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Sporting CP - A Journey Back In Time

My Sporting Lisbon story :)
Started on 10 May 2013 by Blue
Latest Reply on 2 June 2013 by Blue
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2013-05-12 22:52#100406 Glenn T : Accidentally gave James a thank you for his post up there :))

Great update as always, Blue. Mattheus Sr and Jr huh :P
Just wait until you find out I've signed Mattheus :P
Along way to go to reach your former heights, but still a milestone to be happy with! :)

Congrats! :)
Whoops. Matthaus :))

Congratulations on 500 views! Merely a matter of time before 50k ;)

EDIT: Congratulations on Super Admin too. I don't think I'll be able to catch you on chat again at least until I return to my computer so I'm wishing you now. Once again congratulations :D

Matthaus' First Press Interview

J - Journalist

LM - Lothar Matthaus

J - Hi Lothar. Great to talk to you! So, let's get on with this. How does it feel to be back in club management?

LM - It feels really good, and I'm glad to be given a chance at such a big club like Sporting, the facilities and the players here are great.

J - Obviously you've got a lot to live up to, after what you're dad did in his time here. How do you think you'll be able to match up?

LM - I think it's going to be very difficult, I'm not going to sugar-coat it, but with the players we have here, and the staff here too, we can go better than he did!

J - What kind of transfers do you expect to be making this year?

LM - Well, despite the amount of key players sold and loaned out, we don't have that much money, so we'll mainly have to look more towards loans and free transfers.

J - What do you think are realistic targets for your team this season?

LM - I think this season we should realistically be putting a good challenge for the league title, and also winning one of the domestic cups. A good run in Europe would also be really helpful, as it could make us some much-needed money.

J - Alright, thanks for talking to us Lothar, you're always great to talk to!

LM - You too, I expect we'll be seeing a lot of each other!
I actually demand you win the Uefa Cup, it should be something your team can win, and when it comes to tactics you should be able to pull it off :)
2013-05-15 18:06#101152 RandydeB : I actually demand you win the Uefa Cup, it should be something your team can win, and when it comes to tactics you should be able to pull it off :)
Thanks Randy :) you'll be able to see the tactic I actually created in the next update!

EDIT: 50th reply!
50 replies already, and there's not been many updates. This is when you know everyone on the site is following ;) No pressure!
A great update Blue. Are you further ahead with the save than the story is? I want more updates to keep up with!
All of those targets are certainly achievable with your managerial ability. I'm sure you'll make some good signings as always. :)
i havent been that active the last few days, had no idea you started over as Sporting :D i love that youve went back to them as i did Rangers, hopefully we can both have long and successful careers with our clubs and not get that itch to leave if a big club came calling :D

good luck, hope it can be as good as the last :D


Lothar Matthaus walked into his office after a long day of meetings and interviews, and sat down at his desk. He tried to relax, but noticed a note on his desk from his assistant manager, Oceano Cruz.

Oceano Cruz:
Hi Lothar,

Just thought you might like to have a talk about tactics for the upcoming season? I've prepared three here, so tell me what you think, and we'll try them in pre-season.

I think this 4-5-1 should be our first-choice tactic. It compliments the players we have, and also allows us to control the midfield. Created with no experience, so needs to be tested.

This should be one of our backup tactics, as it compliments our players, but is very attacking so might not be the most suitable tactic for big games. A tried and tested formation by other managers, so should be successful if needed.

Here's a tactic very similar to the kind employed by your father, and we all know how successful that was! We don't really have enough quality in central midfield to pull it off game-after-game, so will have to be backup. On the plus side, we know it works!

Matthaus typed a quick email to Cruz telling him to test the tactics out in pre-season, before packing up his things, and sneaking home before anyone could catch him and drag him into another meeting.
Thanks for all the support you guys :) all the support for so few updates is amazing!
Great tactics there mate!
I like the tactics, and there was me Looking for a user named Oceano Cruz. Yes, I'm that stupid :(
I see a Tiki Taka tactic in there :D
great tactics i really should try out the 1st tactic though but atm my own 4-2-3-1 amc version is so nice that i don't want to try another tactic :(

Anyway may the Ball be with you

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