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Sam Magarry's Hexagon Adventure

Started on 8 January 2013 by TheFMBeast
Latest Reply on 9 January 2013 by TheFMBeast
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The aim of this story is to start off unemployed with my reputation set as Sunday League Footballer, then I would apply for all jobs available then pick the job I want to do with the responses. Then I must try and do well with my first team and as I get more of a reputation I move onto a bigger team. Basically the challenge is to win the "Champions League" in each continent, but you may think: "Hang on, there are only five continents, hexagon is six isn't it?" You would be right to think that, but then you have to do one of the hardest things on Football Manager to complete the challenge, Win the WORLD CUP. I am aware this story make take me all the way to FM14 and probably will not manage to do it all, but you never know if you don't try

The Introduction

It was a warm day in Costa Rica, I was sat down with my dad when he suddenly said to me.
"Sam, I always knew you wouldn't do anywith them coaching badges of yours..."
"Dad, of course I am, just don't know what to do yet...."
He then replied to me, "Son, you always make excuses, you need to start earning money!"
Always being downgraded by my dad, but to be fair he does have a point.....
I then answered him in a defiant tone, "Fine then, I'll become a manager, I will be the GREATEST manager of all time and you will be the family dissapointment!"
He then started to go red as a chimpanzees arse when he suddenly started to chase me round the room with a mop in his hand while shouting, "WHY YOU LITTLE SH*T, HOW DARE YOU GET OUT NOW!!"
I ran as fast as I could out of the house, with my dad still trying to hit me with his stupid mop....

This was just the beginning of my antics with my mop-obsessed dad!
The search for a job

Time to prove my father right, I went online and looked for jobs.

I knew that nobody big like Chelsea would take me, I knew I had to start from the very bottom of football.

5 Days Later.....

Looking for a job had been hard, clubs thought I was either too cocky, or just too inexperienced. They will be crying themselves to sleep in 10 years when I am the greatest manager in the world, and I will just LAUGH!

But there was one club who were interested from the Basque League, I hadn't got a clue who they are and why they think I would be interested.

This club was called Aluzion in the Basque National First Division

Here is the email they sent me.

Hello Sam, my name is Andoni Goni. I am very happy to hear about your enquiry for the role of manager at my club Aluzion. We are based in the Basque Region, we play in a stadium called the Malon de Echaide. We have just been newly promoted to this division, and I think that this club needs a manager who can bring something different to the team.

I have booked flights for you to come to Spain from Costa Rica, and when you get here there will be a taxi who will drive you straight to our stadium, I will expect to see you in the coming days.

Well this could be interesting.

(This is me, Sam Magarry)
Really good start :)
Thanks Joe!
A nice arrival

I arrived in Aluzion, it was absolutely boiling here. I thought of nothing but being a manager.

When suddenly, I got a phone call, I knew who it was from

An angry voice bellowed down the phone, "Son, where the f*ck are you, you shouldn't run away from home like this!"

With a smug look on my face I replied, "I haven't run away, I am living my life in Spain now having got a new job!"

My dads anger levels suddenly went down and sounded softer in his reply, "Well done son, I see somebody let you be a manager, how big a club are they?"

This is where the dissappointment was going to kick in, "Dad, they are a club called Aluzion in the Basque League!"

My dad suddenly began to laugh very loudly down the phone, "HAHAHAHA, What the f*ck is Basque, you really are a dissapointment then, you will probably end up living in some kind of destroyed flat!"

I began to laugh back at him when I suddenly replied with, "Well dad they actually are paying for me to live in a very nice villa, I get my food for free, The owner is buying me a Maserati and a very high salary, I can have all the girls I want now, while you are sat eating rats in your Costa Rican council house!"

My dad then started to swear very loudly and I heard a bang and the call ended.

That'll teach him.

I arrived at the Malon de Echaide, the home of Aluzion
nice story :)
Looks nice, never heard of them but their badge looks decent.
definitely following this! :)
This is a great challenge for yourself. Good luck with it.
Thanks James!
2013-01-08 20:04#76192 TheFMBeast : "Hang on, there are only five continents, hexagon is six isn't it?"

There are seven continents XD
But I know what you are talking about, and Good luck.
Thanks Akash!
Meeting the board

I had arrived at the Malon de Echaide, it was a place of beauty, may of been old but still looked the part.

I was greeted by a small and chubby dwarf who had invited me inside, I followed him in.
I then asked him, "Excuse me mate, do you know where the chairman is?"
He replied to me in spanish, "Pues, soy el presidente, debe ser Sam Magarry!" (Well, I am the chairman, you must be Sam Magarry!)
Me being very smart at school I could understand what he is saying, I then thought of using the dwarf as an armrest but I thought he may fire me before I even sign the contract!

He then tugged on my shirt and said to me, "Sígueme en la sala de juntas" (Follow me into the boardroom) I followed him into the boardroom, the most disgusting room I had seen in my whole and entire life.

Then in spanish, the chairman said to me, "Como administrador de este club que quiero que tenga una posición sólida es la vasca Primera División Nacional, entender?" (As manager of this club I want you to keep a solid position is the basque national first division, understand)

I then replied to him, "Yes sir, of course I do, won't let you down!"

I then kicked off my managerial career and signed a contract with Aluzion.

i like this man hope it goes well for you and good start
Thanks king, been enjoying your sunderland story!

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