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Exploring the Depths of Yerevan, Armenia.

Started on 18 June 2013 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 26 June 2013 by HamoudiLFC
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“Ah. Armenia. I like this country, I really do, and I would like to reflect on my first year there. I got my Coaching Pro License, 2 years ago, back in Melbourne. If you didn’t know, I’m Aussie, and I’m also half Lebanese. My name is Hamoudi Fayad and I support Liverpool, and I am the current manager of FC Pyunik Yerevan of Armenia. I travelled to Armenia last year, due to my admiration of the current national team that contains the likes of Henrikh Mkhitaryan (who has astonishingly joined Liverpool), Aras Ozbilliz, Yura Movsisyan, Artak Yedigaryan, and more.

“I applied for some jobs there, many of the clubs are situated in Yerevan, the capital. I got some offers, although Pyunik Yerevan’s offer was the one sticking out. They were predicted to come 5th out of 8th; they were in the UEFA Europa League and finally, their youth team was the best in the country.”

“I will be updating you on this season that has just passed, on these 4 chapters: The League, The Independence Cup, The Europe League, and other things like transfers, squad, best players, and youth intake.

Sounds rather interesting. Good luck with the story mate.
2013-06-18 22:19#113633 Glenn T : Sounds rather interesting. Good luck with the story mate.

Thanks mate. The Gladbach story didn't work out, and I didn't want to make a story on this save but after my first season I decided to make a story on it. :P

Notable Players who played for Pyunik Yerevan:
Sargis Hovsepyan
Marcos Pizzelli
Alexander Tadevosyan
Arsen Petrosyan
Arthur Mkrtchyan
Henrikh Mkhitaryan

The Bardzraygun Khumb, or the Premier League:

How many Teams participate?

8 teams participate in the Bardzraygun Khumb.

Who are the teams that participate in the 2012/13 season?

Ararat Yerevan
Banants Yerevan
Gandzasar Kapan
Impuls Dilijan
Mika Ashtarak
Pyunik Yerevan
Shirak Gyumri
Ulisses FC Yerevan

The Format

8 teams play against each other 4 times, totalling up to 28 games in a full season running from February to November.

Competition Ranking

160th best competition in Europe.

Country Ranking and CoEfficient Ranking in Europe

Country: 72nd in the World. - CoEfficient Ranking: 2.208, 50th out of 53 teams.

European Qualification?

1st Place - UEFA Champions League 1st QR
2nd-4th - UEFA Europa League 1st QR (Depending on Winner of Independence Cup)

Prize Money

1st Place - 100,000 pounds
2nd - 90k
3rd - 80k
4th - 70k
5th - 60k
6th - 50k
7th - 40k
8th - 30k

"So, I will give a brief overview, in 4 parts. Every 7 games. So then, we started the league, keep in mind, I was using players only under 25, only a few players were over that age, and only 1 player was over 30. I was all-youth. So yes, I was talking about the first 7 games, how well did we do? Is 6 wins and a loss good enough? You tell me. Oh, and did I mention Mkrtich Nalbandyan? Or as I nicknamed him, 'Mkrtii'. The lad was so special, he just wouldn't stop scoring. On to the next set of 7, we won 4 this time, drawing 2 and losing one. Keep in mind, we were still top. The next set of 7, we won only 3 games. I was disappointed, but well.. you know, we were bound to be inconsistent with our patch of youngsters. Our final 7 games, oh it was f*cking bad. In the next 6 games we'd only won twice, lost twice and drawn twice. This brought us within 2 points of Shirak Gyumri, who we were ahead on goal difference. All I needed was a win and for them to draw or lose. We were playing against Ararat Yerevan who would've been relegated if they lost, and lucky them. Shirak didn't win, to our joy... but we were smashed 2-1 at home, yes, it wasn't a bad score but the way we lost was disheartening. Anyways, the board wanted me to challenge for the title and I did, hopefully I can win it next year. 'Mkrtii' got an average rating of 7.62 (2nd best in the league) and scored 20 goals (top scorer) in 20 games. He was fantastic. I loved managing the lad. My top assister was my other favorite, Ghukas Poghosyan. Or as I liked to call him, 'Gukha.' He's 18, and he got 11 assists. He is the future captain of Pyunik after Artak Yedigaryan."
All about Henrikh Mkhitaryan

The Armenian Independence Cup

What is it?

The Armenian Independence Cup is like the FA Cup, or Copa Del Rey, or DFB-Pokal. It is the FA Cup of Armenia.

Who participates in it?

The First Round consists of teams from the 2nd and 3rd division, the 1st division teams and 2 teams from the second division receive byes (free passes) into the second round.

How many rounds does the Independence Cup consist of?

The First Round. 12 teams, 6 matches, 6 winners.
The Second Round. (10 teams added) 16 teams, 8 matches, 8 winners.
Quarter Final. 4 matches, 4 winners
Semi-Final. 2 Matches, 2 winners.
Final. 1 Winner, receives 30,000 pounds.

Besides the 30k prize, what does the winner get?

A trophy, and an entrance into the UEFA Europa League 1st QR.

"Ah the Independence Cup, it was quite easy, but some games especially the Final, was a pain in the arse. First of all, we struggled to beat Ararat Yerevan, defeating them in extra time. In the Quarter-Finals we defeated Mika, 2-1. A scrappy 1-0 win against Impuls was the best our weakened side could do as Banants Yerevan reached the Final too, trouncing Impuls-2, 4-0.
The Final was a big game, honestly I expected to coast past this game like any other league game, but no it wasn't. Ararat Arakelyan (Banants) scored a penalty in the 36th minute to put Banants 1-0 up. Taron Voskanyan, our young defender added on more pressure by getting sent off in the 62nd minute. Alas, Ghuka scored the equalizer in the 80th minute, and since we were 1 man down I told the team to contain Banants and take a breather. There were 3 minutes of added time and it was reached the dying seconds of the 92nd minute. A cross from the Banants winger to the 17-year old Arthur Hakopyan who was offside and scored. When the referee raised his flag up I took a sigh of relief until I heard the Banants fans screaming, and even though the linesman said it was offside... the referee was against the decision and sigle-handedly won the game for Banants! What a w*nker! Overall, it was a bad year in this tournament and I expected to do much better, hopefully we win this tournament next year."
2013-06-19 22:12#113979 KopiteAlright : All about Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Yep, I decided to do this story partly because he (hopefully) will soon come to Liverpool, and because of my recent interest in the Armenian National Team :P
wow only 30K for winning a trophy.

UEFA Europa League

"Due to finishing 2nd the season before I came, Pyunik qualified for the UEL 1st Qualifying Round. The board wanted me to learn from my participation in the UEL, and since the highest an Armenian team has reached in the UEL was Mika in the 2nd QR back in 2010, I set myself a goal of at least the 2nd QR, and if possible reach the 3rd QR. I will update you on each round alone, so then the draw for the 1st QR came out and it read..."

1st Qualifying Round

Pyunik Yerevan vs. KFK Siauliai

"A team from Lithuania, we should coast past this", I whispered to myself... and we did.

2 goals from Mkrtii and a goal from our captain Artak Yedigaryan, we won 3-0 at home. In the away game, it was much worse for KFK as they were battered 5-1 in front of their home fans, with Vartan Panosyan scoring 2 goals to complete the rout in our 8-1 aggregate win.

"Next up, I wanted an easy team. I really had the urge to go quite far in this tournament, and the draw on the screen read "Pyunik Yerevan vs. (blank)", we started the 1st leg at home, but against who?"

2nd Qualifying Round

Pyunik Yerevan vs. Metalurh(g) Donetsk

"Metalurh Donestk, from Ukraine... Is this a tough game, or not?", I looked up their last season, they finished 7th in the Ukrainian League and were the runner-ups in the Ukrainian Cup. "Definitely better than our team, should be a tough game", I said, worryingly.

"Kamo Hovannisyan, the lad had his games, and this game was on of them. He opened up the scoring in the 18th minute and I jumped into the air! I was shocked! Until my only foreign player, Mohammad Diallo scored in the 35th minute to put us 2-0 up! We won the home game 2-0, and I was pumped up for the away game... which I won. Vardan Bakalyan, my newest signing, scored the lone goal to give us the 3-0 aggregate win. We have made Armenia proud by reaching the 3rd QR on our first try, although Gandzasar Kapan, Shirak Gyumri AND Ulisses FC Yerevan were there with us! 4 Armenian teams in the 3rd QR, way to raise up our CoEfficient and Comptetition Ranking!"

3rd Qualifying Round

"The draw had already said we would play against St. Pats Athletic (Ireland) or JK Narva Trans from Estonia, I had already dreamt of us being in the play-offs, because we ended up playing against JK Narva Trans, here is how it went:
(H) Won 2-0
(A) Won 5-1

Vardan Bakalyan scoring a hat-trick in the away game to lead us to the play-off round."

Play-Off Round

There were still 4 Armenian teams left, but who could make it to the group stage?

"We had to face Sheriff Tiraspol, of Moldova. Away game first, home game second. A game we were heavily expected to lose, for some reason. Popovici scored for Sheriff in the 7th minute, and I expected it to go downhill from there. 'Gukha' cancelled out Popovici's goal in the 43rd minute and I expected it to stay that way. We had 3 minutes of added time and I didn't expect any more goals and I was happy with an away goal until Gukha scored a fantastic goal to take us closer to the Group Stages! The home game was tough, and long. Although it ended 0-0, with us reaching the Group Stages along with Ulisses FC Yerevan and Gandzasar Kapan. Shirak didn't make it, which explains why they weren't as inconsistent as us in the league."

Group Stages

Stuttgart (Germany)
Genk (Belgium)
Partizan (Serbia)
Pyunik (Armenia)

Not the hardest group but certainly not the easiest.

vs. Genk (H)


Gorius '35, Genk (penalty)
Tatinsyan '39, Pyunik

2nd Half:
Gukha '54, Pyunik

"I told the team to contain Genk. We couldn't as Benji De Ceulaer scored in the 76th minute as expected... but what I didn't expect was for him to score again a few minutes later to win them the game. My admiration for Benji went down by alot."

vs. Partizan (A)

Haroyan '7, Pyunik
Mkrtii '13, '49, Pyunik

Milisavljevic '56, Partizan
Markovic '82, Partizan

"They were poor, a vital 3 points away from home."

vs. Stuttgart, Home and Away games.

"They defeated us 1-0 in both games, which left us with 3 points in 4 games. A win against Partizan and Genk would take us to the next round and I believed it was all possible."

vs. Genk (A)

"We got off to an amazing start! Bakalyan scored for us in the first minute! I was overjoyed!"
Goal: Bakalyan, Pyunik, '1, 1-0

"Diallo scores a penalty! 2-0 up!! YESSS!!! Our dream is still alive!"
Goal: Diallo, Pyunik, '20, Penalty, 2-0

"Voskanyan heads it into his own goal. Poor, poor."
Goal: Voskanyan Own Goal, Genk, '45, 2-1

"Mkrtii! I love you! 3-1 up!"
Goal: Mkrtii, Pyunik, '45+1, 3-1

"Don't lose this lads, CONTAIN!"
Goal: Vossen, Genk, '57, 3-2

Red Card: Vossen, Genk, '77, 3-2

Goal: Barda, Genk, '90+3, 3-3

"A draw which ended our hopes of qualifying for the next round. How unlucky. Genk, always scoring late goals. I hate it."

vs. Partizan (H)

"I didnt really care about this match, and we lost 2-1, and we helped Partizan qualify instead of those Belgian c*nts who kicked us out! Ulisses and Gandzasar also didn not qualify from their respective groups, and our CoEfficient ranking has risen to 7.875, so hopefully that means our league will rise through the rankings! The new season is coming and I will update you soon, goodbye for now!"
Good writing mate quite interested in this.
2013-06-21 22:45#114591 wellsy1498 : Good writing mate quite interested in this.
Thanks mate!

Note about Writing Style & More

Sorry that I haven't been posting alot lately but that has been due to a busy week for me. I will be doing half-season updates and I am already more than a 1/4 done with the season, so hopefully a new update will be coming soon. Thank you to the people who read this story and are following, it means alot :D

The Yerevan Football Gazette

As we close the curtains on the first half of the Armenian Football Season, we want to recap the first 14 fixtures of Premier League-Leaders, Pyunik Yerevan. A disappointing away defeat and 2 sloppy draws are the only results preventing them from having a 100% record... but that doesn't mean they can't lead the league! 9 points ahead of Ulisses and Impuls, we give you the current Armenian Premier League table:

Obviously, Pyunik are leading, with 35 points.
Next up, tied 2nd & 3rd we have Ulisses and Impuls on 26 points, with Ulisses ahead on Goal Difference.
In 4th place we have reigning Premier League Champions Shirak, who are disappointingly 16 points behind the title with 19 points in 14 games!
In 5th, we have Banants with 17 points. An average season for them.
In 6th & 7th, we have Ararat and Mika on 16 points, but we don't think relegation will be a problem for them because:
Martuni, the team that was promoted last season, have only gained a point in 14 games. Sure, it may have been against the reigning champions, but that is no reason to be happy with their results.

The Independence Cup

The first two rounds are over with only 8 teams left for the Quarter-Finals:

Pyunik's win came against Shenghavit, away from their home. Match Details:

Norayr Gyozalyan ('23), Vardan Bakalyan ('66, '70)
Arthur Yuspashyan, David Hakobyan
Vardan Bakalyan
Stadium: Vardananq 451
Attendance: 18

That is all we have for today, we will be back for the End of Season Review, be sure to watch... will Hamoudi be able to lead Pyunik Yerevan to a double!?

UEFA Europa League, CoEfficient Rankings & more!

"I got news in my inbox, exciting news. It was about the league rankings, I was happy and excited, expecting us to go up until I realized that our league had dropped 35 places down to #195. Bummer. Although, the real exciting news came around a week later, about Club Rankings and CoEfficient Rankings! We moved up 115 places to #203! How awesome is that! Almost closing in on the top 200 while being in the 195th best competition in Europe! Now the CoEfficient rankings, due to 3 Armenian teams reaching the Group Stage of the Europa League, we got up to 34th! Which meant we get a spot in the SECOND Qualifying Round of the Champions League! That's bloody fantastic! Now we await the draw of the Europa League... I plan to get past the Group Stage, depending on if we're in the Group of Death or not... we'll see if I'm being too optimistic, soon enough."

UEFA Europa League 1st Qualifying Round Draw

"...Dacia vs. Vlaznia..."
"...Tre Fiori vs. Qarabag Ardam..."
"...Banants vs. Rudar..."
"...Pyunik vs. Metalurg Skopje"

"An easy draw! Can't wait to batter these Macedonians and go to the next round!", I thought optimistically to myself.

UEFA Europa League 2nd Qualifying Round Draw

"...Levski vs. Gyor..."
"...Llaneli or Banska Bystrica vs. Vojvodina..."
"...Hibernian vs. Elfsborg or Xazar..."
"...Pyunik or Metalurg Skopje vs. Valerenga"

"Hmm... This is quite a tough one... let's get past Metalurg first, then we can talk.", I whispered to myself.

1st Qualifying Round, Leg 1 - VSH Stadium

Artak Dashyan ('16 [pen], '42, '62), Viulen Ayvayzan ('45+5), Arthur Yuspashyan ('56), Ghuka ('77)
Arthur Yuspashyan
Attendance: 6,616

1st Qualifying Round, Leg 2 - Cementarnica

( 8-2 Agg.)
Mkrtii ('16, '42)
Attendance: 1,828

"A great 8-2 aggregate win, now onto Valerenga!"

2nd Qualifying Round, Leg 1 - VSH Stadium

Goran Obradovic ('22)
Goran Obradovic
Attendance: 8,258

3rd Qualifying Round Draw

"Pyunik/Valerenga vs. Dacia/FC Vaslui"

"They don't seem as hard as Valerenga, and since we have just beaten them (and hopefully finish it off), we can hopefully go on to the play-offs."

2nd Qualifying Round, Leg 2 - Ulleval Stadion

Norayr Gyzolyan ('4, '21, '29, '79), Mkrtii ('37, '48, '49)
Norayr Gyzolyan
Attendance: 13,946

"WHAT A MATCH! 7-2! I NEVER excpected it! Now I believe we can get to the Group Stages! UP THE PYUNIK!"

Next Update: Third QR, and more

Third Qualifying Round, Playoff Draw, and more

Pyunik Yerevan's Europa League streak continues as they beat Romanian League Runner-Up FC Vaslui in a tense match at the VSH Stadium. Artak Yedigaryan scored seconds before the final whistle, to the joy of the Pyunik fans. Will Hamoudi Fayad continue and help Pyunik Yerevan to more depths in Europe!?

Third QR, Leg 1 - VSH Stadium

Artak Yedigaryan ('90+3)
Artak Yedigaryan

Third QR, Leg 2 - Ceahlaul

(4-3 Agg.)

"Unlucky for us. We conceded two in two minutes and I'm disappointed, hopefully we win the league now."

You are reading "Exploring the Depths of Yerevan, Armenia.".

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