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AC Milan: What Dreams Are Made Of

My AC Milan Story :)
Started on 9 February 2013 by Blue
Latest Reply on 16 February 2013 by Blue
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Why Milan?

There's a few of reasons for this. My main one is that our resident legend and moderator, Or Dabool, has managed to turn me into an AC Milan fan, which I'm not even sure how he's done it. Secondly, I want to see how much I can win at the San Siro. And last but not least, Mario Balotelli. I will miss him endlessly from City, and this is my chance to stay with him, sort of, in a non-creepy way.

Who Am I?

There's so many legends at Milan, it was difficult to choose one to go with. Van Basten, Gullit and Van Bommel all went through my head, but eventually I settled on Dutch maestro and Milan legend Clarence Seedorf. Keep reading to see how his Milan management career goes!

My Inspiration

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Good luck Ben, I hope that this can be even half the story your Sporting one is :)
2013-02-09 01:20#80408 The FM Rookie : Good luck Ben, I hope that this can be even half the story your Sporting one is :)
If it's double yours will still be better!
Good luck mate, I'm sure that will be a success. :D
good luck mate
Good Luck Blue, your stories are always great and I'm looking forward to a another fantastic run with Milan :D
Thanks guys! Just to be clear, I'm running this alongside Sporting, not instead of it. If I'm finding it too hard to cope with two, I'll stick with Sporting.
Yay, a Blue story! :D
Good Luck will be watching with intrigue have always liked Inter over AC maybe you can help me change my mind :)

Milan Sack Allegri!

AC Milan have sacked their manager Massimiliano Allegri following the 2011-12 season, in which his Milan team only won the Supercoppa Italiana, and finished second behind a resurgent Juvenus side who won the Serie A title.

Allegri took charge of I Rossoneri in 2010, and won the Serie A in his first season in charge, clinching the title by 6 points ahead of city rivals Internazionale. The next season he won the Italian Super Cup with a 2-1 win over Inter in Beijing, coming from behind to win his second trophy as Milan boss. That season in the league however, it was a different story. Juventus, who finished 7th in 2010-11, won the title by 4 points, and went unbeaten throughout the entire season which is an amazing achievement. Milan finished as runners-up to the Bianconeri, but Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has deemed this "unacceptable for a club of Milan's stature", and has sacked Allegri as a result. This has sparked wide-spread criticism from football journalists, who believe Allegri was too hastily sacked.

Milan are now on the lookout for a new manager, with some of the high-profile candidates for the job rumoured to be Guardiola, Di Matteo and KuPS manager Esa Pekonen, although apparently Milan legend Clarence Seedorf is interested on taking on the role. One thing is for certain, they would have to bring success.
I'm afraid Esa won't be taking the job, apparently he needs to "take a break" :P
2013-02-09 03:16#80432 The FM Rookie : I'm afraid Esa won't be taking the job, apparently he needs to "take a break" :P
Is he on a sabbatical in sunny Helsinki? :P

An Unlikely Twist

I sat in the reception of the corporate section at the San Siro. Everywhere was plush, and full of working people. I’d played here for ten years and never been in this part of the stadium. Today however, I was here on business. I’m Clarence Seedorf, and I want the AC Milan job. I know there’s lots of people who are better and more qualified than me for the job, but I want to stay in football following my unfortunate exit from my time in Brazil earlier this year, and where better than at the club I love.

I was still playing week in week out for Botafogo in Brazil, and I felt fit and almost as good as when I was in my prime. This one day in February, we faced Santos. Neymar, despite being the fantastic player he is, lost his head that day, and accidently broke my leg in a challenge. It wasn’t his fault, but I knew then it was time to end my career.

“Mr. Seedorf”, I heard a voice call. I looked up and saw the receptionist gesturing for me to go towards the boardroom. As I approached down a long corridor, I saw pictures of some of the fantastic players to have graced to red-and-black shirt of I Rossoneri. I looked back forwards, and saw none other than Roberto Di Matteo walking towards me. I gulped. There was no way I’d get chosen over him. My palms were sweating like crazy. I wanted to turn back but my legs wouldn’t let me. I kept walking and got to the door of the boardroom. I gingerly opened it, and felt a lot calmer when I did.

“Welcome Mr. Seedorf”, I heard someone say. I looked round and saw owner and chairman Silvio Berlusconi sat at the head of the table waiting for me, along with the rest of the directors. I sat down at the opposite end of the table, feeling very unconfident. “So Clarence, why do you think we should hire you?”

“Well, I feel that a big job like Milan definitely needs someone who knows the club well and knows how to win big games. I won 10 trophies in my time here, including two UEFA Champions Leagues, and I am confident I can replicate my success as a manager.”

“Milan are a club in a fair bit of debt. How easy do you think it would be to get this club back into a good financial state?”

“Well, obviously it won’t be easy, especially with the current financial climate outside of football too, but I look at the squad and I can see it needs very little improvement, meaning we can just concentrate on improving the finances.”

“I just have one more question. What do you want to achieve from the next three seasons here at the San Siro?”

“First I think at least two Serie A titles, as well as at least one Italian Cup. We also need to make our presence known as European contenders once again, so I think a final in the second season is a must.”

“Thank you for your time Mr. Seedorf. I am proud to inform you that we have decided unanimously to give you the job. If I’m honest, you were always going to get it, the interview was just a formality. When can you start?”

“Wow, thank you Mr. Berlusconi. This is a massive opportunity, and I won’t let you down. I can start next week, I just need to move my family and things like that.”

“I look forward to it with optimism Clarence.”

I walked back out of the boardroom grinning from ear to ear. Nothing was going to stop me from succeeding here.
That was a little... sudden.

2013-02-09 18:40#80447 Blue : “Thank you for your time Mr. Seedorf. I am proud to inform you that we have decided unanimously to give you the job. If I’m honest, you were always going to get it, the interview was just a formality. When can you start?”

If I was Berlusconi I wouldn't exactly be so sure about hiring a manager with no managerial experience & a recent retiree to take over a club like Milan, club legend or not.

Then again, FM stories aren't really FanFiction or professional storybooks so you don't have to pay attention to little details like that :P

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