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[FM12]FC Tokyo- A new force in Asian football

Started on 1 June 2013 by edu1878
Latest Reply on 18 June 2013 by edu1878
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The Team

For my second attempt at a story on this site I will be taking over FC Tokyo, a club that currently plays in the J League 1, the top division in Japanese football. Considering that they have only just been promoted back into the J League 1 from the J League 2, the first season could be one of consolidation. After that however, hopefully that will be the time to create a new force in Asian football. The time is now, and the future is hopeful.

The Man

Myself. Not much else to say really. For football managing purposes past experience has been set as international player.

The Goal

To take FC Tokyo to the top of Asian football, if not then the major goal is to take them to the top of Japanese Football.

The Timeframe

1-3 years: Win J League
1-3 years: Qualify for Asian Champions League
3-5 years: Reach semi’s of Asian Champions League
5-10 years: win Asian Champions League.


A nice setting for the start mate will follow as I think it's an interesting idea
k1rups: thanks man. It is great to hear that someone will be following
Good luck, it's different to a usual story so will be interesting.
Toon:Thanks very much. I was going to start a Newcastle United story but went with this instead as I thought this would be more interesting. Hope you follow.
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A brief history lesson on FC Tokyo

Originally starting life as Tokyo Gas FC in 1935, FC Tokyo has had a brief yet interesting history. Their first appearance in any of Japan’s national league came in 1991 when they took part in the last season of the Japan Soccer League. A few years later with Kiyoshi Okuma managing them, and the introduction of Amaral into the side, Tokyo Gas FC slowly became more competitive. In 1997 the side finished second in the Japan Football League, eventually winning it the next season. However, due to them not meeting all the requirements for promotion to the J1 League, Tokyo Gas FC stayed in the J2 League. Not long after on October the first, 1998, several companies joined together to set up a joint company with the aim of making the team eligible for promotion. The company was called the Tokyo Football Club Company. In the year of 1999, which was the same year that they became eligible, the team won the J2 League, and resultantly won promotion. Despite the firm belief that the team would not stay up, they eventually won enough points to finish in 7th place. In November 2004, FC Tokyo won the Yamazaki Nabisco League Cup, for the clubs first major title since joining the J League in 1999. In January 2009, after a total of ten years of participation in the J League, FC Tokyo adopted Tokyo Dorompa as its mascot. Needing a win on December 4, 2010, FC Tokyo took on the already relegated Kyoto Sanga FC. A 2-0 sealed their fate and FC Tokyo were relegated to the second tier of Japanese football. After one year however, FC Tokyo were promoted back into the J League at the first time of asking, sealing the J2 title in November of 2011.
It will be a tough challenge I think but if you get the tactics right it could be awesome

Ranko Popovic Quits FC Tokyo post

There is sensational news out of Tokyo today as it has been revealed by Fc Tokyo that manager Ranko Popovic has left the club effective immediately. In a press release from the club, they have thanked Mr. Popovic for what he had done in his short time as manager of the club. It is believed that FC Tokyo will have announced a new manager by the end of the week. Japan Today will have live news whenever the announcement is made.
k1rups: Thank you very much. It will be a bit of a challenge and I hope that I can get the right tactics to make FC Tokyo number 1 in Asia.
All the best! I have never played, watched or followed football in Japan. Should be fun, especially if you happen to develop the next Kagawa and some club from Europe come to try to steal him from you. :P
Gurdit:Thanks very much. I haven't really watched that much football in Japan but I have seen a few highlights and the league looks alright. I'm a few months in and so far it has been fun, with some silverware have been already given away. To be honest if I happen to develop the next Kagawa European clubs can go sign someone else.

FC Tokyo announce new manager.

More sensation news from Ajinomoto Stadium today, as FC Tokyo have announced their new manager only a few hours after they had revealed that Ranko Popovic would not be continuing as the clubs manager. The man chosen to lead FC Tokyo forward is none other than former Australian international Mike Dyer. It has been revealed that he has signed a two year, 3300 pound a week deal with the club. A press conference has been announced for Tuesday to reveal their new man to the press.
Whooo is Mike Dyer? :o Looking forward to seeing how he does
k1rups: in terms of who is Mike Dyer, refer to the first post. And from what I have seen he starts pretty well ;)

Unveiling Press conference

Krupesh Shah: You stand here today as the new manager of FC Tokyo, what are your thoughts on this position, and the club itself?
Mike Dyer: It is an absolute privilege to stand here as the manager of this illustrious club and I hope that I can take them to greater success. This great club has fallen on tough time recently and I hope to take them to the pinnacle of Asian Football.
Glenn Tham: First of all congratulations on getting the job at FC Tokyo. What are your thoughts on the strength of the player at the club, and do you have any plans for player that you may want to bring in?
Mike Dyer: Thank you very much. In terms of the players that are currently at the club, I feel that they are of a high quality, with some exceptions. In terms of who I am going to bring in,
Tomoaki Kuno: The J League is a source of pride for many Japanese football fans. What are your first impressions of the league, and the state of football in the country itself?
Mike Dyer: Well Tomoaki, from what I have seen of the J League, it is a great league. When it comes to the state of football in Japan, the country is in a great place, a good domestic league, a good national team that has competed in the last 3 world cups and a good scattering of players in the good league of Europe.
Akash Vidyasagar: What is your style when it comes to the transfer market?
Mike Dyer: When it comes to the transfer market I like to look towards the future and secure young footballers with talent that can not only progress the state of football at this club, but in the national team as well. I will take one more question today.
Keita Nakamura: what is your goal for the time you will spend at FC Tokyo?
Mike Dyer: My goal for the time I will spend at the club. Well that is easy. To take FC Tokyo to the top of Asian, and world football.

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