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Sunderland: The Black Cats

Started on 4 January 2013 by FM King
Latest Reply on 1 February 2013 by Raptorex
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Out With The Old

The Black Cats

Sky Sports
Sunderland have sacked Martin O’Neill and will now be looking for a new manager with a lot of Managers looking to take the job at the stadium of light. O’Neill had a fight with Ellis Short over a new contract. O’Neill has giving 24 hours to leave the club. O’Neill went on to say that Ellis did not have the same plan for the club that he did and that him beaning there would never work.

Ellis Short
We have parted company with Martin, as from today we will be looking for a new manager, Martin has done a great job hear and we wish him all the best with whatever he decides to do. Our search for a new manager has already started, and we will let use know as soon as we have appointed the new manager.
nice start :D ill be following to see how this turns out :)

The New Man

Ellis Short
After a long and hard interview process we have found the new man to take club forward. This man had a great Playing Career that included such teams as Crewe, Norwich, and West Ham also was capped for England. His Playing Career was ended early over a ankle injury sustained during international duty with England. The new Manger is Dean Ashton, Dean will be hear in about an hour and we will answer the questions you all have for him thank you.

Sky Sports
So there you have it Sunderland have Hired Dean Ashton as the new manager at the stadium of light Ashton was a great player and had to stop early and it’s good to see the big man back. Ashton’s record speaks for its self-making over 240 appearances as a forward. Also Ashton’s international Career did not get off to a great start only making 1 appearance for England before he got injured. Well now he is the manager at Sunderland we will hear from him soon.
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My Plan

Dean Ashton
Thank you all for coming out, I am very happy that Mr short has giving me the chance here at the stadium of light. I promise to do all I can for the club and to give it my best. In terms of players I will be selling a few who do not fit into my plans and there will be a few big names going. I have been giving 1.8 million transfer funds and I plan on making another 16 Million out of selling players. I will be keeping the staff on for the moment so they can help me out a little I will be bringing in some new staff members later on.

I just want to thank everyone for giving me the chance and getting behind me. And I am going to make a promise to the fans right now, And that is we will get Europa league in two years, and that is a promise. In terms of this season we have to finish mid table and I hope we can do that and we will have to do that if we want to build on Europa league.
I will keep everyone updated on the preseason and the transfer so thanks for coming in and I hope to hear from use soon cheers.
A Sunderland story! Been waiting for one of these for ages! :D

Pre Season And Transfers

With preseason going well and the team play good, I sit back and look at what I have done in my 1st month here at Sunderland. I have let a lot of players leave some big name players but they did not fit into my plans and with the money I got from them the players I got do fit my plans. With the season just around the corner I told the players to try and get Europa league football next season, I mean a team like Sunderland should be playing in it. We have great fans and great players so what’s the problem why are we not already there, well next year we will be. Players I let go here they are,

Players Out
Jack Colback 5.5 Million
Fraizer Campbell 11 Million
John O’Shea 7.5 Million
James McClean 7.5 Million
Craig Gardner 5 Million

The players were sold simple because they did not fit my plans, now they are great players and with their new clubs they will get there game’s, but if they stayed here they would not get games so I decided to get the money for them now.

Now the new lads that I have brought in are all great players who will fit straight into my plans, coast me a total of over 50 Million,(Please Note Some Deals are over 48 Months) I hope these lads will help us reach Europa league next season. And I am sure if they all play as a team we will. Well here they are:

Players In

Ryan Shawcross (18 Million)

Raul Albiol (8 Million)

Benat (20 Million)

Emmanuel Emenike (21 Million)

Royston Drenthe (Free)

Some great talent now playing for the Sunderland team, and we can go far with the players that we have got now.

The preseason matches went really well and the plays showed me that they want it this year, some players did not play as well as others so I am going to give them a few more games to see if they fit into my plans here are the matches.


(A)Stuttgarter 1-0 (win)
(A)Wuppertal 3-0 (Win)
(A) Offenbach 4-1 (Win)
(A) Jena 4-1 (Win)
(H) Dortmund 2-1 (Win)

So we did not lose lets carry that on into the league and are first game in the league is against Newcastle a derby straight away. It would be great if we could get off to winning ways, let’s hope so.
I'm stumped to where you get all that money but Shawcross, Albiol and Benat are brilliant additions to the squad. Keep it up.
2013-01-05 14:36#75504 Glenn T : I'm stumped to where you get all that money but Shawcross, Albiol and Benat are brilliant additions to the squad. Keep it up.

thank you glen the players i sold add up two 35 million the broad gave me 18 at the start and some of the deals are over48 months


With the month of August over the team has played really well in the league, they have all pulled together and showed that they can play football, I am really happy with the games that we played in the league and I hope it keeps going for are ambition of playing in Europa league next season. And for myself I have settled down now everyone knows now that I am the boss and I will keep showing them what I can do as a manager. Here is a look at the games we played in the month of August:

Sunderland Vs Newcastle
With the build-up to this game huge I went and attacked Alan saying that he is not the right man for Newcastle, and let’s put it this way he is a Prick, why you ask saying that Sunderland are not cut out to be in the premier league. Well I will show him, so as I sit in my Office and look over the team sheet I know I have picked the right team to go out there and play, and show that we are the better team. This is a big match my first match as a manager and I wanted a win so fucking bad go out there lads show me what you can do, and don’t be afraid to go in hard for the ball, now come on.

Reading Vs Sunderland
After drawing 1-1 with Newcastle I was happy with the point but the team wanted more from that game, I used that on them, come on lads after the point against Newcastle we have to show them they got us on an off day now go out there and show them what use are going to do to them next time, and lads play nice football reading are a good side so be careful when attacking don’t push up too far. Now come on lads get out there and Fucking win.

Sunderland Vs Stoke
Lads Lads LADS, Shut up a listen, stoke are a good side we see that every year, I want use to play attacking football keep them on their toes at all times. I want the defence to stay back don’t get caught out that’s what they want, just play your game don’t let them control you and the game, now come on lads lets go win it for the fans.

Notts Co Vs Sunderland Capital One Cup
Ok lads most of use have never played before and a lot of you are very young and I am going to give use the chance use want this is your chance to impress me. I want to win the game I want use to play great football look around most of use are no older than 20 and use are getting a great chance now get out there and show me use want to be a part of Sunderland.

Best Player
So it was a good start to the season the only bad thing was losing in the cup but they were young plays they gave it their best go. The best player for me over the last month was Shawcross playing really well and I hope he keeps up the good work.

League Table
You sure splashed the cash with those players! I reckon you could almost challenge for the title now, good luck :P
some very nice signings and the cash was certainly splashed but worth it if they can get you into europe :) loving the layout of this :D my old story was simliar :D very easy on the eyes.. keep goin m8 :D

Romance Maybe

So with the international Break I decide to get all dressed up and go out for a few drinks and then my phone rings, Do you want to come over to Ukraine for the weekend an old pal says, yeah sure I will try book a flight, there one leaving tomorrow at 3, cool see you then. So with a trip planned for 3 days it will take my mind of the game for a little bit.

Sitting waiting to broad a plane this sexy Women walks past me, and my god is was fit. I know I have seen her before somewhere but were, Gate 243 Now Boarding To Ukraine, that’s me as I go to get on the plan I see her again, so as I sit in my first class she sits across from me no more than 5 feet, I ask for a drink, a can of bud is brought over to me, as I sit there drinking my bud and looking at the news she says you’re a manager of a football Club in England, em yes I am I manage Sunderland, o yeah I know them o so sorry my name is Mila Kunis. Yeah from the movies.

So as we sit and talk I cannot get over her good looks and the sweat smell whatever it was, her eyes had me in a trance we must have talked for 3 hours a we have drank a lot two. So why are you over her I asked, I have family and friends you, o right I have few days of work and a friend asked me to come over for a party I know so far for a party but I got to talk to you and that is a bonus.

I sit there and think how will I ask her, and then I just said this so would you like to come with me. And to be honest I thought she was going to say no, yeah that would be fun I just have to go and change and that when we land is that ok, yeah that is grand.
So as the plan lands and we make are way to the hotel were Mila is staying she said, do you want to come up yeah ok we can’t be long thought, we won’t half hour at the max. As I sit there waiting I can hear the shower going off and the things going true my head are unreal. And the shower is of do you want a drink yeah sure, so I am having a drink and she comes out with fuck a bra and knickers.

I turn away its ok she says and then we start drinking and I forget about the party we have a great night laughing and joking, and then my phone rings it says Sunderland I answer Dean we need you back straight away we will explain everything when you get back. Shit I said, what’s wrong I have to go back to England work, aw ok I will get my driver to bring you, ok thank you em before I go can I get your number? Yeah sure here *********** ok I have to be going now bye.

Please note this is a side story that will come up now and again if use dont want it to just say so thank you
Can i have a screenshot of Emenike ?
2013-01-05 18:25#75537 Donatt : Can i have a screenshot of Emenike ?


With the month of September over the team had a great month well to me it was, they showed there passion for the club and to me. So far I am happy with what I have done but I know I am still only new and am a very young manager, but I want to win things I have the passion for management and I hope to be here for a long time, o hear are the matches that we have played in the month of September.

Wigan Vs Sunderland
Ok lads we are playing well at the moment but I know we can do a lot better, we are up against a tough team we need to stick to our game plan, Wigan always put up a fight when they are away so they will be well up for this playing at home, so get out there and play the football that use have being playing so far this season, now come on lads get out there and win.

Aston Villa Vs Sunderland
Lads last time out we got a great win over Wigan, I am going ask for the same again Aston Villa are a good team but we are an even better team, there defence is not the best but there midfield and Forwards are really good, if you give them a sniff they will take it so I want the defence to show me a little more of what they can do, ok lads fucking win this one.

Sunderland Vs Arsenal
Lads this is a big game, a point hear would be great boys. Just think of what this could do to our season if we got a point over Arsenal, lads use know how good their team is the players they have are top fucking players, but lads I believe use are a lot better than them use play as a team they use 4 players so lads come on player well and have fun.

Player Of The Month
Well it’s not hard to guess who I picked again this month the lad is playing out of his skin and with nearly a 8.00 match rating I still wonder why he has not got an England call up. Ryan is playing great football and will get one before the end of the season that I am sure of.

League Table
With six games played and Sunderland yet to lose it’s still early days but we are putting up a fight.

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