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Mikael Ramaker - The Prodigy

Started on 4 June 2013 by Toon
Latest Reply on 8 June 2013 by KingPadster
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In The Beginning

My name is Mikael Ramaker, and I am a footballer. At least, I hope to be. Up until now I though it was too late, but through a few unexpected, lucky events, I think I have a break. I am 15, and, at this age, most footballers would already have been at a youth academy for a few seasons. Still, I can catch up.
I was born and raised in Saint-Etienne, France, where my Dutch family moved. Despite spending my entire life in France, I feel like a Dutchman. My name, my family, my history lies in Holland. Still, I am not decided on which International team I'd side with if I ever got the chance.
I obviously support AS Saint-Etienne, as, growing up, it was the team I went to see on a regular basis. However, I do really like Ajax and I follow them on the European level. Those are the only teams I really like.
Messi, for me, is the best player in the world. I think he is fantastic, one of the best in the last few decades, maybe better than Zidane and Ronaldo. At Saint-Etienne, I like Aubameyang, I like his quick, slick style of play. I also really like Ben Arfa, I think he is very good on the ball and his dribbling is something I aspire to replicate.
Like Messi and Aubameyang, my main position is Striker. I am good at scoring. When I play with my friends, I always score the most. I am not ball greedy, like some, I try and assist as often as possible... but when the ball falls in to place, and I have the chance to score- I do. I can play on the wings too, as I am quite fast and a good dribbler, but, I am best at forward.
So, about that lucky event. My father helped this man who's car broke down, and, while repairing his car, he found out he was a football agent. Not just any football agent, but the same agent that works with Younes Belhanda and Adil Remi! After he met me and I showed him what I could do, he said he could work with me, and find me a club!
Marco said it would be hard to find a club for me in France, but it would be quite easy in Holland. He spoke to a few clubs and I have actually heard some are preparing a contract offer! I'd be interested in joining any team in the Eredivisie, so if I get an offer, it would be amazing.
Good luck with this Toon, and Mikael ;)
Good luck for the future ;)
"Ramaker is going to be a star! It's clear for all to see."
Hope this goes smoothly for you, I do like a good player journey-type story :)

The Contract

I was offered a couple of contracts over the last week, my agent said Heerenveen and Roda JC were the best out of them, and that I could choose. My Grandmother lives quite close to Kerkrade, so I chose to go to Roda JC.
I joined the club on a Free agent, I am currently on a youth contract, but, when I come of age, I hope I will have impressed enough to get a full, senior deal.
Already, in my first week (and a few days) I have played for the FIRST TEAM! Only as a substitute, but, on two separate occasions! I played pretty good for my first ever games- I didn't do much, but what I did do, I did well.
We won both games! We played well, and it looks positive for the league! I hope when the Eredivisie does kick off, Roda JC can make an impression and finish high! Maybe I might even be able to make a couple of appearances! Who knows.
Good start

The Debut

It's my birthday, I am 16! I am the age most people start getting a chance at playing pro-football, but things have gone way faster then I expected. I have improved quite a lot in the few months I have been here and I have made loads of appearances for the reserves.
But that wasn't the best bit. One day i was training with the reserves and the manager said that he wanted me to travel with the team to FC Twente's ground to be a sub! I was ecstatic. I didn't think I would play, but to get the chance was great. I was wrong, though, I DID play!
A 15 year old appearing in the Dutch league, it was big. I was actually the youngest ever. I think that is a huge achievement. The coaches tell me I could become big in Holland, and that one day I will be one of Roda's best players. I think this is really promising for me, I just hope I don't mess it up.
After that I played another game. Both games I did alright. I wasn't the best, but I wasn't the worst on the pitch, and, I think that's a massive achievement when there are players with 20 years more experience then me on the pitch.
When I play in the first team, I get the '23 Ramaker' shirt. It's not the number I would have preferred- if I could choose, I'd pick 11, as it is November, my birth month- I don't know why but it just would be what I'd like. But, I am just a little fish in this pond now and I don't get the low number shirts yet.
Meanwhile, looking at the league table, Roda JC are lying in the bottom half, but I wouldn't say we're in a relegation battle- yet. I don't mind if we finish low as long as we survive, then, next season I will hopefully get more chance at the first team and I can make an impact, hopefully.
Enjoying this mate keep it up!
Really good so far
Roda JC = always candidate for demoting and in big financial trouble.....
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Good work Toon
Awesome start and updates mate! Good luck to Mikael for his career! ;)
Good place to build up reputation ;)

Steady Along

It's 2013, and things are starting to pick up for me. Although I am not really threatening a first team position for Roda JC, I am really staring to pick up the pace in the reserves, where I am one of the best players. It's looking pretty positive for me at the moment, the coaches are pushing me hard and are saying I will be one of Roda's best players in a few years.
I have been playing pretty good lately. For someone who has only been with a pro team for half a year, I think I am doing great. I am focusing hard and I believe I can be an international one day. If I keep on developing at this rate, at least.
The coaches have told me that I will not develop as fast playing for the reserves as I would playing for an actual team, normally, so they said I should consider going out on loan if the opportunity comes up. I wouldn't mind that too much, and, I heard Sparta were interested in me.
The big news around the start of the year is the Ballon D'or, which Messi won. I didn't really expect anyone else, to be honest. Maybe Ronaldo. The World Player of the Year was Rooney, he has been prolific so far and I guess he deserves it, but I wouldn't compare him to Messi.
A move to Sparta would be good to get some first team game time! The future looks bright for Ramaker!

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