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FM13 Extra Wonderkid Generator

Started on 26 May 2013 by Gabe
Latest Reply on 3 July 2014 by Arzenballodj
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Name : Lucas Gasperoni
Ethnicity : Northern Europe
Hair Colour: Black
Skin Tone: 5
Date of Birth: 19th September 1999
City of Birth: Dogana
Nationality: San Marise
Other Nationalities: None
Club: Juventus
Favourite Club: Juventus, San Marino
Favourite Personnel:
Height : 188cm
Weight : 73kg
Foot: Right
Position(s): AMC, STC
Strengths: Pace, Strength, Acceleration, Finishing, Heading
Weaknesses: Weak Foot Ability
Name : Ryan Hanson
Ethnicity : Northern Europe
Hair Colour: Ginger
Skin Tone: 5
Date of Birth: 19th March 1996
City of Birth: Leeds
Nationality: English
Other Nationalities: -
Club: Leeds United
Favourite Club: Leeds United, Barcelona
Favourite Personnel: Brendan Rodgers, Pep Guardiola, Sam Byram
Height : 180cm
Weight : 59kg
Foot: Right
Position(s): Midfielder (Centre) Attacking Midfielder (centre) WInger (Right)
Strengths: Pace, Dribbling, Acceleration, Flair, Passing, Creativity
Weaknesses: Heading, Jumping, Corners, Penalties
Will this be continued?
I'm updating as we speak.
Really sorry for the delay, the laptop which has the editor on just went out again. It'll be up as soon as i can get it up.
At last I got round to updating :p
2013-08-11 13:35#127024 Gabe : UPDAAAAAATE!
At last I got round to updating :p
Hasn't been approved by the mods just yet, hold up :p
If anyone wants to post players I plan to continue with this until early october, at which point hopefully FM14 will be either out or close to out and I'll make a V2.0 of this for fm14.
Hey, If you could do me in one that would be great!

Name : Nic Adams

Ethincity : Pacific Islander
Hair Colour : Black
Skin Tone - 4
Place of Birth : Western Australia
Birthday 13/4/95
Primary Nationality Australian
Other Nationality : New Zealand , Greek, Macedonian
Club : Chelsea
Favorite club : Chelsea
Favorite Personnel : No one
Height : 182 CM
Weight : 79KG
Foot : left
Position : CM, CDM
Strength : Work Rate , Pace , Composure , Passing , Decisions
Weakness : Long Throws, Corners, Aggression , Free Kick Taking
Ethnicity - European
Hair Colour -GINGER
Skin Tone - 7
Place of birth - EXETER
Date of birth (1991-1997) -30 APRIL 1997
Primary Nationality - ENGLAND
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - SPANISH, WELSH
Favourite Personnel - STEVEN GERARD,
Height (cm) - 171
Weight (kg) - 76
Foot - RIGHT
Position(s) -STRIKER, ACM
Strengths (no more than 5) -Pace,Acceleration, FLAIR,DRIBLING
Weaknesses (no more than 5) -AERIAL ABILTIY, JUMPING
Name - Jean-Pierre de Levay
Ethnicity - Northern European
Hair Colour - Blond
Skin Tone - (1 = very white --> 20 = very black) 4
Place of birth - San-Jose, Costa-Rica
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 25/04/1996
Primary Nationality - Canadian
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - Costa-Rican, French
Club: - (team you play for) Tours FC
Favourite Club(s) - Liverpool
Favourite Personnel - Steven Gerrard
Height (cm) - 186
Weight (kg) - 65
Foot - right
Position(s) - cdm, cm, rb
Strengths (no more than 5) - tackling,leadership,passing,technique, teamwork
Weaknesses (no more than 5)- jumping, heading
Name - Chad Chappell
Ethnicity - European
Hair Colour - Brown
Skin Tone - 3
Place of birth - Taunton
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 12/11/1996
Primary Nationality - English
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - Spanish
Club: - Arsenal
Favourite Club(s) - Arsenal, Yeovil Town, Bridgwater Town, Exeter City
Favourite Personnel - Thierry Henry, Theo Walcott, Cesc Fabregas, Arsene Wenger
Height (cm) - 5"11
Weight (kg) - 80kg
Foot -right
Position(s) - CB,DM,CM,Am
Strengths (no more than 5) - Shooting, Dribbling, Tackling, Heading, Pace
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - Long Throws,Penalties
nyasser's avatar Group nyasser
10 yearsEdited
Name - Nugroho Yassér
Ethnicity - Asian
Hair Colour - Black
Skin Tone - 10
Place of birth - Balikpapan, Indonesia
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 10/September/1994
Primary Nationality - Indonesian
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities - German
Club: - Everton FC
Favourite Club(s) - FC Bayern, Everton FC, Seattle Sounders
Favourite Personnel - Mario Gómez, Nikica Jelavic, Steven Pienaar, Michael Gspurning
Height (cm) - 179
Weight (kg) - 75
Foot - right
Position(s) - AMR, AML, ST
Strengths (no more than 5) - Long Shot, Dribbling, Technique, Freekick Taking, Acceleration
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - Jumping, Heading, Marking, Tackling
This sounds great!

Name - Adam Hassan
Ethnicity - North African/ Middle Eastern
Hair Colour - Bald
Skin Tone - 8
Place of birth - Scarborough, UK
Date of birth (1991-1997) - 5/9/1995
Primary Nationality - English
Other Nationalities/National Eligibilities -
Club: - Leeds United
Favourite Club(s) - Leeds United
Favourite Personnel - Sam Byram, Aiden White, Jonny Howson, Luciano Becchio, Simon Grayson
Height (cm) - 181
Weight (kg) - 79
Foot - left
Position(s) - AMR, AMC, AML, ST
Strengths (no more than 5) - Pace, Dribbling, Acceleration, Composure, Finishing
Weaknesses (no more than 5) - Marking, Tackling, Long Throws, Aggression
are you doing updates for fm13 and if so would mine be in it

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