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Rubin Kazan: Russia's Finest

Started on 13 March 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 11 May 2013 by Jer
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October 2012 Results

Rubin Kazan 2-0 KAA Gent (Europa League Group)

4-1-2-1-2: Arluaskis, Sharonov, Navas, Marcano , Ururu, M'Vila, Ryazantsev, Eremenko , Natkho, Rondon, Dyadyun

Subs on: Tore, Ansaldi, Portnyagin

Goals: Dyadyun (13) Natkho (71)

Tore (2-3 days)

MOTM: Navas 8.5 (Kazan)

Anzhi 0-2 Rubin Kazan

4-1-2-1-2: Arlauskis, Sharonov, Navas, Marcano, Ansaldi, M'Vila, Ryazantsev, Eremenko, Natkho, Rondon, Dyadyun

Subs on: None

Goals: Dyadyun (23) Navas (62)

MOTM: Navas 9.0(Kazan)

Rubin Kazan 1-0 Krylja Sovetov

4-1-2-1-2: Ryhzhikov, Cadu, Navas, Marcano, Ansaldi, M'Vila, Ryazantsev, Tore, Portnyagin Rondon, Dyadyun

Subs on: None

Goals: Dyadyun (47)

MOTM: Navas 8.3 (Kazan)

Rubin Kazan 1-1 Newcastle (Europa League Group)

4-1-2-1-2: Ryhzhikov, Kuzmin, Navas, Marcano, Ansaldi, M'Vila, Ryazantsev, Eremenko, Tore, Rondon , Dyadyun

Subs on: Kaleshin

Goals: Tore (23)

MOTM: Navas 8.8 (Kazan)

CSKA Moscow 2-0 Rubin Kazan

4-1-2-1-2: Ryhzhikov, Kaleshin, Navas, Marcano, Ansaldi , M'Vila, Orbaiz, Eremenko, Natkho, Rondon, Dyadyun

Subs on: Ururu, Cadu

Goals: None

Orbaiz (2-3 weeks) Kaleshin (4-5 weeks)

MOTM: Navas 8.2 (Kazan)

Rostov 1-2 Rubin Kazan

Boreham: Ryhzhikov, Sharonov, Navas, Marcano, Ansaldi, M'Vila, Ryazantsev, Eremenko, Natkho, Rondon, Dyadyun

Subs on: None

Goals: Rondon (78, 90)

MOTM: Rondon 8.8 (Kazan)


This was a mixed month but not too bad. The league defeat to Moscow has hurt, but I will be aiming for revenge against them in the cup. The draw against Newcastle wasn't too bad, and we dominated play alot. I am happy to pick up a few more wins now, and there were some excellent performances by the team together. Squad morale is high right now.

Player of the Month:


And once again, the defensive dynamo has grabbed the award again. He had solid displays in all games, gaining the highest Kazan rating in all but one, the final game. The goal against Anzhi also helped him alot. Salomon Rondon took second and Vladimir Dyadyun grabbed third.
Great updates mate. The CSKA Moscow match should be challenge, but you should progress. I also liked the Tore update, and he repaid his faith by scoring against Newcastle!
PaukerJ: Thanks :) Looking forward to the match will be a toughie but can't wait. If I win that, the cup is definitely in reach. And fair play to him for that, but besides the goal he hasn't been great. Has an amazing potential though, so I will use him. To be honest I thought I was using him more than that until I checked, I actually really like him!
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11 yearsEdited

Scandal Uncovered!

Today is a day that has shocked the footballing world. We at Sky Sports News are able to bring you the latest information on the scandal hitting France and Russia. Andrei Kanchelskis, the new manager at Rubin Kazan, has been suggested to be having an affair with the girlfriend of another football manager. Adam Brownsword, manager of Ligue 2 side AS Monaco has become known for his antics off the field, including the on-off relationship with Ashleigh Murphy.

Many fans of AS Monaco wondered how someone like Adam was able to get such a dazzling, elegant woman such as Ashleigh, but now all has been revealed. Andrei was recently caught with Ashleigh, where reports from neighbours suggested the use of 'whips and chains' and 'ghastly sounds' coming from the house of Russian Kanchelskis.

Despite his recent successes with Rubin Kazan, taking them to a win in the Super Cup, as well as top of the league and into the next round of the Russian Cup, Andrei Kanchelskis may announce his retirement from football, or departure from the club in the next few days. Adam is thought to be happy at the club, with no intention to leave, while some reports say Murphy may be offered a role as Physio at the club.

However, could this already be the end of the Kanchelskis Era?

More to follow...
Just a quick question, is anyone actually reading my story? And if you are, is there anything you think I should improve on or change?

Update coming soon guys. Will finish October and update you all on the scandal!

(And my name has changed from FM_Devil. to just Devil. now.)
I'm reading the story ,and i'm really enjoying it.Keep it up !
Donatt: Thanks, I am really enjoying writing the story and wouldn't stop, it's just interesting to see who is reading..

Off topic, but just to say, I have started a thread for Custom Facepacks. If you are interested in either a player, a selection of players or a whole team, check out the thread HERE
I'm reading :D
I'm reading :P
I'm reading. I'm reading a lot.I just don't comment much.

New Kits For Kazan

Rubin Kazan are delighted to announce a new sponsorship deal with FMScout and Justice96 until 2014. The sponsorship will result in a boost of funding, although it is expected manager Kanchelskis will receive none of this to boost the squad, as well as new kits for the club.

Rubin Kazan unveiled the new kits in a press conference, during the announcement of big news for Andrei, with the situation being announced soon. Rubin announced their new sponsor at the start of the press conference, with players such as Bibras Natkho, Salomon Rondon and Cristian Ansaldi all modelling the new kits.

The club have kept the colourway and style, but changed the sponsor. The club chairman met with a representative from Nike to discuss the kits, and Nike announced they are happy to keep their sponsorship going with the new sponsors. TAIF-NK decided to cancel their sponsorship due to going into adminstration, and could not simply fund the team any more.

The news on the Kanchelskis Scandal will follow soon...
AdamBFM: Haha, I know you are! You're in my story, I bloody hope you'd be reading it! But hey, the scandal will be ending in my next post. Are you lucky? You knows... Me! :P

PaukerJ: I know you're having a read. Thank you for your comments throughout the story. Although I am also writing this for my enjoyment and entertainment, comments from others really help and spur me on. Thanks again.

LJO200: Thanks, I didn't realise you were reading. Always nice to find new people reading. Hope you like the story so far. :D

Scandal Outcome!

Today, both Andrei Kanchelskis and Adam Brownsword met with the press to announce their outcome over the 'apparent scandal'. In our previous report on the situation, we stated:

...the use of 'whips and chains' and 'ghastly sounds' coming from the house of Russian Kanchelskis.

We are sorry to announce that the allegations made here were incorrect. Due to the reports, we suggested an affair was taken place. We have now found out what had happened. The use of whips and chains was instead sound coming from a computer, due to Kanchelskis and Murphy playing Final Fantasy together online. The ghastly sounds, including speech such as 'hit me' and 'yes!!!' was infact from a game of Blackjack played by the two.

Andrei and Ashleigh had met up to decide a possible job opportunity as a physio for Rubin Kazan. However, after further discussion, they came to the conclusion Ashleigh didn't want to leave partner Adam in Monaco. As a result, Ashleigh decided to take a job as Pyshio in Monaco and Kanchelskis decided just a friendship was needed.

However, at the end of the press conferences when Brownsword had left, Kanchelskis did make a statement on Murphy, saying:

Although me and Ashleigh did not have an, err, affair, she is a very sexy lady, and if she wanted an affair, she knows where I live. I, err, think she will do excellent at Monaco, but could of course, do better at Rubin. I wish her the very best though.
LOL nice "scandal" there, hope you didn't have too much fun :P
Brilliant stuff Devil :) Keep it going :)

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