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An Englishman in France

Started on 15 March 2013 by AdamBFM
Latest Reply on 20 March 2013 by AlexSonwild
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"Claudio Ranieri Resigns From AS Monaco"

Ranieri stepped down from AS Monaco today after managing them for nearly over a year. This has shocked all fans and football fans. Dmitry Rybolovlev stated today "We will be looking for a new manager as soon as possible. It was sad to see Claudio resign but I'm passionate that the next manager will be able to bring success".

Ranieri managed top teams in Italy such as Juventus,Roma and Internazionale before Monaco where he signed a 2 year contract which he didn't wanna carry on as we all found out today.
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Good luck with this mate. I tried to get it going but it just didn't work out. Has a lot of potential tho.

Dear Diary, I heard Claudio Ranieri resigned from AS Monaco and I'm actually considering about sending my CV to Dmitry Rybolovlev in France but I have never had any experience of managing a football team.

I've looked into there squad and they have a lot of potential and they look quite a good team but the language barrier is gonna be a problem but I'll learn French in no time. So I'm gonna book a flight to Monaco as I rather give in my CV myself.
Nice start, good luck mate :)

"Unknown Englishman?"

Adam Brownsword is a 25 year old Englishman that was spotted out side Stade Louis II with a big briefcase which we expect to have his CV in. Dmitry Rybolovlev was seen shaking the Englishmans hand and leading him into the boardroom. Dmitry Rybolovlev has announced "Adam is a nice guy and sounds great for the job. We now have to wait to see if Adam accepts contract"

Dear Diary, I managed to email Dmitry whilst on the plane attaching my CV and asking if it would be possible to meet and discuss about the mangerial vacancy. When i landed he met me in the airport with a car waiting to take us to Stade Louis II. When i got there he directed me to the boardroom where we discussed my history and he seemed very happy and he started discussing contract terms. I didn't expect him to offer me a contract then I explained to him that I would be happy to sign but I wanted to sleep on it first so I was exactly sure it was the right decision. At the moment I will sign it and hopefully I can bring success to Monaco.
Nice writing so far, diary entries remind me of a certain Killymoon Rangers story, for those of you who remember XDD
Good luck :)
Nice start, good luck :)

"Brownsword Accepts Contract"

Once again unknown Adam Brownsword went in to the managerial office in Monaco. Dmitry Rybolovlev came out after a couple of hours in the office with the Englishman he had this to say "I'm pleased to announce that Adam Brownsword has accepted a 1 year deal worth £6,250 p/w and we are hopefull he can bring success home to where it belongs!"

Dear Diary, I decided to accept the 1 year contract and my first objective is to get Monaco promoted and I believe we can do it. Dmitry welcomed me and explained that I have a press-confrence soon and to be honest I'm quite excited to go and meet the journalists but I am prepared for the mind games from other managers and got some of my own.
Nice update. As a tip, try using headings to make your title stand out more. I use the bbcode (h2)____(/h2) USE [] INSTEAD OF ()

It looks like this.

JR = Journalist
AB = Adam Brownsword

JR - Adam Welcome to France what convinced you to come here?

AB - Thank you and I was reading the newspaper and i saw Claudio resigned and I think I was more shocked than everone else was. I was currently unemployed too and looking for a job and I thought I'll fly over and hand in my CV

JR - Did you ever think you would be where you are now?

AB - No of course not. I dreamt of being a footballer not a manager.

JR - Do you think the language difference will be hard to work with

AB - At the begining but I think we'll be fine after a while]

JR - Adam Thank You for your time


Dear Diary, I have confirmed some signings and have some more to complete and start negotiations. We have are last friendly today against Chelsea I think we're nearly ready for the season just tatics need to be learnt and team needs to bond more and I think we'll achieve promotion.
Nice start, good luck mate!

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