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An Englishman in France

Started on 15 March 2013 by AdamBFM
Latest Reply on 20 March 2013 by AlexSonwild
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The Special one I think 4 stars ans £10m and Glenn hes decent

Brownsword Is A Tatical Genius!"

When AS Monaco lost there first two games in the league Brownsword knew it was time to change the tatics and when he did they started to get a wins in row and build confidence. Ibrahima Toure has spoke about his manager "He gave me confidence and I think playing me up front on my own is working and the two attacing mifielders behind me setting me up and them scoring sometimes". So it's looking bright in the AS Monaco changing room.
That's a nice tactic, I hope it works wonders :)
AdamBFM's avatar Group AdamBFM
7 yearsEdited


Ligue 2 Game Ten
AS Monaco 1-0 Chateauroux
(AS Monaco) Giorgos Tzavellas (40)
(AS Monaco) Andreas Wolf

Ligue 2 Game Eleven
Angers SCO 4-3 AS Monaco
(Angers SCO) Yoric Ravet (12)
(Angers SCO) Claudiu Keseru (16,45+1)
(Angers SCO) Richard Socrier (22)
(AS Monaco)Zdenek Ondrasek (27,85)
(AS Monaco) Giorgos Tzavellas
(Angers SCO) Claudi Keseru

Ligue 2 Game Twelve
AS Monaco 2-0 FC Nantes
(AS Monaco) Valrie Germain (19)
(AS Monaco) Mounir Obbadi (90+1)

"Another Decent Month For Monaco"


Ligue 2 Game Thirteen
Chamois Niortais FC 3-2 AS Monaco
(AS Monaco) Zdenek Ondrasek (15)
(Chamois Niortais FC) Jimmy Roye (17)
(Chamois Niortais FC) Nicolas Pallois (68)
(AS Monaco) Giorgos Tzavellas (75)
(AS Monaco) Mounir Obbadi (89)
(AS Monaco) Gary Kagelmacher

Ligue 2 Game Fourteen
AS Monaco 0-2 AJ Auxerre

French Cup Seventh Round
St-Pryve St Gilaire 0-4 AS Monaco
(AS Monaco) Valere Germain (15)
(AS Monaco) Gregory Sertic (65)
(AS Monaco) Giorgos Tzavellas (85(
(AS Monaco) Zdenek Ondrasek (86)
(AS Monaco) Giorgos Tzavellas

Ligue 2 Game Fifthteen
Clermont Foot 0-1 AS Monaco]
(AS Monaco) Zdenek Ondrasek (62)
(AS Monaco) Gary Kagelmacher


Dear Diary, three wins this month and one loss. Each month we seem to be losing at least one match but still we're winning at least once a month which is good. Gary Kagelmacher has really impressed me with picking up 2 man of the match awards this month. overall its been a success full month.
AdamBFM's avatar Group AdamBFM
7 yearsEdited

December Part One

Ligue 2 Game Sixteen
AS Monaco 2-0 CS Sedan Ardennes
(AS Monaco) Haris Vuckic (4)
(AS Monaco) Gary Kagelmacher (15)

(AS Monaco) Gary Kagelmacher

French Cup Eighth Round
FC Libourne 1-4 AS Monaco
(AS Monaco)Zdenek Ondrasek (4,8,82)
(FC Libourne) Mateo Rossetti (pen 32)
(AS Monaco) Giorgos Tzavellas (34)
Zdenek Ondrasek

December Part Two

Ligue 2 Game 17
Caen 1-1 AS Monaco

Ligue 2 game 18
AS Monaco 1-0 Nimes Olympique
(AS Monaco) Andreas Wolf (43)
(AS Monaco) Andreas Wolf

Ligue 2 Game 19
LE MANS 4-2 AS Monaco


Ligue 2 Game 20
AS Monaco 2-2 Stade Lavallois
(Stade Lavallois) Ghislain Gimbert (13)
(Stade Lavallois) Julien Viale (16)
(AS Monaco) Zdenek Ondrasek (36)
(AS Monaco) Mounir Obbadi (73)

Ligue 2 Game 21
FC Istres 0-1 AS Monaco
(AS Monaco) Mikkel Diskerud (32)

(AS Monaco) Nacer Barazite

Ligue 2 Game 22
AS Monaco 1-0 En Avant De Guingamp
(AS Monaco) Zdenek Ondrasek (40)
(AS Monaco) Andreas Wolf
You're doing very well Adam, keep it up :)


Ligue 2 Game 23
AC Arles-Avigon 4-5 AS Monaco
(AC Arles-Avigon) Karim Yoda (7)
(AS Monaco) Jano (15,36,68)
(AS Monaco) Zdenek Ondrasek (32)
(AS Monaco) Nacer Barazite (41)
(AC Arles-Avigon) Kanga Akale (45+2)
(AC Arles-Avigon) Raphael Caceres(66,76)
(AS Monaco) Jano

Ligue 2 Game 24
AS Monaco 0-0 Havre AC
(AS Monaco) Jean-Sylvain Babin

Ligue 2 Game 25
Dijon FCO 3-2 AS Monaco

Ligue 2 Game 26
AS Monaco 1-0 RC Lens
(AS Monaco) Mikkel Diskerud (9)
"Monaco Produces Amazing Regens"


Ligue 2 Game 27
GFC Ajaccio 4-1 AS Monaco

Ligue 2 Game 28
Chateauroux 3-3 AS Monaco
(Chateauroux)Benjamin Jeanot(13,40)
(AS Monaco) Zdenek Ondrasek (26)
(AS Monaco) Gregory Sertic (39)
(Chateauroux) Yohan Hautcoeur (pen 87)
(AS Monaco) Nacer Barazite (90+1)
(Chateauroux) Benjamin Jeannot

Ligue 2 game 29
AS Monaco 1-1 Angers SCO

Ligue 2 Game 30
FC Nantes 4-1 AS Monaco
Doing well, good story so far. The tactic seems interesting, hope it works out for you. Will be following for sure. Good luck :D


Ligue 2 Game 31
AS Monaco 3-1 Chamois Niortais FC
(AS Monaco) Jakob Poulsen (20)
(AS Monaco) Valere Germain (24)
(AS Monaco) Nacer Barazite (Pen 32)
(Chamois Niortais FC) Simon Hebras (85)
(AS Monaco) Jakob Poulsen

Ligue 2 Game 32
AJ Auxerre 4-3 AS Monaco

Ligue 2 Game 33
AS Monaco 4-1 Clermont Foot

Ligue 2 Game 34
CS Sedan Ardennes 0-2 AS Monaco

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