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Manchester City - Feed The Goat

Started on 3 June 2013 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 11 June 2013 by patrick1
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Manchester City Sign Will Hughes Then Loan Him Out

Manchester City today signed Will Hughes from Derby County for around £12 million pounds and on the same day loaned him out to Premiership club Stoke City in which the term state he can be recalled at any time.

Will Hughes, 17 years of age start his career in the youth network at Derby County and despite being only 17 he's still made 30 appearances so far this season in the Championship and has done brilliantly which tells you only one thing that he's going to be a great player for the future.

Shaun Goater has been watching him for a while, in the summer Shaun Goater put a bid in for Hughes and Derby County accepted only for Goater to cancel the transfer because he was unsure about him but having his scouts constantly watch Hughes all season he's decided to go for it.
Payed a lot for him :P Good signing.
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Manchester United 3-1 Manchester City

2nd January 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 75,765

GOALS - Robert Lewandowski 73

Shaun Goater managed to do half a season without one defeat in the league and it had, HAD to come to an end through Manchester United didn't it? I hate them i really do. Especially Robin Van Persie who absolutely destroyed my whole defence for 90 minutes! United are now up to second and creeping behind me.

Blackpool 0-4 Manchester City

5th January 2013 - FA Cup Third Round - Attendance 16,006

GOALS - Robert Lewandowski 3, 28, Gareth Bale 45, Joleon Lescott 69

After losing out in the Capital One Cup i really wanted to win in the FA Cup and i was awarded a rather easy tie against Championship outfit Blackpool and easy it certainly was i ran out 4-0 winner over them securing my place in the fourth round against Reading.

Reading 0-3 Manchester City

12th January 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 24,161

GOALS - Gareth Bale 12, 49, Javi Garcia 55

So a little taster over whats to come in the FA Cup fourth round and we dominated them from start to finish I'm hoping for a similar result in the cup game and I'll be a happy manager.

Manchester City 3-1 Wigan Athletic

16th January 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 45,719

GOALS - Sergio Augero 15, Gareth Bale 40, Robert Lewandowski 54.

I managed to ignore the Wigan curse and go on to secure a great 3-1 win over them despite going 1-0 down it would of been horrible to lose to Wigan especially being at home and also United catching up with me!

Manchester City 4-0 Liverpool

20th January 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 47,405

GOALS - Sergio Augero 8, 90+3, Alexis Sanchez 78, Gareth Bale 90+1

Never expected to beat Liverpool by so many goals, well i kind of did because they are awful on FM now days so to hammer them 4-0 was somewhat a joy of relief and a great home win. Lucas Leiva got sent of in the 57th minute which obviously helped as 3 of the goals came after his sending off!

Reading 3-4 Manchester City

27th January 2013 - FA Cup Fourth Round - Attendance 23,015

GOALS - Gareth Bale 17, Robert Lewandowski 21, Sergio Augero 25, 37

So the FA Cup fourth round is here and it's one cup i want to win this season and my next obstacle was Reading and it proved to be a very, very close game despite being 3-1 up at one point in the game i still managed to hold on and succeeded to the next round.

Aston Villa 1-1 Manchester City

30th January 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 41,178

GOALS - Robert Lewandowski 27

So the last game of the season arrived and i wanted to end it with a win but Villa wouldn't let that happen with Benteke scoring against me once again and making it hard to get the 3 points.

League Table

I'm still top of the league like i have been most of the season, 1 point clear with a game in hand

Nice signings there, especially Dede! Don't listen to Okikos, he doesn't know how awesome he is :P

Unlucky against United, but OT is always a difficult place to go and win :/
Unlucky defeat to United, but im sure you will win the league anyway
Listen to me! Unlike Blue I know what I'm talking about :P Great results though.
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Blue: I know Dede will be awesome. :P

LFCsedso: I wouldn't speak like that, everyone knows what Uniteds like.

Okikos: Thanks!
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Sunderland 1-2 Manchester City

2nd February 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 47,608

GOALS - Simon Mingolet OG 17, Sergio Augero 35

A close game here but managed to secure the 3 points and at this stage of the season that's all that matters a very good performance from the boys. The stadium of light isn't the easiest place in the world to go to especially after the tired legs are kicking in

Manchester City 3-0 QPR

9th February 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 46,450

GOALS - Gareth Bale 28, Robert Lewandowski 67, 81

A great win against QPR and it's great to see them pair scoring, the player Shaun Goater has brought to the club this season has been magnificent. I'm slowly creeping away from Manchester United now but we all know a bad run will turn into a nightmare.

Dortmund 1-0 Manchester City

13th February 2013 - Champions League First Knockout Round Leg 1 - Attendance 65,344

GOALS - None

I'm not too disappointed to be honest it's only 1-0 on the first leg and i know how hard it is for teams coming to our ground so I'm quite confident we can beat them in the next leg if they score first though it's going to be extremely tough.

Manchester City 2-2 Brentford

16th January 2013 - FA Cup Fifth Round - Attendance 40,825

GOALS - Tony Craig OG 17, Jack Rodwell 90+5

Oh dear, OH DEAR! I thought it would be a good time to try out some youngsters, remind me never again to play a entire squad of player under the age of 21. Brentford destroyed me and if it wasn't for Rodwell scoring in the 95th minute of injury time i would of been out!!!

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City

27th February 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 23,015

GOALS - Yaya Toure

Wow what a crap end to a crap month.

League Table

I really need to get some wins under my belt this month because the clubs are getting closer and closer it's actually getting quite scary now.

Don't slip up!
I can't believe Brentford almost took your out! Bounce back and win the cup!!!
Only 2 wins! Impossibru!
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Manchester City 4-0 Fulham

1st March 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 46,839

GOALS - Brede Hangeland OG 6, Yaya Toure 18,23 Raphael Varane 79

A very good win against Fulham at home and i full expected to get a big win over then anyway despite them not doing too bad this season but it's still a good win and i need to try and open a gap between 1st and 2nd.

Brentford 1-3 Man City e

3rd March 2013 - FA Cup Fifth Round Replay - Attendance 12,802

GOALS - Sergio Augero 40, Vincent Kompany 94, Robert Lewandowski 107

They took me to extra time! With a full squad as well. I've got to take my hats off to them they've had a great season in terms of cup i remember in the capital one cup they was away at Arsenal which would of made them a hell of a lot of money and then away at Man City they must be rolling in it!

Manchester City e 2-0 Dortmund

5th March 2013 - Champions League First Knockout Round Leg 2 - Attendance 47,405

GOALS - Gareth Barry 72, Yaya Toure 104

All i needed was a goal to take it to extra time and Gareth Barry left it till the 72nd minute before giving me that hope where he slotted away a penalty then Yaya Toure sent everyone crazy in the 104th minute taking us to the next round!

Manchester City 5-0 Manchester United

9th March 2013 - FA Cup Sixth Round - Attendance 47,405

GOALS - Yaya Toure 4, Sergio Augero 40,69,73 Raphael Varane 81

Well bloody hell! Manchester United cannot beat me at home and i can barley beat them at Old Trafford so we're both making it a fortress for the derby games and i never thought I'd win by this amount of goals but I'm delighted to come away with a 5-0 win.

Manchester City 3-0 Southampton

16th March 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 47,130

GOALS - Vincent Kompany 13, Yaya Toure 55,57

Full deserved win for us and the gap is opening all I've got to do is keep winning but sometimes it isn't as easy as that and losing one game messes up the morale then you find yourself fighting for that top spot

Swansea 0-4 Manchester City

30th March 2013 - Premier Division - Attendance 19.909

GOALS - Robert Lewandowski 45, 89, David Alaba 49, Sergio Augero 77

I had to win this no matter what and Michu getting sent off in the 12 minute helped us massively, from then we destroyed them all over.

League Table

I'm in the best position I've ever been in and it's so close to the end of the season with only so many games left all i need to win is about 5/6 if i win the next 5 or 6 straight I've won the league.

Yaya Toure's on fire!
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11 yearsEdited
LOL at the red side of Manchester!
you jammy so and so against Brentford :P obviously Brentford ran out of steam in extra time it seems haha! Great story so far mate keep it going! :)

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