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Wrexham FC - Ein Clwb Ein Dyfodol (Our Club Our Future)

Wrexham The New Welsh Team On The Rise (RE-TITLED)
Started on 15 June 2013 by sponge11rofc
Latest Reply on 12 July 2013 by sponge11rofc
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9 yearsEdited

So it was a Friday afternoon and I got told by my boss, that the company I was working for had gone bankrupt and that as of the end of shift I would be unemployed. When I got home I rang the local job center to see where I stood, to be honest they were not of much help and gave me a phone number to ring. I rang this number and spoke to a woman who said that I may need to re-train to gain different qualifications to get myself a new job. She said she was going to send me some form through the post.

The forms arrived on the Monday morning I filled them in and sent them of the job center wanted to know everything about me. On the Wednesday after this I got a phone call telling me that I had to go the following morning to sign on. I arrived on the Thursday to have my meeting with a chap called Martin Williams I recognised the name but couldn’t put a face to it. I was sat staring at the walls in what looked like a shell of a building walls were white carpet was grey everyone looked depressed and all I could think to myself was why couldn’t I of been a naturally talented musician I could be loaded or if I had been an amazing footballer I could be sat in the dressing room at old Trafford not this god damn forsaken place.

“Paul Davies” The call came from the other side of the room, my appointment had come and I stood up and followed the voice when I sat down I saw Martin Williams it was my old football coach from when I was kid playing junior football. “I didn’t expect to see you here” he said I explained what happened etc...

We were sat there going through everything for about 30 minutes when he started telling me about this new F.A Course coming up; it was to do a coaching license fully funded through The F.A and the Job Center he asked if I was interested in partaking on it. To which I replied “of course I would” so we filled out all the relevant paperwork and of I went.

I had a phone call that very afternoon telling me I was to start the following Monday. This took 3 months I have now completed it.
So now here I am telling you my story with a Full Continental Pro License about to embark on a new journey its Tuesday 17th July 2012 and I am looking for a job in football management for the very first time. Wish me luck people as I go on my journey to the top of the world(hopefully).
Good luck! :)
Good luck.
Good luck mate! Hope you can rise from the depths of football to the very top!

Well I applied for several jobs in the beginning probably starting off with my sights way too high by applying for the Portsmouth job in League 1 I thought others may have been put off because they were to start with a 10 point deduction. Swindon Town in League 1 also along with Woking in the Blue Square Prem.

I was beginning to get desperate we have had to sell my car and re-mortgage my house as bills were becoming unmanageable and we couldn’t afford to live of just my wifes wages but my dream wasn’t over yet.
After a long discussion my wife agreed that we would move abroad if I was offered a job so I have also applied for 2 jobs in Holland with MVV Maastrict in the Jupiler League and FC Utrect in the Eredivisie as well as FC Penafiel in the Portuguese Segunda Divisao along with a job in Russia with Spartak Nalchick. The Media jumped on the wagon stating I was desperate for a job they didn’t know how right they were.

Finally on the 16th October I got Offered the Job at FC Penafiel £1,200 a week, I couldn’t believe it that was more than I was on a month at my last job making cardboard boxes. The Chairman Augusto Teixera was a property magnate and offered a place to rent at £700 a month a nice apartment which was perfect as we had no savings and wouldn’t be able to sell our humble 2 bed in Gloucester quick enough to get somewhere instantly over there.

Penafiel Town Center

Our Apartment

My wife quit her job as a receptionist and decided to learn the language when we arrived in Penafiel. We arrived In Penafiel the very next day and I went to meet the chairman who laid out his plans for the upcoming season, he wanted a safe mid table finish this season and we were to regroup next season to see where to go from there.

I then went to meet my backroom staff who explained the situation that the club had been in freefall since their relegation from top flight football in 2007 and that they were close to dropping out of the top 2 flights in the whole history of the club. They told me that the current captain was Ferreira and that the Vice Captain was Rafa Sousa. I have decided to keep this the same.

Penafiel find themselves in 13th in the league after 13 games with a points total of 17. I hope some of my traditional English ways with a mix of knowing European football quite well will help me on my quest to stardom. I will update to you all on a 2/3 month rolling basis as well as any major event that happens.

Segundo Divisao Table

Thanks for all your support
Nice update, I like how you include your personal life in the posts :) Keep it up mate
Always wanted to do one of these :P Kinda doing it with my story! Anyways good luck I am sure you will get somewhere big soon enough :D
Good start and it seems like an interesting challenge, will be following.
Looking good, will follow
cool story man. :) good luck.
sponge11rofc's avatar Group sponge11rofc
9 yearsEdited

We moved into our apartment in Penafiel and my wife instantly loved the area, loving the culture exclaiming she could get used this. I had to let her get on with it as I had to go straight down to the Estadio de 25 de Abril for a Press Conference, I had hired a translator call Miguel to help me out for this many questions were about how was I going to get my point across to the players that didn’t speak English as majority don’t. I explained football is universal language and that Miguel would help out whilst I am getting a tutor to teach me what I need to know.

Our first match was against Estoril Praia of the Liga Zon Sagres a division above us in the 3rd round of the Taca de Portugal. I made the team train hard on defence as the attack was looking pretty good we just had to find the right balance. We lost the match 2-0 which I thought was a valiant effort both goals were scored in the second half.

We then had a league game where we faced top of the table Fc Porto B it was an exciting opening 25 minutes where all 5 goals were scored but never less a great spirited effort from my lads and although they lost 3-2 they gave 100% for the whole 90 minutes and the match could have gone either way.

SC Freamunde were the next team that we were to play and we achieved the first win under my leadership and kept a clean sheet things are starting to look up Ferreira is leading the team well and Nuno Dias has now scored for 2 consecutive matches something he hadn’t done all seasonbefore I came to Penefiel.

A break away from the league found us yet again A Liga Zon Sagres team Pacos De Ferreira who just so happen to be our local rivals, so this meant more than just a cup match. I had spoken to Rafa Sousa who had filled me in on how heated a battle this could be.
So I called the team and explained to them through Miguel that our best chance of pulling of a result against these would be with eleven players on the pitch at all times and that they had to keep discipline. We were already 1-0 after the first leg. We managed to win the game 1-0 and beat them 3-1 on penalties With Ferreira scoring the goal in normal time a great result that made the fans extremely happy.

Well we had been there 2 weeks and we finally finished unpacking all I gotta do is buy a car at the moment I am getting a lift to training and matches with central defender Leomar, but I think he having a little bit of gentle taking the mickey out of him with Teachers Pets jibes etc all harmless but still, I’m thinking about getting an Opel Corsa as will need something small for the little streets around this beautiful town.

Our first match in November was away against Naval 1 De Maio, things started well when we went 1-0 up but before halftime they had pulled 2 back and lead at the break but we turned on the style in second half and came away with a 4-1 victory.

The following game we were at home to Portimonense Sc, this was a match we should of with Ferreira and Robson both hitting the post twice in the match. We did however take the lead through our prolific striker Nuno Dias but within 15 minutes of the second half restarting we found ourselves 2-1 behind and that was how it stayed Leomar also hit the crossbar in the 90th minute.

We then played Tondela the team directly above us in the league at the time we didn’t really turn up and had our asses handed to us on a plate. We lost 3-0 and are now on a 2 match losing streak.

UD Oliveirense arrived at the Estadio de 25 Abril to play us in the last match of November and we were hoping to continue our good home form with the previous 5 matches having won 4 of them. But this was not to happen we lost 3-0 and to make matters worse we have lost our captain Ferreira to an injury after having made all our subs and had to play last 15 with 10 men conceding the third goal.

We now find ourselves in 16th in the league but things are not as bad as first thought I really believe I can turn things around especially when the transfer window opens in January.

My wife has decided although she likes Portugal and thinks it is nice here that she would rather live somewhere else and has told me to find a new job in the next 12/18 months, but as I explained to her I have committed to a 12 month contract and its the best wages I have ever had and for me to get a new job I need to prove myself in this one first.

Me and my wife discussing the future
A nice start to the story mate! One thing though maybe resize all the club logos to one size so that it looks cleaner and smarter in each update and also if you want show us the tactics you're using so we understand more :D
Great start mate! The wife looks hot, I am moving to Portugal and banging her :)
Deleted's avatar Deleted
2013-06-16 22:36#113094 PaukerJ : Great start mate! The wife looks hot, I am moving to Portugal and banging her :)

I'm already there ;) Knock Knock, is this Mrs Davies' house? Good start but as k1rups said, check the logo's size and resolution.
I love the premise to this story. You suffered some tough results early on but you've started to come back and put up some good ones.

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