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Undiscovered Talent: Series 3

Started on 9 January 2013 by Blue
Latest Reply on 18 February 2013 by Blue
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Name: Michael de la Parra - Prins
Nation: The Netherlands
Height (cm): 184
Weight (kg): 72
Position(s): CM/LAM/RAM
Languages: Dutch (200), English (180), German (50)
DOB (just day and month): 19/12
Top 3 Stats: Pace, Dribbling, Decisions
Name: Kerrod Mitchell
Nation: Australian
Height (cm): 180
Weight (kg): 57
Position(s): MC
Languages: English
DOB (just day and month): 21/11
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): passing, tackling and creativity
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Name: Mark Peter Kolatowicz
Nation: Poland
Height (cm): 182 cm
Weight (kg): 59 kg
Position(s): CM
Languages: Polsih, English
DOB (just day and month): 12/8
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Passing ,Finishing and Composure
Name: Nick Dabool
Nation: Ireland/Israeli
National Team: Ireland
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Position(s): Attacking Mid
Languages: English, Gaelic, Hebrew (basic), Arabic (basic)
DOB: 19/8
Top 3 Stats: You decide! :D
Name: Sam Crumpton
Nation: England
Height (cm): 196
Weight (kg): 70
Position(s): CB.DMC,CM
Languages: English, Italian, French (basic), Swedish (basic)
DOB (just day and month):15/10
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Tackling, Heading, Marking
Name:Donat Qorrolli
Height (cm):1.69
Weight (kg):55
Languages:Albanian and english 20
DOB (just day and month):4 JULY
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): dribbling,crossing,finishing!
Name: Matt Auger
Nation: English/Scottish
Height (cm): 183cm
Weight (kg): 114kg
Position(s): RW/LW
Languages: English
DOB (just day and month): 2/7
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Penalties, Shooting, Strength
Name: Martin Rønning
Nation: Norway
Height (cm): 1.76
Weight (kg): 69
Position(s): AMC/MC/DMC/ST (primary position AMC and MC, light green DMC and ST, and yellow on CB)
Languages: Norwegian and english
DOB (just day and month): 22th of June
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Technique, agility, passing (please add high team work ;))
Name: Paul Bolsens (Caelis)
Nation: Belgian
Height (cm):185
Weight (kg):75
Languages:Dutch, French, English
DOB (just day and month):13/4
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19):Finishing,Heading,Composure

put PA to 200:-p and what with other stats don't put them to low:-)
Name: Nasser Albanna
Nation: UAE
Height (cm): 170
Weight (kg): 65
Position(s): CM/DC/RB/DM/AM
Languages: Arabic (200), English(200), French (100)
Top 3 Stats: Passing, Long Shots, Tackling
Name: Nick Ware
Nation: English/Irish
Height (cm): 182
Weight (kg): 70
Position(s): SW/DC/DM
Languages: English,German,Russian
DOB (just day and month): 31/8
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Passing, tackling, heading
Name:George Montsenigos
Height (cm):187
Weight (kg):82
Position(s):Attacking Midfielder Center/Left/Wright
Languages:Greek, English, Italian
DOB (just day and month):24/12
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19):Passing, Pace, Creativity
Name:Sam Magarry
Top 3 stats:Finishing/Flair/Dribbling
Name:Louis Ross
Top 3 stats*will be given a value of 19):Creativity,Passing,Long Shots
Kane's avatar Group Kane
11 yearsEdited
Name: Kane Brooker
Nation: England
Height (cm): 173
Weight (kg): 72
Position(s): RW/ST - Can be RM if needed
Languages: English, French
DOB (just day and month): 28/01
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Pace, Dribbling, Flair

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