's avatar Group sTedDarzZ
7 yearsEdited

A man a woman are asleep in a bed, in a house, somewhere in Surrey. The sound of a dog walking on tiled floor can be heard in the house but apart from that and the gentle hum of the water system, nothing makes a sound. The telephone rings, neither the man nor the woman stirs, it rings again. A hand appears from the duvet, the woman's hand,it reaches to the phone and she puts it to her ear, eyes still closed.
"Tim?" A recognised voice enquires.
"Chris, its me, go to sleep, ring back for him later." replied the woman.
"Do you know who I am?
"Of course I do, Chris Ingram, Chairman at Woking, we went out for lunch the other week?"
"Just pass me to Tim Buzaglo please?"
The woman begrudgingly wakes her husband and hands him the phone before turning over and returning to sleep.
"Tim, get a suite on and get down to Kingfield, Gary Hill has quit."

A car arrives at the Kingfield stadium containing FA Cup hero Tim Buzaglo, he parks the car and enters through the Directors entrance to the stadium, inside he is met by Woking Officials who all but give him the job on the spot. First the Chairman runs through some agreements;

The pair talk about the history of the club and reminisce about Tim's heroic Hat Trick against West Brom before tackling the nitty gritties. They agree that Tim can handle season expectations but that he will have a transfer budget of £0 and a wage budget of around £8k.

Tim returns home, ready to start in the morning.
sTedDarzZ's avatar Group sTedDarzZ
7 yearsEdited

My first action as manager of my beloved Cards' was to remove all the staff, they may be long serving but they are simply not up to it, so all contracts were mutually terminated, they were replaced by;

With the boys behind the scenes ready, I must turn my attention towards the playing staff, I must have them as ready as can be for our new adventure.

I intend to go the distance with my team, my boyhood team, I don't want to be just another Woking manager I want to be the Woking manager, I want to put The Cardinals on the map.

Let's have more days like this:

A pretty decent centre forward scored a hat trick that day if my memory serves me well enough! We'll have many more days like that if I get my way! For now, back to work...

I set about bringing in numerous players and clearing the deadwood of the current Woking squad. I now feel that the squad is ready for the Blue Square Premier. After that we will make progress towards the league and my realistic aim is promotion in my 2nd or 3rd year in charge.

These transfers are progress for the club, especially the signing of Vincent Pericard whose big name is sure to increase merchandising revenue.

Our opening game of the season was a tough fixture away to a big club in Wrexham, boasting big names such as, Glenn Little, FA Cup winner and Brett Ormerod. However we did not crumble and fully deserved our point in a hotly contested 2-2 draw. Next we face our rivals from the Blue Square South, Dartford, we're ready for them...
sTedDarzZ's avatar Group sTedDarzZ
7 yearsEdited

A few games into the season and one young lad particularly is catching my eye, Marcus Williams has not been prolific, scoring 1 goal in 4 appearances, but for a 16 year old, boy, in my eyes to be playing comfortably at this level is quite something, his potential is immeasurable.

Already improving Marc has the potential to be a very important player for Woking in the future, that is if we can sign him to a professional contract before the clubs circling him make their move.

We are becoming the 'Draw Specialists' with 4 in our opening 6, but a point is a point and I cannot complain after a record breaking unbeaten run;

These results see the table looking like this;

Now we need to push on and turn draws into wins, at this rate the play offs are not an unrealistic ambition for this season, our hard work must continue...

Our form picked up even more and the wins roll in, the league table is very tight, one moment we are 3rd, then, with just one ball hitting one net we fall to 10th, it will be a few more matches before I can make a definitive assessment of our progress and set realistic objectives. For now we must take every day as it comes, continue working hard, striving for success and see where results take us, the 15 match point is our next landmark, then we can begin to assess.

Nice results, I am also on an unbeaten run with Norwich! Good luck, but I don't think you will need it!

I said I'd assess at the 15 game mark and we have reached it; my general assessment is a good one, we've been playing well and 'El Nino' Williams popped up with a startling hat trick!
Our results have been generally good;

These results kept us at the helm of the table for the majority of the period but our last 2 results, being substandard, have seen us slip off our perch at the top of the tree, the table now looks like this;

My assessment is that things are going well, a promotion could be on the 'Cards' this would put us a year ahead of my plan and be the first time The Cards will have graced the football league, we are striving towards that aim, we continue to work...
Great start man! Looking forward to this :P

We have reached the 20 game mark of the season, our form has not dipped a bit, despite our fantastic form we cannot keep up with Grimsby, who have streaked into a 3 point advantage over us.

This form sees us lying second in the league;

And so we continue on the long and winding road to success, there may be trouble along the way but by hook or by crook I will bring success to a small town named Woking.

Our stand out player thus far has been an ageing Vincent Pericard, his cool head and eye for goal have made him our top scorer whilst helping to nurture young Marcus Williams. Pericard as slotted home an impressive 15 goals in all competitions, we must hope he continues this prolifically as he is a driving force behind our success;

WE continue to keep up with the leaders and heading towards the business end of the table remain in contention, so long as we are in touch, a title is always a possibility!

There have been a few ins and outs over the course of the season, we've seen the back of some deadwood and brought in a young midfielder called Mamadou Fofana on a free, a strong, physical anchor man who has slotted into the team well.

Our form is steady, we have been playing well but nothing spectacular, this consistency has seen us rise to the top of the table, heading to the close of the season, the title is shifting towards Surrey.

We must not let up, we must not leave the door ajar for the chasing pack to sneak in, if we continue to work the Blue Square Premier is ours to loose.
Great going, top of the league! :D Keep it up Ted :P
Great Story!


A fantastic debut season saw the cream rise to the top, the Cardinals in the football league, who'd have thought it, not a bad start for a first timer!

Our season was lit up by the 21 goals of teenager, Marc, Willo, El Nino, The Kid: Marcus Williams, he made a brilliant addition to the team and is sure to be a star in future!

The busyness of pre season was soon upon us, I organised many friendly competitions who's big name competitors earned them a place on the television, garnering a lot of extra income; to ready my squad for the league I arranged these transfers;

We are ready for the challenge, motivated and prepared, we will not know until we start the season if we are truly ready for what is ahead, soon we will jump in at the deep end...

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