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(Discontinued due to Steam being retards) Once in a Blue Moon...

Started on 14 May 2013 by TCO
Latest Reply on 17 May 2013 by TCO
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Edit: I am not sure how regular this story will be, as I have to balance the youtube one, with this.

“Every once in a blue moon, something new comes along that scrambles your preconceptions...”

Once in a Blue Moon...

Next Manager Odds

Who am I?

Manuel Pellegrini
Good luck mate, will follow! I am dedicating my 800th post to this thread!

Pellegrini Interview

Wednesday 15th June, Manchester...

"Mr. Pellegrini, first of all welcome to Manchester, I assume you have come over for a reason? Is that reason that you are the confirmed manager of Manchester City, following Roberto Mancini's departure?"

"No, I am not the confirmed manager of Manchester City, as there is no 'confirmed' manager"

"So tell us, Manuel, what is your business here?"

"I do not wish to comment on the matter"

"Are you going to comment on any matter?"


"Why not?"

"Simply because I do not wish to."

"Are you, erm, sure?"


"Oh, well clearly there is something being hidden Pellegrini, is there anything you can tell us?"

"All I will say is that I will be managing in England through the 2013/14 season. Thank you for having me, but I must be off."

city is getting a new manager :) and he is named TCO
anyway great start of the story so far keep it up
Good start mate and an interesting interview with the new manager :p
I bet Pellegrini joins United :P
Nah Louis, I don't think he does;)
I look forward to seeing how this progresses, there is already speculation about Aguero leaving so lets see if the virtual world reflects the real world :)
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Manchester City in talks with Pellegrini

"It has been circulating the news for a while now that current Malaga manager, Manuel Pellegrini was on the verge of replacing the now vacant Manchester City managerial position after the sudden departure of Roberto Mancini, and is now said to be at the Etihad stadium, in talks with the City board, more news will be brought on the matter as it is released. This is George Evans reporting for Sky Sports News.
I may dislike Citeh but I wish you good luck! :)
I hate them too, but hey ho, I might go full on twat, sell all the 'good' players, and lose;)
Good luck TCO :) also, it's "Pellegrini" not Pelegrini :P
What on earth are you talking about Blue, it already said that;) Taa bud.

Malaga stick two fingers up at Pellegrini

Nice idea. I've got Moyes at United, youve got Pellegrini at City. Our stories link! :P

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