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My Real Madrid/CR7 tactic

Started on 6 June 2013 by Lowie
Latest Reply on 20 March 2015 by dreqam
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Hello all!

I always have a Real Madrid safe in evry FootballManager I play, mostly for when I've had it with losing for a while and just want to play and get some monsterscores etc. Now I noticed that it wouldn't be this simple this time...In my first season I did manage to get the Liga BBVA title and with lots of luck and ugly counterfootball I even managed to win the Champions League and get la decima, but I played bad football and played on the result instead of going out of my own strenght. When I crossed the path of an European giant I really had to play dirty to get the result I needed to go through...truly Real Madrid unworthy. I guess that's the legacy Mourinho left me ;).

My biggest worry was CR7 on the left...He got himselves like 10-12 goals and probably over a thousand attempts, most of them from over 20m distance. Really grinded my gear so I spend the first season mostly finding a way to make Ronaldo the goalscoring machine like he is in real life.

First of all I'll show you my transfers of the first season.

The biggest outgoing transfers were obviously Di Maria and Higuain. Now I really like both players but they just didn't fit the tactic I had in mind. Besides I got a nice transferfree for them, and as Real starts with "only" 30mil this incoming money was usefull for some major new players. Instead of Di Maria on the right against his foot I bought Navas because I like to have atleast one winger who can cross nicely without cutting into the pitch.

The reason I sold Higuain is because I think Benzema is slightly better and can also get Ronaldo in scoring positions seeing his creativity and passing abillity. Next to that this gives Morata the chance to get more first team playingtime.

Albiol and Carvalho are tansfers who will probably find place irl aswell, Carvalho is already replaced by Varane and I replaced Albiol with Inigo Martinez. Talented left-footed central back. Varane-Inigo will be one of the best CB duo's in 5-6 years probably so I'm set for the future in that compartiment.

Carvajal really is a must buy when playing Madrid, he has a re-buy clausule of 6.5m, he's very talented, Madrid-fan, spanish and Arbeloa isn't good enough.

As back-up for Kaka who I sent on a loan-period to Arsenal who will buy him at the end of the season, I got the wonderkid Isco.

So that's about it, you can also see I'm focussing on spanish players cuz...they just got so much talented players :p. Had no reason to look further than spain. Also some hot prospects as Iniguez, Joel Valencia and Neal Maupay. Now especially Maupay is really a promising striker. 16 years of age, and has all the abilities to be a very good poacher. You can just approach him to sign when you start your game.

Now as I told you before my first season was hard and not really what I expected, so I threw myself on this challenge to make Real Madrid the best of the world again and let them play dominant attacking football with plenty of goals (hopefully CR7 delivers what we pay him for this time).

Unfortunatly I don't got screenshots from my first season so I'll just explained it with words. This was my line-up:

---------------------Casillas/Diego Lopez

Ronaldo as inside forward with attacking option, Navas and Benzema support and Ozil as AP attack. Khedira was/is my ballwinning middfielder and Alonso my DLP. For easy fixtures I often benched Khedira and put Modric on his spot. My main goalscorer here was Benzema with I think 15 goals...Not really Madrid standards right? So that made me try some other lineups and see how I can utilise CR7 most efficiently.

I tried almost evry possible line-up all in favor of CR7 on the left but nothing really helped. It was thanks to Barcelona being crap I managed to get the title cuz it was workingfootball evrytime, never 5-or 6-0's, so just not Madrid-worthy.

Now my guess is the FM-engine just doesn't let Cr7 play the way he does irl due his lack of creativity (13) and teamwork (5)...This causes the bunch of hopelessly wide long shots and the lack of goals.

So during the summerbreak I gave CR7 the training instructions to become a striker, I sold Benzema as he would have to play on the left and bought Hazard instead. Now everyone can play their normal game instead of having CR7 screwing most attacks up with a long shot and they can use him as the end of evry attack on a way that obivously suits the engine of CR7 better.

Here you can see my transfers of the second season:

This time finances were the least of my problems because the board gave me like 80m or something, that together with some incoming transferfee's and the fact I only needed like 1 or 2 players made it possible to buy someone like Hazard. So Arsenal bought Kaka, Benzema went to P$G for 30mil (he could also go to United City or Chelsea but I figured those might be my opponents in the CL league so I declined those offers.
Coentrao went to City who paid 15mil for him and I think he's too good/expensive to bench anyway. Essien went back to Chelsea so I got Kondogbia as replacement (José Rodriguez has still a lot to learn so he wasn't good enough yet to be first back-up after Khedira). As replacement for Coentrao I got Ricard Rodriguez from Woflsburg who has been playing really good for my side, and I got Sergio Romero as replacement of Diego Lopez who wanted to leave pretty badly. I bought Romero cuz he was transferlisted and he's a decent back-up for San Iker.

So I started the new season with following tactic and it really works great! I'll just let the pictures talk for themselves:

My tactic: (please note that I don't think I'm so kind of tactic master so please feel free to give me advice/criticism etc on the instructions I give my team.)

Ronaldo's stats:

Hazard's stats:


I'm now in January and CR7 got the Golden Ball-Award, you can see at his stats that he actually does way better as a striker in the game. Hazard has also been a very good transfer!

I know most fixtures are easy matches, I got quite lucky with all my opponents in the spanish cup and the WC for teams is there aswell. But I'm truly happy I managed to get CR7 the goals he should get and made Real Madrid play the way they should. I'm also giving my youth some playingtime, Callejon is doing very well as stand-in for Navas, Morata isn't too bad, Carvajal is awesome, Jose Rodriguez is already decent, just Jesé is slightly dissapointing when I put him down the left flank, although I think that position does suit him pretty well.

So this is my Real Madrid tactic,I hope I helped some people struggling with Real/CR7 aswell and please comment on anything you want!

Would it work if i copied Hazards instructions onto Nava's position and changed it to Inside Forwards
No because navas can't play on the left on fm. and he is right footed so he would just be cutting on to his left if he was the right so play him winger attack.
Do you have a download link, for your tactic?
Would love to try it out!
Dowland link was here ?
Can you share the link download ?

Thanks you so much.
thanks brooo
Dowland link was here ?

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