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Undiscovered Talent: Series 3

Started on 9 January 2013 by Blue
Latest Reply on 18 February 2013 by Blue
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Blue's avatar Group Blue
11 yearsEdited
First, before I start, let me make it clear, this is not thought up by me. It was thought up by SlapDashFluky, but it has been resurrected by me for a third series, and will be on the site's Youtube channel.

Now, what actually is this? Basically I will create the first 30 applicants as 15 year old free agents in the game, with a high PA, and this will be a Youtube series documenting their progress. I will do a video every three game months, showing what has changed since the last one. I will try and do one every weekend.

Application Form

Height (cm):
Weight (kg):
DOB (just day and month):
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19):

You have until a week on Saturday (19/1/2013) or until I have 30 applications, and remember it is on a first come first served basis.

Here is my application form as an example (this is my actual application by the way):

Name: Mario Misarovic
Nation: Sammarinese/Bosnian
Height (cm): 175
Weight (kg): 70
Position(s): DR/MC
Languages: Italian, Croatian, English
DOB (just day and month): 16/7
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Passing, pace, tackling

So guys, the sooner we get all the applications in, the sooner we can get this started.

Members Confirmed (30/30)

The FM Rookie
The Madridista
Arvind K
The Boy Wonder
Glenn T
The FM Rookie's avatar Group The FM Rookie
11 yearsEdited
Name: Nick Johnson
Nation: Ireland (Finnish as second)
Height (cm): 187
Weight (kg): 88
Position(s): GK
Languages: English, Finnish, German
DOB (just day and month): 24/03
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): One-on-ones, handling, influence

EDIT: Because you love me-and-all, would you set my favourite teams to KuPS and Liverpool? :P
Name: Jeremy Pauker
Nation: Bolivian/Israeli
Height (cm): 168
Weight (kg): 55
Position(s): AMC;RW;LW;STR
Languages: Spanish, Hebrew, English
DOB (just day and month): 5/5
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Passing, pace, finishing.
RandydeB's avatar Group RandydeB
11 yearsEdited
Name: Randy Bierstekers
Nation: Dutch
Height (cm): 177
Weight (kg): 64
Position(s): DM/MC/AM(C/L/R)
Languages: Dutch, German, English
DOB (just day and month): 21/11 - Woerden
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Pace, Crossing, Passing
Footed: Right
Favorite Club: Man Utd.
Name: Jay Zambo
Nation: Scottish
Height (cm): 175
Weight (kg): 62
Position(s): ML/AML
Languages: English
DOB (just day and month): 24/05
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Crossing, Dribbling, Technique
Name: Raphaël Scott
Nation: French/English
Height (cm): 177
Weight (kg): 61
Position(s): Defender, Midfielder (Left)/WB/AM (L)(Like Jordi Alba)
Languages: French, English, Italian
DOB (just day and month): 13/12
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Crossing, dribbling, tackling
Name: Émile Lyon
Nation: (Undecided) Belgium/France
Height (cm): 176
Weight (kg): 60
Position(s): RM, RW
Languages: French, Dutch, German, English
DOB (just day and month): 20 July
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Crossing, Technique, Pace

If you're doing favourite teams, which I doubt, LEMANS FC.
DaleBirch93's avatar Group DaleBirch93
11 yearsEdited
Name: Dale Birch
Nation: America/English (English added for Work Permit issues that may arise)
Height (cm): 182cm
Weight (kg): 85kg
Position(s): CB/RB/LB
Languages: English
DOB (just day and month): 24th November
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Tackling, Pace, Heading
tbendis's avatar Group tbendis
11 yearsEdited
Name: Timmy Bendiš
Nation: Croatia (USA as second. Make sure Croatia is declared)
Height (cm): 205
Weight (kg): 93
Position(s): STC
Languages: Croatian, English, French, Bosnian, Slovenian, Italian, German
DOB (just day and month): 14/10
Top 3 Stats: Heading, Jumping, work rate

Also, if you can, can you set Hajduk Split as a favorite club, and high loyalty?

Thanks so much for doing this whole thing, I really love them (as in these sorts of stories) :)
Name: Nick Della
Nation: Australia (Italy Second)
Height (cm): 182
Weight (kg): 83
Position(s): GK
Languages: Australian :P (English)
DOB (just day and month): 1/11
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): One on Ones, Reflexes, Aerial Ability
If favourite Team: Arsenal
Name: Jason Arrow
Nation: USA
Height: 178
Posistion: AMC
Language: English
Dob: 1/10
3 Stats: Dribbling, Shooting, Flair
Favorite Team: Real Madrid
Name: Joe McGrath
Nation: England
Place of Birth: Harrow
Height (cm): 183
Weight (kg): 70
Position(s): CM, DM, AMC
Languages: English
DOB (just day and month): 23/11
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Determination, Passing, Creativity
Favourite Team: Manchester United

I've included place of birth, since that's actually in the game too :P What about the player personality? I reckon that should be included too... Mine would be perfectionist :)

Nice idea, hope it goes well!
Name: Leo Macintosh
Nation: English (First Nationality), Indian (Second Nationality)
Height (cm): 183 cm
Weight (kg): 76 kg
Position(s): CB/RB
Languages: English, French, Hindi.
DOB (just day and month): 28/03
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Concentration, Marking, Tackling.
Name: Jimmy Damien
Nation: Belgium
Height (cm): 172 cm
Weight (kg): 69 kg
Position(s): RM/LM/AMC
Languages: English, Dutch, French
DOB (just day and month): 6th August
Top 3 Stats (will be given a value of 19): Dribbling, Pace, Off The Ball
Arvind's avatar Group Arvind
11 yearsEdited
Name: Noel Austin
Nation:England/France(undeclared for national team)
Languages:English, French
Top 3 Stats: Pace, Dribbling, Crossing
Either Footed

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