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FM13 Extra Wonderkid Generator

Started on 26 May 2013 by Gabe
Latest Reply on 3 July 2014 by Arzenballodj
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Gabe's avatar Group Gabe
10 yearsEdited
This is basically the same as *a thread on a different fansite* however it is no longer active so I figured that it would be an idea to make something similar. Basically, you post a player using this template, which again is basically the same as the thread above's:
Name -
Ethnicity - (Northern European,Mediterranean/Hispanic,North African/Caribbean,Asian,South East Asian,Pacific Islander,Native American,Native Australian or Mixed Race Black/White)
Hair Colour -
Skin Tone - (1 = very white --> 20 = very black)
Place of birth -
Date of birth (1991-1997) -
Primary Nationality -
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - (EDIT can we not have 563785234 of these per player, everyone is picking loads! :p)
Club: - (team you play for)
Favourite Club(s) -
Favourite Personnel -
Height (cm) -
Weight (kg) -
Foot -
Position(s) -
Strengths (no more than 5) -
Weaknesses (no more than 5) -

They'll all have a PA of between -8 and -10, which I will randomly decide for each player.

For example;
Name : Gabe Milne
Ethnicity : Northern Europe
Hair Colour: Black
Skin Tone: 5
Date of Birth: 19th November 1996
City of Birth: Newcastle
Nationality: English
Other Nationalities: Israel, United States
Club: Newcastle United
Favourite Club: Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Hull City
Favourite Personnel: Adam Campbell, Sammy Ameobi
Height : 168cm
Weight : 53kg
Foot: Left
Position(s): Midfielder (Left) Attacking Midfielder (Left/Centre)
Strengths: Pace, Dribbling, Acceleration, Flair, Work Rate
Weaknesses: Weak Foot Ability


EXAMPLES - Where are the first batch in 2015?

Rablador's avatar Group Rablador
10 yearsEdited
Name(shhhhh): Robert McLaren
Ethnicity: Northern European
Hair Colour: Brunette?
Skin Tone: 6
Place of Birth: Dundee, Scotland
Date of Birth: 25/12/1996 (Not Really but shhhhh again)
Primary Nationality: Scottish
National Eligibilities: England, Netherlands
Club: Arbroath
Favourite Clubs: Celtic, Arbroath, Schalke, Bologna
Favourite Personnel: Henrik Larsson, Steven Doris, Keisuke Honda, Gary Hooper
Height: Dunno :P About 175cm perhaps?
Weight: Cheeky little b****rd :L Just put 60kg
Foot: Right
Position(s): CB, LB
Strengths: Tackling, Pace, Strength, Determination, Jumping
Weaknesses: Composure, Heading, Acceleration
Better? :P
Name - Matthew Gullidge
Ethnicity - Northern Europe
Hair Colour - Blonde
Skin Tone - 11
Place of birth - Wegberg, Germany
Date of birth - 28th May 1991
Primary Nationality - English
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - German
Club: - Borussia Dortmund
Favourite Club(s) - Peterborough United, Borussia Dortmund
Favourite Personnel - Sebastian Kehl
Height (cm) - 155cm
Weight (kg) - 73kg
Foot - Right
Position(s) - Fullback
Strengths (no more than 5) - Tackling, Technique, Composure, Decisions, Teamwork
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - Finishing, Corners, Long Shots, Long Throws, Strength
Name -Joshua Bean
Ethnicity - Northern European/British
Hair Colour -Blonde
Skin Tone - 6
Place of birth - Kettering
Date of birth -24.10.1996
Primary Nationality - English
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities -Germany, Romania, Ireland.
Club: - Manchester United
Favourite Club(s) -Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United and Northampton Town
Favourite Personnel - Fergie, Jurgen Klopp, Marco Reus, Phil Jones, David De Gea and Nick Powell
Height (cm) - 185
Weight (kg) - 69.8
Foot - Right
Position(s) -CM or DCM
Strengths (no more than 5) -Passing, Creativity, First touch, Tecnique and Team Work
Weaknesses (no more than 5) -Corners, Free-Kicks, Long Throws, Jumping and Aggression
Name - Joe Jones
Ethnicity - Northern European
Hair Colour - Blonde
Skin Tone - 8
Place of birth - Manchester, United Kingdom
Date of birth - 5th July 1997
Primary Nationality - English
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - Welsh, Brazilian
Club: - Everton
Favourite Club(s) - Everton, Stockport County
Favourite Personnel - Lionel Messi, Ross Barkley
Height (cm) - 189
Weight (kg) - 40
Foot - left
Position(s) - CB, DM
Strengths (no more than 5) - Tackling, Influence, Aggression, Pace, Finishing
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - Technique, Creativity
Name - Gurdit Singh
Ethnicity - Asian
Hair Colour - Black
Skin Tone - 14
Place of birth - India
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 1995
Primary Nationality - Indian
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - English
Club: - Random
Favourite Club(s) - Man Utd
Favourite Personnel - Sir Alex Ferguson
Height (cm) - 175 cm
Weight (kg) - 80 kg
Foot - Right
Position(s) - DM
Strengths (no more than 5) - Anticipation, Positioning, Work Rate, Teamwork, Decisions
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - Stamina, Jumping, Composure, Crosses,
The first release will include up to and including Gurdit. I'm doing it now.
Name - Moses Zakari
Ethnicity - Whatever is the most Black ethnicity xD (West African?)
Hair Colour - Black
Skin Tone - 18
Place of birth - Accra, ghana
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 1997
Primary Nationality - Ghana
Secondary Nationality - England
Club: - Newcastle
Favourite Club(s) - Newcastle, Liberty Professionals (Ghana), AC Milan, Real Madrid
Favourite Personnel - Gabe Milne :) , James Kwesi Appiah, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Mario Balotelli
Height (cm) - 177
Weight (kg) - 88
Foot - Both
Position(s) - Striker
Strengths (no more than 5) - Pace, Finishing, Strength, Acceleration, Composure
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - Aggression, Long Throws, Free Kicks, Corners, Crossing
Just in time toon. you'll be in too ;)
Appears I was too late for edition #1, but I'm registering anyways:
Name - Marek Lukáč
Ethnicity - North European
Hair Colour - Black
Skin Tone - 5
Place of birth - Bratislava
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 3 September 1996
Primary Nationality - Finland
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - Slovakia
Club: - Sutton United
Favourite Club(s) - AIK Stockholm, Hull
Favourite Personnel - Mark Hughes
Height (cm) - 170
Weight (kg) - 69
Foot - Right
Position(s) - DM, M (RC)
Strengths (no more than 5) - Creativity, Pace, Leadership, Passing
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - Long Throws, Free Kicks, Strength, Finishing, Natural Fitness
Excellent idea Gabe, I'm always an avid follower on these stories, can't wait to see how you present this one:

Name - Timmy Ivo Bendiš
Ethnicity - Mediterranean
Hair Colour - brown
Skin Tone - 5
Place of birth - San Francisco, CA
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 14. Oct. 1997
Primary Nationality - Croatia
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - Italy, USA
Club: - AC Milan
Favourite Club(s) - AC Milan, Hajduk
Favourite Personnel - Antonio Conte, Claudio Ranieri
Height (cm) - 214
Weight (kg) - 115
Foot - right
Position(s) - STC
Strengths (no more than 5) - heading, finishing, strength, jumping, work-rate
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - long throws, free-kicks, corners, concentration, marking
Don't worry about being too late guys, I'm going to update this regularly so you will be put in some time in the next couple of days.
Name - Jon Foster
Ethnicity - Northern European
Hair Colour - Brown
Skin Tone - (1 = very white --> 20 = very black) 6
Place of birth - Bury St Edmunds, or thetford
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 1994
Primary Nationality - English
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - (EDIT can we not have 563785234 of these per player, everyone is picking loads! :p)
Club: - (team you play for) Brentford
Favourite Club(s) - Liverpool
Favourite Personnel -
Height (cm) - 184
Weight (kg) - 79
Foot - right
Position(s) - dm, cm, cb
Strengths (no more than 5) - marking,tackling,leadership,passing,penalties
Weaknesses (no more than 5)
There will be an update to this, I have exams at the minute so I'm too busy. Hang in there!
Name : Rizqi Kusumah N
Ethnicity : Asian
Hair Colour : Black
Skin Tone : 10
Place of birth : Bandung
Date of birth (1991-1997) : 10/24/1995
Primary Nationality : Indonesia
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities : England
Club: Arsenal
Favourite Club(s): Arsenal
Favourite Personnel : Fabregas
Height (cm) : 179 CM
Weight (kg) : 75 KG
Foot : Right foot
Position(s) : ST (Poacher)
Strengths (no more than 5) : Finishing, First touch, Dribbling, Composure, Aglity
Weaknesses (no more than 5) : Jumping, Corners, Natural Fitness, Long Throws

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