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Southampton (A long road)

Southampton Football Club career
Started on 16 January 2013 by Roberto85
Latest Reply on 22 January 2013 by Roberto85
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Roberto85's avatar Group Roberto85
11 yearsEdited
Southampton Football Club have terminated Nigel Adkins contract, and with a few people concerned with the clubs future they demanded a new stable manager for the upcoming 1st season in the premiership.Finally they unveiled a new manager named Roberto Miali unknown in the footballing world and being a tender age of 27 some fans feel he is too young.his contracted started in 17.7.2012 with a wage of 9k a week expiring in 30.6.2013.his job is too get the team safe from relegation, his 1st match in charge is with Southampton reserves with only being a friendly in order for him to know his team and test his tactics with the squad, his 1st league match is with a strong manchester united side a tough side for a first encounter.
I've just started my own Southampton story! Will follow yours and see if there is anything that will help mine ;D Good luck
thank you and good luck to you will follow yours also
my next update will be in the next few hours to find out what happens in the friendly against his reserves.
Only having one day to tinker with players and tactics Roberto Miali made a 442 old fashioned formation for the match day against his own reserve team bringing in Federico Marchetti as there goal keeper Luca Toni, up front teaming up with David Suazo, having a good strong back they dominated for the whole 90 minutes, with the score sheet having being a bit one sided 5-0 was the score for Southampton senior team with Adam lallana, Luca Toni having scored twice one scorching shot from morgan schneiderlin and to finish it all of David Suazo also celebrated his tremendous free kick. only having two yellow cards from the senior team in the game it was to be expected victory for the senior team.
Having started the friendly this season in a nice victory the next friendly is against Rochdale, The Southampton manager did not change the team line and did not change the formation either for the match date, Southampton won this game by 4 goals to 1 with jose fonte scored twice with adam lallana and suazo being on the score sheet again thats two goals each for them in two games an amazing start for the two players, the next friendly is against Erfurt Away stay in for the match day update.
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11 yearsEdited
First few games were played at home this is there first away game to Erfurt tactics not changed formation not changed, this time it was Erfurt that took the lead with a penalty from Daniel Kramer on the 21st minute fouled by Danny Fox tackling him, the referee had no choice but to brandish a yellow card.
The rest of the first half was a boring and the two teams had little or no chances and was an overall poor performance.
The manager was not pleased so an assertive talk was needed to the players the second half started and already Southampton were playing with a bit more spirit, on the 51st minute Jack Cork scored from a free kick, on the 54th minute only three minutes later Adam Lallana again was in the score sheet with a beautiful half a volley assisted by David Suazo,on the 64th minute Vincent Bock had a disastrous defending with he scored an own goal, its 65 minutes played and Southampton went from a goal down to being 1 goal ahead.
70th minute and the game started to get heated up with Luca toni and David Suazo being injured being replaced by Rickie Lambert and Tadanari lee to replace them there first match this season,the Southampton manager was furious that the referee only gave them a warning for the tackles. all in all it was a good victory for Soton and disappointing to have both strikers out.
Luca Toni will be out for a couple of weeks
David Suazo will be out for 5 days
Hey mate. I'd like it if you split your posts up into paragraphs and add a few pictures, maybe of your new signings or your tactics etc. to add a little colour into the post. Other than that, good luck, and I hope you can take the Saints far!

Please look out for my page on Facebook it will be up soon Thank you for viewing my story stay tuned for my next friendly matches update against lubeck and schalke.

My team so far in the season

Southampton have only a few days left untill the English premiership begins with results against lubeck and schalke see them come away with both wins the only lose they had was against kaiserslauten with a miserable 1-0 defeat the last friendly game was against jena with a 3-0 win leaving them rearing to go for the premiership after all they need all the confident s for there first match is against Manchester united. stay tuned for the opening game for Southampton v Manchester united
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11 yearsEdited

Welcome to sky sports Barclay's Premiership Our first match of the season kicks off with last seasons runners up Manchester United against the newly promoted side Southampton, Southampton have made a few changes to there line up having Luca Toni out for this game he could of been ready but the manager decided not to include him in the starting line up as his fitness was not to the standard and the manager replaced him with rickie lambert, in partnership with Suazo, our full line up is: Manchester United- DE GEA,PHIL JONES,VIDIC,FERDINAND,BAINES,GIGGS,CARRICK,NANI,ROONEY,A.YOUNG,VAN PERSIE. A tremendous line up and now for the
The match will be played in Old Trafford a nice warm afternoon 16 degrees
The match is already shaping out to be a thriller as Manchester have 7 attempts with in the first 10 min, its all been man united, lambert goes close in the 11th minute but hits the side netting and not causing trouble for DE GEA,on the 12th minute ROONEY has takes a thunder of a shot and BORUC just manages to get his finger tips to it conceding a corner for Manchester, nothing came of the corner.
Southampton quickly bounce back with another chance from RICKIE LAMBERT scorcher of a shot just skimming past the post on the 18th minute, NANI goes though the defense from a goal kick and shoots it past the goalkeeper and rattling the post on 28th minute.

Southampton are very lucky to be holding on so far, its a free kick to Manchester United GIGGS will take it looking for a run VIDIC does just that and heads it in the back of Southampton s net on 30th minute that's 1-0 to Manchester United.

Southampton kick off and and quickly lose possession to nani and gets a clear chance it must be but BORUC tips it off for the defender to clear on 31st minute.

ROONEY takes the throwing to A. YOUNG and scores and blinding shot wrapping his foot round it leaving BORUC standing on the 34th minute, it looks all but over for Southampton.
A.YOUNG again manages to snatch the ball of CLYDE and side foots the ball to the back of the net and that makes it 3-0 to Manchester United before the second half has even begun.

VAN PERSIE is injured in 44th minute and gets replaced for VALENCIA, ROONEY strikes again and scores but the linesman had his flag up, it was off side, 1 minute of injury time and all finished for the first half, FERGIE going in with a smile and ROBERTO looking furious. stay tuned for the second half update.

And the second is about to kick off,Southampton manager had a talking to the players to go out and no pressure,changing the balance to a more fluid game play and to go for an all out attack, no changes in both formation and the line up for Southampton is the same.Southampton start of with Rickie hitting the post bounced of and re hit it making sure it gone in thats 3-1,giggs made a good reply and scored a curl of a free kick, 4-1 to Manchester and only 10 minutes left, can Southampton at least equalize clyne comes and scores a goal through david suazo assist that's 4-2 Southampton are clawing there way up but only having 2 minutes left to play in stoppage there is little chance of Southampton claiming this one, that is it the referee blows his whistle and its 4-2 for Manchester United a spirited defeat for Southampton
Right people as i am very far behind i will have to make this season update quick as few posts as possible.

First of all i will give you all the results of last season on here first lot of fixtures

I have seen a lot of Soton stories starting, will be good to see how it goes... Good luck for the rest of the season.

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