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Sunderland: The Black Cats

Started on 4 January 2013 by FM King
Latest Reply on 1 February 2013 by Raptorex
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With the month of November over yet again the team are still playing super football, I am really happy with the way things are going at the moment, a few bumps are starting but that is going to happen a few more times over the rest of the season. But the team just keep on going they don’t stop always giving 100%, so for me that’s all I want to know they will always give that is what every manager wants. Well here are the matches for the month of November:

Fulham Vs Sunderland
Well lads, so far so good keep this going lads I am so proud to say that I am your manager. Now back to business, today we are playing Fulham and they are playing good football this season, and they are scoring goals I want the defence to stand today, and the midfield get back and help if need be, strikers just keep doing what use are doing and we will win this game, come on lads.


Southampton Vs Sunderland
Right lads we are 5 points clear at the top of the table let’s keep it that way, as I keep saying over and over again use are playing great so don’t let me down, Southampton are not doing well sitting last in the league and they will be looking to get a win here, I want use to show them what use can do and beat them, and beat them hard come on lads.


Sunderland Vs Swansea
Boys after the last game use need to go out there and show people this is not the end to are good run that was just a bump and we need to get back on to winning ways. Now Swansea are a good side and we have seen them beat good teams this year don’t let them add us to the list, now get out there and show them what we can do.


Norwich Vs Sunderland
Right lads we are back to winning ways let’s keep that going, Norwich are having a good season sitting in 10th, so we need to be careful with these when attacking don’t leave holes in the defence our midfield they will rip us apart if use do, just get out there and play the way use have beaning playing and the result will come good luck lads.


Sunderland Vs West Ham
Lads last game put it behind you, don’t even think about it anymore this is the chance to show that we just had one off day, now lads use know all about West Ham and what they can do, I want use to go out there and attack from the off don’t give them any time on the ball close them down straight away and we will win this game good luck lads.


Player Of The Month
This lad has played really well in the last month showing me that he is cut out to be in the team, I just hope he can keep doing it playing in midfield is a hard job get forward and back and he is doing a great job in both so that’s why Benat is the player of the Month well done son.

League Table
Well look at this still 1st place not bad for a team who was meant to struggle this season well done lads.

The Phone Call

I’m cracking up 4 weeks and I have not seen her, yeah we talk a lot on the phone, but fuck that is not the same, when I look into her eyes I am taking away it’s like I am floating in the air, aw god this is killing me fuck it I have to speak to her. Hi Mila, o hi dean I was just thinking about you it sucks we can’t see each other, yeah I no wish I could see you’ so how are you doing, I am fine just running a bath was out doing a photo Shoot all day am really tired, aw really how did that go, yeah it went great thank good it’s over now though.

So Mila have you got any plans for tomorrow, no nothing on am going to stay in and relax for the day you, me I have to be up at 6 and out training with the team at 9 so it’s going to be a long day, o shit well least you stay fit in both ways, ha thanks aw would love to see you, maybe you can you never know, what, well I have two go now bye dean,

Aw what just happened she is playing with my head maybe you can what does that even mean, and then my phone goes of a pitcher message I hope it holy fuck, fuck me. Now that’s just teasing I swear I am going to crack up I am going over at the end of December just have to wait it out now that I have this pic I will wait.

The Message
I hope you show us the pic to us too :P! Lol, just fuck her!


Well with the month of December over I got the best Christmas present I could have asked for and that is to be sitting on top for the premier league. And with six games this month it was tough but the team pulled true it and played some great football. The highlight of the month was a 7-2 win at home against Liverpool I could not believe that. There are also other big games in the league and I will give use a look at them. So here are the matches for the month of December:

Tottenham Vs Sunderland
Right lads this is the start of six games this month, we all the Christmas period can push us to are limit’s and I know use can go over your limit so that is what I want. Lads we play Spurs today and this is not going to be easy they are looking to get European football two next season so I want use to play hard go in hard, but also watch out for Bale that lad is fast and can shoot and pass the ball so stick to him now lads come on, and good luck.


Chelsea Vs Sunderland
Ok Boys we have a big game today, last year’s champion League winners, they are quick and good lads SHUT UP AND LISTEN, these lads will make you run this game so you better be up for it they are scoring goals this season and the man that is setting them up is Mata I want him man marked the hole fucking game don’t let him half a sniff of that fucking ball. Now lads get out there and play the football that use have being playing all season good luck.


Sunderland Vs West Brom
Ok lads West Brom at home today, they are not playing well this season and have already sacked there manager, use that on them lads we need to get a win today and the fans want to see us win this one. I want use to go out there and attack from the start, and keep going at them I want use to play them of the park good luck lads.


Sunderland Vs Liverpool
Right lads Liverpool today, there doing really bad in the league sitting in 11th spot but that does not mean this will be an easy match, this will be a hard and tough match for us but lads so has every other match and use have come out fighting even when we lose use don’t stop till the final whistle, and lads I want that again today, go out there and impress the fans and half a little fun while use are doing it. Good luck lads.


Manchester City Vs Sunderland
Lads after that win over Liverpool teams are getting worried about us and that is a good thing keep fucking doing that. Right lads City today going to be tough playing away, just get out there and do what you did to Liverpool and this will be a walk in the park, but lads these will punish use if you fuck up this side is a world class team a lot of money put into them I want use to show them money is not everything, ok lads best of luck.


Sunderland Vs Reading
Lads that was a good match last time out, but we have Reading today and they are doing bad this season so just get out there and show them that it’s about to get even worse, I want use to attack attack and don’t let them do anything and this game is yours and we can go into the new year 3 points clear at the top of the table best of luck lads.


Player Of The Month
This lad has found his shooting boots in the last few games and about time two, we need someone to start scoring more goals and a hat-trick against Liverpool as really put him on from I just hope he can keep it up for the rest of the season well done.

League Table
I can’t believe we are still up there the team just keep saying no when they are losing and just come back and win this team is doing great and I am happy really happy keep it up lads.
awww yeaaa 7-2 :D an amazin victory over liverpool :D very nice to see sunderland on top :D keep up the great work King
Wow you are doing really well!!! Still laughing that you lost to Southampton but it was clearly a fluke result :/ Keep up the good work!!!


With the month of January over its safe to say that this was a bad month for me and the club getting only 6 points from 15 was a joke, getting knocked out of the F.A cup, aw it was just a shit month the players all understand that they need to get champions league as the club’s money problems continue, and yes that is down to all the spending I have done, and to be honest I brought in two more players in the January transfer window, as I taught we would need them to keep the dream alive of champions league. Well here are the matches for the month of January:

Newcastle Vs Sunderland
Lads this a big derby game for us, we need to win to keep the dream alive, I want use all to go out there and play the football that use know use can play, lads win this and we 4 points clear at the top of the table like come on, when did you ever think we could say that lads. I want use to attack from the start and don’t let them control the game use take it to them, ok lads get out there and good luck.


Stoke Vs Sunderland
Right lads Stoke today its going be hard to walk away with something hear all the big teams have trouble when they come to Stoke, just play with passion lads so them we mean business, and go out there and win the fucking game for use and the fans, if use want Champions League football from now till the end of the season is going to be a rollercoaster so come on lads get out there.


Sunderland Vs Wigan
Lads come on get your head in the game use don’t want all the season to slip away in the last few months now do use, I need use to start playing the way use did at the start of the season, I know use are getting tired, but use need to get this going again, now lads get out there and show the fans that use can do it.


Arsenal Vs Sunderland
Lads for Fuck Sake come on we lost two in a row what is going on that’s 6 points gone and them points we need so get out there and get 3 of Arsenal we need them, now lads put the last few games behind use and start from now 25 points and we should get champions league lets start now come on lads.


Sunderland Vs Aston Villa
Lads what the fuck is going, really do use even want this, well it seems to me like use don’t want this anymore well if use don’t fine, its you’re playing career if use don’t want Champions league fine do what the fuck use want.


York Vs Sunderland F.A Cup
Ok lads the last time I gave use this chance you all fucked it up this will be the last chanced I give use so get out there and win, use are a young team and I believe in you and so do the fans so go out there and win for them.


Player Of The Month
Well it’s hard to pick this month as they are all playing bad so I am not going to pick one they need two know in order to get it they have to play and well they did not play well for me to pick one, so for that reason there is no player of the month.

Transfer News
Ok so I have bought again but I sold first I needed players who will help the team, players that are big names and after months of looking I found the right two not only are they big names but they also brought us in money from sales and got us more fans because of where they are from well the players I sold are:

Sessegnon 11 Million
He was not getting much game time and when I seen 11 Million I could not say no, I wish him all the best.

Carlos Cuellar
Did not play much of a part in my plans, had 3 games for me and did not play well and at 31 I felt the time was right let him go for 1.9 Million.

Emenike Emmanuel
Well what a flop he turned out to be made 19 starts for me scored 3 goals, I was not giving him any more chances and when I seen an offer of 18 Million yeah fuck it your gone son.

Players In

Javier Hernandez
I always rated this player and as soon as I seen he was transfer listed I wanted him, he is a great player with both pace and finishing I hope he can make an impact in the team, and for a really good bargain of only 11 million I think that is a good deal.

Keisuke Honda
Well another great player to add to the team his passing and shooting are great will use him as a play maker and hope we stands up to the 14 million we paid for him.

League Table
Looking Ok still need to start playing well again though.
JESUS!!! HONDA AND HERNANDEZ!!!! Your team will surely get in Europe now!!! I think you should have given Eminike time but still, £18 Mil is pretty good
2013-01-07 19:21#76001 edam22 : JESUS!!! HONDA AND HERNANDEZ!!!! Your team will surely get in Europe now!!! I think you should have given Eminike time but still, £18 Mil is pretty good
hi i better man money is fucked if i dont get into europe we fucked lol

The Hot Topic

I can’t wait she will be hear any minute, I can’t wait to see her after that pitcher she sent me I just want to, The door it’s her, Hi Mila how was your Flight, Hi Dean the flight was grand how are you, I am fine please come in sit down relax would you like a drink, O thank you yeah please Budweiser if you have some, yeah coming right up, so what have you being up two, not much a few photo shoots that’s about it.

As we sit there and have a few drinks I just look at her and the way she is looking, the things going true my head are unreal I just want to go over there rip them clothes of her, rub my hand from her chest down to her legs, while I am kissing her neck aw fuck this I am going for it, time to make a move.

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1st Ferbuary 2013
The Man With The Midas Touch

Dean Ashton, now the manager of Premier Division side Sunderland FC, is one of the most recognized men in English football, and now because of his involvement in football! Before we get in to that, let us look at Ashton's spell in charge.

When Mr. Ashton took charge of Tyneside club in July, he knew that some drastic changes were needed to improve the club. He sold Colback, Campbell, McLean, Gardner and even captain, John O'Shea. To replace these former Sunderland stars, Mr. Ashton spent an estimated £70M on bringing in Ryan Shawcross, Raul Albiol, Benat, Emmanuel Emenike and Royston Drenthe. These players proved to be big hits with the Black Cat fans.

Dean Ashton's run as manager has been extremely impressive, with the club sitting third in the league after twenty-five games and just one point of first placed Manchester United. However, Mr. Ashton has publicly requested more funds from the board to continue improving the club but has been given nothing, with the club in the red. Mr. Ashton is hoping that a Champions League qualification would help bring the club's fortunes around.

There has been more to Mr. Ashton's life than his career. It is reported that he is in a sexual relationship with Ukrainian actress Mila Kunis. The two have been seen dining at several restaurants together and last night Mila was seen entering Mr. Ashton's apartment where she stayed until the following morning. This relationship certaintly spices up the life of Dean Ashton.

Nick Johnson
The Daily Mirror.
FM King's avatar Group FM King
11 yearsEdited


After a really bad month in January I was hoping for a better ones this time round, the lads new what had to be down if they wanted to qualify for the Champions League, they knew that they had to win a lot more games, and they showed what they can do once again, we went the hole month without losing now it was only 3 games but we got maximum points out of it. And for that I am really proud of them here are the matches for the month of February:

Q.P.R Vs Sunderland
Right lads this is the business side of the season, we have to start playing some super football in order to get into champions league, now today we play Q.P.R this is going to be a tough game but lads I no use can go out there and beat them, I don’t care if it’s by one goal our seven goals we need to win this game, now get out there and do it.


Sunderland Vs Everton
Lads good win last time out, but again we need to win and playing against Everton is no easy ask I just want use to watch out for their counter attacks, they have scored a lot of goals this season with that and I don’t want us to be added to the list, now lads just get out there and keep attacking them keep at it and we will win the game, now come on lads win.

Sunderland Vs Fulham
Lads what can I say another good win last match, but this match is different, it’s a different team and they play different, I want use to attack these as hard as use can, don’t let them have a sniff of the ball and when they do get a sniff take it back of them, now lads come on let’s get maximum points this month, get out there and do it for the fans.


Player Of The Month
This player has made sure we won the last 3 games, he has put his body on the line time and time again for this club and it’s his loyalty for the club that has kept us going this month player of the month is Raul Albol Fair play mate keep it up.

League Table
We are still near the top of the table and with only a couple more games to go it’s a four man race anyone of the four teams could win it.
Nice results, I think we can see you hold up some silverware by the end of the season? I think you can be there up in the podium receiving the PL Title.
Splendid results, how is Mila btw? :P


Another great month in march getting 6 points from a total of 9, the team really want Champions League next season, and we need just 16 points to Guarantee that the dream will happen, the club seem to be dealing with the money problem as I get message saying that money has being put into club, so I am happy now, we have no injury’s and that is great coming up to last 6 our 7 games that will play a big part keeping all the players fit, Well here are the matches for the month March:

Manchester United Vs Sunderland
Ok lads this is a big game playing at Old Trafford is not easy, I just want use to go out there and try your best lads, give all you have, make them work, just keep to the game plan Ryan I need you to be on top form today. Ok lads get out there and just try your best, best of luck lads.


Sunderland Vs Southampton
OK lads we need 16 points to get Champions League, let’s start of hear by getting 3, last time we played Southampton we lost let’s not let that happen again, get out there show them that last time was a fluke, wipe the green with their faces and lads, we are at home so give the fans a good match, now get out there and win.


Swansea Vs Sunderland
Ok lads last game of the month, let get the 3 points it’s going to be a tough match lads, Swansea ae trying to stay up and they need the points they can get but we also have a goal this season a dream to get, come on lads get out there and win this one.


Player Of The Month
Well this lad has banged in the goals in the last few games, and he as showing me why I pick him game in and game out, Steven Fletcher well done son keep the good work up, with 17 goals in the league I have asked him to hit 25 of the season hope he can do it.

League Table
Well the table is still wide open, with Manchester United, Manchester City, all going for the title but with only 3 points stopping Us from Wait for it wining the primer ship let’s see how this plays out.

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