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From Championship to Champions - Official story thread

Who wins? FM13 game engine decides...
Started on 31 May 2013 by Ziechael
Latest Reply on 17 June 2013 by Stocke
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Ziechael's avatar Group Ziechael
11 yearsEdited


Hello and welcome to the very first 'From Championship to Champions?'!

24 teams will go up against each other for 5 seasons to see who can break free of the Championship and maybe even crowned Champions (in something or other!).

At the end of 10 long long seasons one lucky person will be crowned winner and will receive immortalisation in my signature… (all together now) ooooohh aaahhhhhh.

There will be several updates per season:
  • Summer Transfers
  • August - December League Tables
  • August - December League Fixture Results
  • August - December Cup Fixture Results
  • August - December Awards
  • January Transfers
  • Final League Tables
  • January - May League League Fixture Results
  • January - May Cup Fixture Results
  • January - May Awards
As well as occasional 'breaking news' bulletins to keep you all up to date with the latest news for your teams.

Just like QI there will be a points system that only I know the workings of (basically I haven't devised one yet!) and in the event of there being no clear winner at the end we will defer to the scores.

Who the hell am I then???
At this point you may be wondering how and who you will be represented by, the next post will explain all :)
This will be fantastic ziechael. Really looking forward to it!
Who are the teams and who are the persons?
Will be interesting to see these teams.
Awesome! Looking forward to it
ok only now noticed the your other topic :-p to late to sign up but i will be following the story.
2013-05-31 08:37#106914 Caelis : ok only now noticed the your other topic :-p to late to sign up but i will be following the story.
Sorry mate, if this doesn't kill me i'm sure i'll do another :)
Teams coming soon... having technical difficulties lol

Team Selection

To select the teams I wanted to make it fair, impartial and above all else RANDOM!

So I turned to science and found a lovely random list generator called RandomPicker, it allowed to me set up the teams and participants and assign one to each in a completely fair and impartial manner so no complaints or else!

If you got a team you don't like, well tough, you'll still find yourself cheering for them by the end of season 3 regardless, such is football :)

To watch the draw 'live'(ish) please see the video below, alternatively for the truly impatient there is a link to the final draw at the bottom of this post:

Link to the official results
(scroll to the bottom table for results)
Ziechael's avatar Group Ziechael
11 yearsEdited

The Final Draw Result

Player - Team
93:20 - Charlton
BOVIS86 - Brighton
braddleful - Middlesbrough
CFClynch1000 - Cardiff City
EdenHazard17 - Leicester City
Glenn T - Blackpool
Jamesg237 - Burnley
jasonvilla4ever - Blackburn
JL00 - Watford
K1rups - Nottingham Forest
Kane - Millwall
KingJoe - Bolton
Kwaku95 - Bristol City
Louis O. - Barnsley
Mickzter97 - Ipswich Town
MrJK - Birmingham
neal09 - Sheffield Wednesday
OnTheBallCityNCFC - Crystal Palace
TCO - Leeds United
The Czech - Peterborough
tokenginge - Wolves
Toon - Huddersfield
yuttra52 - Derby County
ziechael - Hull City
Huddersfield, meh.
Noooo Bristol City Lol
Barnsley. :(
Now now, who knows what will happen... Season 1 hasn't even started yet :P (is pleased with Hull City lol)

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