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Rubin Kazan: Russia's Finest

Started on 13 March 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 11 May 2013 by Jer
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Why Rubin Kazan?

Kazan are a team I have only recently looked into, and looked at their squad more. I like a few of their players, and think they have potential.

I put them into a poll with four other teams, Manchester United, PSG and Fenerbahce, and Rubin Kazan gained the most votes (8) to become my team for this story.

Who Am I?

I am 44 year old Russian Andrei Kanchelskis. Andrei played for top teams such as Everton, Manchester United and City, Rangers and Southampton. Kanchelskis also previously managed FC Usa.

Index - Rubin Kazan

Dang it! I voted PSG! Ah well, I'll follow anyway :)
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Berdyev Sacked!

Kurban Berdyev has shockingly been sacked from his position as manager of Rubin Kazan. Berdyev took over in 2001, in which he created a new era for Rubin Kazan and made them the club they are today. However, it was today that club chairman Valery Sorokin announced the end of his time at the Russian club.

It is unsure why he has been sacked, although rumours are spreading across the internet and the Russian media that Berdyev was secretly taking money from the club, while telling other the board the money was being spent on Affiliated clubs, trying to boost the reserves and youth squads across the world.

Two main managers are favourite for the role at the club. Harry Redknapp is the favourite to get the job, with odds of 3/1 given by Sky Sports News. However, at 5/1 Kazan player Roman Sharonov is also ranked highly for the job, with the possibility of an early retirement to fill the role. Shockingly, it is suggested that a leak from the official club website has stated that Andrei Kanchelskis has met with the club to attempt to fill the vacant position.

More to follow...
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Kazan Welcome Kanchelskis

Rubin Kazan have announced their new manager - Andrei Kanchelskis. It seems the leaked rumours were true, as the ex player and manager took over. Kanchelskis beat off possible candidate Harry Redknapp, which was followed with a statement by club chairman:

"We were never even thinking of asking Redknapp to take the job. We had no interest in signing the old man and I think he is one of the most overrated managers in English football. I can't stand Redknapp and would never sign him. Kanchelskis is our man for sure, he will bring success!"

Meanwhile, Rubin Kazan captain Roman Sharanov denied suggestions to him retiring to take the job. After the club released a statement on the situation with Harry Redknapp, Roman decided to follow up by also discussing his speculation:

"I love the club, but I also love playing. I still feel I can play for another three years, maybe five. I still feel I am a valuable player and I wish Kanchelskis the very best at the club. I like Redknapp, but the club have made the right decision bringing in Andrei."

Andrei will be given a contract worth £3.5k p/w lasting until June 2013
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Andrei's First Press Conference

J - Journalist
AK - Andrei Kanchelskis

J - Let's get things started, but firstly, welcome to Russia Andrei.

AK - Welcome? I never left.

J - What are you going to be doing about the transfers recently made at the club?

AK - Some excellent signings were made, and I'll be sure to involve them all.

J - What do you think are your targets for this season?

AK - I think this season we have to challenge for the league title, and definitely challenge for the Europa League. A cup would also be nice.

J - What do you think of the staff setup here?

AK - There not great. I will make changes, and I will bring in some new staff. I don't like saying it, but that's just the way it is.

J- Do you think the squad needs much improvement?

AK - Slightly, but not too much. However, if battling in Europe, then yes. We do.

J - What kind of tactics will you be aiming to use here?

AK - I have three tactics I am aim to use, but whether they work is currently unknown.

J - Okay, thanks for your time. Good luck at Rubin Kazan.
A very nice start, good luck :)
LJO200: PSG were definitely a possibility. Kazan and PSG were the two teams I wanted to do most. I'm glad they got first and second, and after a season or two, if there is a possibility of moving to PSG, I will certainly be tempted. Keep an eye out for it, but thanks.

Justice96: I'm trying to make this story one of my more detailed, longer, and more exciting stories, to both play and read. I'm glad your enjoying it, and thank you, I try my best. :P
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10 yearsEdited

Rubin Kazan Squad

My first job as manager of Rubin Kazan was to look at the squad. I looked at all players individually, looking at the current ability and potential ability, squad depth, possible depatures and areas for improvements.


Sergey Ryzhikov CA PA
Giedrius Arlauskis CA PA


Oleg Kuzmin CA PA
Vitaly Kaleshin CA PA
Cristian Ansaldi CA PA
Ivan Marcano CA PA
Roman Sharonov CA PA
Cesar Navas CA PA


Yann M'Vila CA PA
Roman Eremenko CA PA
Pablo Orbaiz CA PA
Siarky Kisliak CA PA
Alexandr Ryazantsev CA PA
Gokhan Tore CA PA
Alan Kasaev CA PA
Alexey Eremenko CA PA
Bibras Natkho CA PA
Gokdenis Karadentz CA PA


Igor Portnyagin CA PA
Vladmir Dyadyn CA PA
Salomon Rondon CA PA


MF - Carlos Eduardo CA PA
ST - Nelson Valdez CA PA
ST - Sergey Davydov CA PA

Squad Review:

I feel the goalkeepers need improving. Squad depth is needed in this position. The defence is average. Some players, a fairly good squad depth and generally good players. Maybe one or two defenders may be needed to just bulk it up. The midfield seems the best position in the squad. Solid depth in the team, and some top, brilliant players. I doubt I will change anything in the midfield. Strikers need a change. I need a lot more squad depth, and I need more players with quality, if I will have any chance to succeed and score often.

Rubin Kazan: Club Overview

Rubin Kazan is a Russian association football club based in the city of Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan).

Rubin won the Russian Premier League championship in 2008 and 2009. FC Rubin Kazan was previously called "Iskra" from 1958 to 1964, and then "Rubin-TAN" from 1992 to 1993. Having never played in the Soviet Top League, the football club joined the Russian First Division in 1992 and fell to the Russian Second Division in 1994.

The mayor of Kazan at the time, Kamil Iskhakov, purchased the team in 1996. Rubin won the Second Division in 1997 and was promoted back to the First Division the following season. The next four seasons, the team consistently finished above eighth place. Finally winning the title in 2002, Rubin was promoted to the Russian Premier League for the first time in 2003.

Rubin finished third in its debut season to qualify for the UEFA Cup. The team faced a temporary setback in the 2004 campaign finishing in tenth place, but 2005 saw them finish fourth, again qualifying for the team for the UEFA Cup.


Top Training Facilities
Average Youth Facilities
Above Average Youth Recruitment

Affiliated Clubs


2012-13 Season Expectations

This season the Kazan board expects the club to challenge for a UEFA Champions League spot.


£1.25 million transfer budget
£635 thousand wage budget
Really good start mate, will be following! :)
Good start mate. I was wondering if you could do a cool ass banner like yours for my Tenrife story :P?
Neal09: thanks mate, it's great to know people are enjoying the story so far!

PaukerJ: thanks, and sure thing. I'll give it a go after school, should be done by about 5, I'll post in the banner topic when done. :)
Rubin without Salvatore Bocchetti, what's the point? :(
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10 yearsEdited
Liverbird: I know, I know, I did think the same. He was a great player for the team, shame I won't get to use him! ;)

Andrei Hits Back At Critics!

Andrei Kanchelskis has hit back at the critics immediately. With comments unfolding all around the world, one caught the attention of Kanchelskis the most. Liverbird, who is known for his previous spells at clubs such as , asked the footballing world a question: Rubin without Salvatore Bocchetti, what's the point?

Andrei immediately commented on the situation after hearing about this:

Yes Bocchetti was a wonderful manager. He was a tactical genius, a managing wizard and made Rubin what they are today. But players and managers must move on. What Salvatore has done to the club cannot be forgotten, and now this is my time. My time to extend on the work of Bocchetti, my time to make Rubin Kazan world beaters. My time to win.

Many pundits and players have reacted positively to this, but most notably the players at Kazan. They agreed that Andrei was the man they wanted, and many said how they can't wait to work him in. Most notably, the team captain and many others wished him the best of luck at the club.

You are reading "Rubin Kazan: Russia's Finest".

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